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Thank u so much for ur comments. Now back to the story…
Abhi parked his car in front of the house simple pent house.. he walked towards the door kicking the stone with frustration. He first doubted whether to ring the bell or not. But he contemplated and rang the bell. After two three times of ringing the bell, the door opened. What he saw was enough to give him a heart attack…
Yes, there stood his dude, rey but wait isn’t rey’s clothes are quite similar to me. I stared at rey from head to toe. His hair was set like spike no not really spike it looked like, he had drawn card board sheets as tags, different types of bracelets, there were girls’ too and two three rings which was over size to him, and his already small pants were rolled up to some extent. When abhi looked at him, he gasped at shock. Abhi “ god he is dressed like me it is like a replica of me”. He was standing there shocked while our little rey was confused with this untall(uncle). Reyansh thought to himself “ I have seen this uncle he looks familiar to me but cant figure who it is”( guys thoughts can have a perfect sentence so don’t mind if rey speaks broken language)

Rey after coming out of his thoughts asked that man “ aap .. who.hai?”abhi got remembered of his broken hindi cum English burst out laughing at rey’s who are you ? question. Rey looked at him with much anger and disappointment that this untall ( uncle) laughed at him. After seeing reyansh’s glare, abhi answered him “ who… meh.. I am here to meet someone” rey “ woh.. who?” abhi (under his breath) “ eve I too don’t know”. When abhi was thinking what to answer reyansh, a lady appeared in the scene. You all guessed right. Yes, it was pragya.

Pragya “ ansh to whom are you speaking?” reyansh replied “ mama.. woh… ek.. untall(uncle)…hai”. before he can finish, pragya came to the door. Abhi’s breath stuck at the throat itself. Abhi thought” masha allah what a beauty” pragya was wearing a simple light pink and black saree. Aah still she is hvng the same bracelet. She was looking absolutely stunning in that simple saree also. She looked at me confused. Aah like mother like son. She too forget about me jst like rey. Too bad angel.. when I was shamelessly checking her out , may be my angel asked something. I cant hear it coz I am lost in her beauty. That’s’ when I had a sudden pain in my leg. Rey has stomped his feet on my leg. Though it was not that much pain his sudden action made me flinch. I looked at him down to see him looking at me with are-you-crazy look.

i asked him “ what was that for?” rey shrugged his shoulders not bothering me to answer. I looked at pragya she too had the same look. then realizing my confusion she answered me “ you were not answering me so he did that to get ur attention sorry for that” I nodded and said “ no probs kiddo” aah my rey loves his mother a lot I love him…

That time another lady entered the scene. God so many characters in my story.. is it any movie or something.that lady beamed at me. Finally there is someone who identified this rockstar. Thank u god one second I got doubt on my charms..
That girl ran to me and hugged me pushing me back . abhi “ woahhh easy easy “ that lady backed out with embarrassment “ sorry I got a little excited”I replied “ not little but little too excited”. She smiled at me sheepishly. She gave me her hands for a handshake “ hii I am tanu” I shook my hands with her and said “ hii I am abhishek prem mehra.” That lady, haan tanu she said “ who can not know you ? ”before she could finish I replied looking at pragya and reyansh “ may be some are there who cant recognize me”. Tanu didn’t understood but she didn’t said anything. She invited me in. I can see confusion in her eyes. But now it is my angel who is important to me.
I went to their living room and sat in their sofa.

There was a big mirror infront of me for the dressing table I can see tanu and pragya arguing through gestures. I cant make head or tail from their convo but I know this well that they were arguing about me. Later tanu came and sat in fron of me. Rey who was absconded for this much time appeared suddenly with a rockstar toy. Oh god rey was making me fall for him just like his mom. Love u rey.. he loves me this much.. I thought to tease him for sometime. I gestured him to come close to me. He also came to me. I asked him “ champ why r u wearing clothes like this? Don’t u have any nice clothes with u?”rey got angry and said”yeh… nice.. clothes..only” I again teased him “ what nice clothes haan? See the jeans in torn and u also folded it to ur knees the tags u r hvng is like dog tags, braclets rings only girls wear this why r u wearing this? Is this some kind of fancy dress competition that u r dressing like this.. like?” rey got much angry and before he could react pragya interfered and said “ he met a guy in airport he was wearing like this only so only he is like this “

I asked to reyansh “ if he wears like this u will also wear the same hmm?” with naughtiness.rey “ untall.. I” he went with anger. Pragya shook her head and said “ he made me run in stored to get the same attire and things and that rocksttar doll I have to make a simple doll like this this boy is getting on my nerves I don’t know what am I gng to do?” I said with some what irritation as I could not see anyone scolding my boy “ its ok Ms. Pragya he loves that guy even I behave the same when I love someone. I will go and meet him as I made him angry.. ohh. By the way I am that rockstar” I was climbing the stairs while saying this. I could hear gasping from pragya. I smiled myself “ good she remembered now”.

I went to reyansh as he was sitting facing the window with his rockstar doll. Even though he was angry I found him cute. I sat with him by pulling up my sleeves revealing my bracelets and rings and let out my dog tag out and corrected my spike. I sat near him in the same gesture. He turned the other side. I slwly called him “ champ see me” I turned him towards me. He saw me and his innocent face turned to most shocked face. Ohh god his gestures were so cute. He again checked me out from top to bottom and shouted at the top of his voice “ rockshaarr untall” .i just got so happy seeing his love for me. I am so blessed at this moment. Rey jumped on me and hugged me tight and said “ missed you” I too hugged him back “ I too missed you champ” rey broke from the hug and said “ ab.. don’t. leave”. I told him “ I will never leave you” rey “ promish?”abhi “ pacca promise”. We hugged again

Pragya and tanu was waiting for reyansh abd abhi to come down. They heard a sound and looked upstairs to find an adorable sight. Reyansh was in abhi’s arms and they both were indulged in serious conversation and they both were enjoying a lot. Unknowingly a smile formed on pragya’s face. He came down rey jumped on pragya’a arms. Finally pragya asked that ques for which abhi came here. Pragya “ why did u came here Mr. Mehra? Abhi “ hmm. U can say I am the one”. Both the girls smiled at him widely. Abhi also smiled at them and left from there while rey shouted “ rocksharr untall come.. kal”abhi waved bye at them and left. My love’s on line it seems I thought while gng.While both the girls went in their dreamlands.

Next day morning, abhi was getting ready to meet rey and pragya. Purab called abhi and said that the girl agreed to marry him. Abhi also gave his consent with much happiness for this marriage. Who knows fate has some other plans??

Abhi went to pragya’s home. When he rang the bell excited that his marriage is gng to happen with his angel. Tanu opened the door and saw him. She smiled at him widely while abhi smiled shortly. He asked “ where is pragya?” tanu’s smile dropped she answered “ she is in hospital now”. Abhi got shocked and shouted “ what? How she is in hospital is she ok now?” tanu said in an disinterested tone “ she slipped in the bathroom her left hand got sprained so she is in hospital. Why r u worrying for it abhi come inside she will take care of herself”I literally shouted at her “ how can u say like this tanu? Which hospital is she admitted and most importantly where is reyansh?” tanu “ city hospital ansh Is with pragya” I just looked at her disinterested and took my car to reach the hospital as soon as possible. I rushed into the hospital and asked for pragya and went to their room.

When I enterd the room I saw sad but adorable scene. Yes pragya was having reyansh in her right arms and her left hand was bandaged and had a sling in it. I went near them my rey was crying bitterly. I cant take in this sight. Pragya was shocked seeing me there. I asked her “ how is she now?” pragya nodded “ now I am ok but rey is not. “abhi looked at rey that time only reyansh also looked him. Now also I didn’t know why rey behaved like that. Just after the moment seeing abhi rey shouted” PAPA” and jumped towards abi and hugged him tightly around his neck as if his life depends on him. Both abhi and pragya were equally shocked with reyansh calling abhi as ‘papa’. Pragya said abhi without recovering from her shock “that was his first ‘papa’” abhi replied “ what?” pragya “ this is the first time he is calling ‘papa’” abhi looked at rey who was crying hugging him. He patted his back to console him “ its ok . its ok champ don’t cry” pragya “ sorry Mr. abhi actually ansh saw some children playing with their fathers and heard them calling ‘papa’ as there is no male figure in our family ansh thinks u as his papa sorry Mr. abhi I will explain ansh”. Abhi stopped her “

its ok pragya rey is also like a son to me there is no prob on him calling me papa I would loveto be his papa and after all our relation is gng to change now so why to force rey to stop calling me papa I will be his papa hey na rey”. By thus time rey got slept in abhi’s shoulders and abhi sat on the couch near pragya’s bed. Pragya started to read her fav novel ‘ Sense and sensibility’ abhi also slept with rey on him on the couch. Pragya who saw them smiled at them and took a pic of them. I promised rey that I will be with him until his mama recovers. Pragya tried a lot to reject this offer but I being, the egoistic rockstar said my son wants me to stay here so I will stay. That one week man,, it was awesome. I spent most of my time with rey and pragya. Now by this time, pragya too bonded with me well, she have to coz she is my future wife na.. pragya shared about her thoughts on love and life. We shared ssame thoughts in that. “ love is our destiny. We do not find the meaning by ourselves, we find it with others.” I think we both are finding it.
One thing that irritates me is Tanu. She is always clinging to me. My sole savior is my dude rey he saves his papa whenever his tanu aunty comes near to me. Whenever she comes to talk to me, rey will come out of nowhere and will start pulling me to play with him as usual I cant deny rey’s wish so I will go. This way he always saves me. But what amuses me is the long convo between tanu and sarla aunty I don’t know what they spoke between them but by their faces I can see both were happy. Ahh my marriage was finalized for next week. Pragya will be ok by then I expect if not also I will take care. I don’t know why pragya doesn’t show interest in me for one percent tanu shows. I am confused man. But I am so excited for my marriage.
After 1 week,
My marriage day came. I cant even get a blink of sleep in excitement. How many days I waited for it finally it came. I wore a golden and blue sherwani ( hehehe I think u can imagine) while rey is a replica of mine. We both took two whole days to just select our sherwanis to be same in every aspect. All got fedup f us but we didn’t even bother all we thought was about us. And the bride lehenga I don’t go by the side of it as me and rey was busy with ours. Sarla aunty was as usual busy with the preparations after all she is the one arranged the wedding.

I was waiting at the mandap for my angel. Rey was staying with his mama as he wasn’t his mama to be perfect today it seems. My face was covered with sehra. Damn who asked for this I cant even see faces. How will I enjoy my angel’s face u itself say guys?.
Finally after what felt like eternity my angel was descending down. Her face was also not seen. Who does like that? Why do u dress so beautifully to let ur husband to see na? but no she doesn’t let me enjoy what a wife she is? ohh to be wife..
She sat near me I moved closer to her but she moved a little. Kya hai yaar cant a human enjoy sitting near his wife? Why this world is like this?

The pandit started reciting his poems .. sorry mantras. I was getting suffocated with the fire and my dress. It was my mistake to accept rey’s choice. It is so gaudy waise rey kahan hai. I started searching for him. My eyes stopped on figure and my whole body stiffened. There pragya was standing with rey in her hands. abhi “ fhat the wuck why is pragya standing there and who is this lady sitting next to me?
abhi was shocked beyond his wits at the turn of the happenings and said to himself “ how can it be possible ?did brahma got confused while writing my destiny ? yaar sure there must be a fight with his wife so only he got frustrated and wrote my fate like this? Why brahma ji why???”

I took of the sehra and stood up on my place. All were shocked by my action. I asked the lady sitting next to me “ excuse me sweet heart pls lift ur veil or else I don’t know I will soon be attacke by high bp and tomorrow ‘s headlines will be rockstar shocks his dulhania rocks”. That lsy lifted her veil. That was TANU god what is happening around me. I asked her “ tanu what r u dng here?” tanu asked surprisingly “ what is this question if not me who will sit here? Pragya?” abhi “ exactly why pragya is not her?”

Then tanu hit the death nail of my coffin “ coz I am gng to marry you. With your consent..”abhi’s eyes popped out with this one. He seriously didn’t expected this…
Screen divides with tanu’s face, abhi’s shocked face pragya and rey’s confused face.

Precap: abhi taking his seven rounds with tanu. There a sound came “ Nahiiinnnnnnn”

Hii all actually I don’t think this shot will be satisfying as the first one. As I just typed what came in my mind and I am sorry I didn’t give abhi and pragya scenes more next shot will have abhigya scenes. Sorry in advance if this shot is not good . and keep guessing who wants to stop this marriage.
Pls drop ur views both positive or negative and what u like in it love u all stay blessed keep smiling…

Thank u shivanya, saranya akka ( yes I did read how can I miss it and I commented on second episode sry for not commenting in first one), priyanka,di,
anita – I think u have wrongly commented in my shot rather than kkb written update being a poor student in hindi it took me time to understand it but u r right indeed I agree with u but still it depends on the persons we all see for the actors acting and their performances we shouldn’t take the story line so deeply as well know it will always be to rise trp’s just enjoy the show with my darling abhi and sweety pragya..
thank u trisha,reshma dii, varsha, sugan bhai,akshya ( thank u so much sweety haha same Brahmins..) and maya dii – I am so happy dii tht u commented on mine and dii I have been reading destiny distancing us but not getting time to comment on it sorry dii pls forgive me for that but I never forget to read that. Waiting for revelation of naina,prgya’s past and purab and dii u didn’t reveal cutie’s real name still want to know abt it soon reveal it waiting for ur story love u dii
love u all sayanora…. Now it is comments time for u…

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