My secret admirer -KB (shot 1)

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Abhishek is a rockstar who stole many hearts by his music but none has ever managed to steal his heart.
Abhi was walking in his cabin when he saw a note on table he picked it up n decided to open it but he thought it would be some fan letter n was about to throw it but something in it told him to open it.he opened it….

To Mr handsome angry man,
Every morning when I wake up I want to see you first,

Every moment I just want to feel ur presence,

Every second my mind is flooded with your thoughts,

Every beat my heart beats for you………

You may wonder who is this na.u know one thing u look cute only when u smile so smile n life is only once my handsome young angry cute stupid man.

Your secret admirer………..

So guys how was it???? Tell me post ur comments too

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