My wife is my true love abhigya abhis mera love story (Part 2)

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Hi guys u know I didn’t expect to marry so soon we went to her home all this while I never bothered to look at that girl no my wife’s face u know she was covering her face with a veil.I barged out of car as soon as we reached our home
Girls thought what how dare he what he thinks of himself first he didn’t even look at me n he closed that door on my face without her mind snapped did u expect him to open the door oh god why can’t u understand this marriage is a shock fr him .her thoughts were disturbed as dadi called her .again to abhi he thought god this dadi na why is she like this we did all the rituals n I silently went to my room n bolted my music cabin door inside my room thennn….

That girl came inside n was happy that he was not there n dozed with her heavy jewels next day he woke up soon n left the place as the girl woke up he was nowhere to be found she thought to sort out some of her question but he went she went to fresh up n came with aa white top with black flower imprinted on it n a black jean she was combing her hair still her face was not visible abhi was moving inside his office when he got a call from an unknown number at first he thought not to pick it up but later swiped n took it the sweet voice on other side made him to get lost she said hello he asked who is this she said suniye he said I’m sorry wrong number n about to keep but she said I’m ur wife he then said I’m sorry what do u want she said I wanna do my studies may i he asked yes u can but didn’t u finish ur studies she said no Maa married me when Im pursuing my studies he asked why r u asking my permission she said simple because ur my she stopped abhi asked ur my what…..the call ended as someone dashed abhi n his phone fell down .abhi was about to scold that person but was shocked to see his dream girl he was frozen fr a moment that girl said sorry sir n gave his phone n rushed again abhi was dumbstruck .here that girl said to dadi n went she reached the college n went to principal room n explained everything he said okk n said u can go to ur class that girl went happily humming a song.
The screen freezes with that girl face n abhi face n with his dream girls face
Hope u like this rotation guys it just 10 degree so how was rotation is till 360 degree guys it starts from now

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