My wife is my true love abhigya abhis mera love story (Part 4)

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Abhi went home with jnapti n thought about her n smiled .he was shocked to see his DG again but now he decided to forget her.jnapti came into room n abhi asked why u always cover ur face tell me
Jnapti said when time comes I’ll show my face now u sleep n was about to.sleep on couch when abhi called her n said u can share this half of my bed n made pillow borders jnapti has started to grow feeling for her insensitive husband she smiled n slept there.

At midnight 12 we could see a girl staring abhi she is our jnapti slowly wind blows n her veil falls down the moonlight adds beauty to her elegant face she was indeed an angel her hairs dancing in air slowly her face is revealed she’s our pragya yes our pragya no abhis pragya.

Next morning jnapti gave coffee to abhi abhi was drinking it n said nice coffee from my Angel wife n said u make wonderful coffee than my mom jnapti said it was made by mom only abhi bit his tongue n went to get ready.he was buttoning his shirt while a button fell down he thought to change shirt but got an idea n said jnapti pls stitch this button jnapti came n said give me ur shirt abhi said I have less time stitch it like this itself. Jnapti smiled inside n brought sewing needle n thread n started to sew button while both their eyes met jnapti lowered her gaze her cheeks were flushing

Kannirandum modhi nan vizhudhene
Karanam inriye nan sirithene
En manamo enno ennidam illai
Vendiya unnidam nan thozhai thene….plays

Abhi said thanks biwi n went jnapti took her veil she smiled n got ready to go to her college( guys I said she’s studying in college) .she now wore a white top with yellow patiala pants n yellow dupatta she wore yellow glass bangles n put a flower stud n bindi n kohl in her eyes her kumkum shimmering n her mangalasutra adorning her neck she went n got blessings from abhis Maa n went.abhi went to office he was reminiscing his moments with jnapti he smiled while his DG was thinking hr was looking at be nn blushed ( guys abhis cabin is opp to his DG.
Abhis Maa called him n said to pick up pragya as its strike n gave him the address.

Precap pragya in college n abhi to pick her up n go on the way DG sees them n gets jealous.

How will pragya escape she’s not having veil will abhi see her face or she’ll escape to know this stay tuned.

Guys today abhi didn’t say the story ur lovely princess told it I broke his suspense by saying abt jnapti .jnapti means wisdom it means pragya in Hindi that’s why he gave that clue don’t tell abhi okk hell kill me guys pls save me.

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