My secret admirer -KB (shot 2)

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Abhi was wondering who is that secret admirer.he decided to find that admirer n sent home he slept reminiscing the words that girl or his admirer sent him.
Next day.when he woke up he saw a note beside his table within rose he quickly opened it

Good morning Mr handsome,

When u wake up knowing someone is waiting for u it makes u happy.similarly when we smile knowing someone is longing for our smile when we sing knowing someone is willing to be our part of song when someone is mixing with our life we smile do we wonder why??? Because smile has the power to make all happy n keep everyone joyful.
Did u ever smiled to make anyone happy though people around u have many problems they smile to make u happy its not so hard to smile back while doing so do it from ur heart.
Abhis dadi image flashed in his eyes even though his dadi has many worries about him she smiles every morning. Just to make him smile n did he not notice this he whispered a thanks.

When he saw no need of thanks .smile for life is only once that too from heart.

By ur secret admirer.

Abhi smiled n said really u have something in u admirer that makes me listen to u n went down.

Dadi was smiling n wished him a happy morning. Abhi too smiled n said morning dadi.abhis dadi was happy to see smile in her grandsons lips after many years . she prayed all gods to keep him happy like that.

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