My love never changes (KKB) Shot 2

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I wiped my tears as I feel embarrassed to cry in front of him. He sat beside me saying let’s go out before everyone sees. I know he don’t likes others to make a big thing out of small matter.

I followed him as he placed his hand over my shoulder. I felt safe in his touch. Safe? Yes it felt like getting a safe love from him. How do I tell him that now?

After few minutes of composing myself I looked at him.

“It’s too late Pragya. I am getting married in two weeks time. I can’t hurt the girl for my selfishness. Most importantly I can’t break my promise to Dadi of getting married this year.” He said making me even more hopeless.”

“There is no way at all?” I asked.

Abhi shrugged his shoulder as no.

“If it was a month ago, I would have ways to make sure we can be together but now it’s too late…” He said.

“I would have come for you but you had become so much successful that I felt awkward to say yes to you. I felt you would feel I am after your money.” I said with tears.

“You know I proposed you when I was richer than you. It wouldn’t be different Pragya when money never mattered to me. I was always reachable to you being in the same city. After a lot of thoughts and,confirming with Bulbul that I had no place in your life, I agreed to this marriage.” He said emotionally.

“You were in contact with Bulbul?” I asked.

“I got to go Pragya….Bye forever…” He said making me feel even more hopeless, helpless of my situation. It’s all my fault, I should have made an initiative of approaching him. I didn’t. Now I can’t forever.

I was about to cry more when he came back in a while.

“ Before you cry further let me tell you actually there is a way for us to be together.” He said.

“What is it?” I asked anxiously.

“You have to work in a job I say.” He told.

I looked confused. Seeing my reaction he said “ You got to work as a detective in the pretense of PA.”

“What? How can I?” I shrieked wondering how do I even do that!

He explained to me of his plan. I was shell shocked.

All the while I had my mouth widely opened.

“Do you think this will work out?” I asked doubtfully.

“I can’t think of any better idea. We are not going to accuse of her bad things that she had not done. We are just going to find out whether she is doing anything bad that is unfair to me. Your ex-boss is good but somewhere in me it says she is after my wealth. So we can try this way. Let’s see where it brings us.” He said optimistically.

I still looked apprehensive. Seeing me he tried to hold my hand. I stepped back to avoid his touch.

“I can’t hold you?” He asked with disappointment.

“ Until we know we have chances to be together, we can’t be close in anyway. I don’t want u to have false hope and later feel bad if we can’t be together.” I said trying to control my emotions.

It is hard to say no to his touches when I am madly in love with him.

“You are right…It’s the best for both of us.” He said.

“Why don’t we hire a private detective and follow her?” I asked.

“Yes we can but u know I want to know her emotions and thoughts. A private detective only tracks a person’s activities not emotions and thoughts… ” He said.

“Will she accept me as her personal assistant now?” I asked with apprehension.

“Definitely she would as her current PA is moving out of town. She is in search of a trustable person. You have worked with her and I can surely make her take u up for the job. ” He replied confidently.

“What if she says no?” I asked.

“I am thinking of her saying yes Pragya so please u too think in that way. Not only that, she might want to make u feel jealous by having you with her. She knows that I loved you….” He said making me shocked.

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“Try to rewind the day I talk to u alone. She came out and talked furiously. Do u remember?” He asked.

“Haan then she also stared at me multiple times.” I said remembering her fierce looks.

“Ya she was angry at u for making me love u and that’s why she fired u from work too.” He said making me realize how did I never manage to figure this out.

“Oh…she also love you…” I said in a low tone.

” Yap! Most girls fall for me but I only fell for you…” He said cheerfully.

I looked down in shyness. I also looked at my watch.
“I got to go…” I said half-heartedly not wanting to leave.

“You better reach early if not Bulbul will get mad. Today she is making dinner for u right?” He said making me surprised.

“Stop getting surprised. I told u earlier that I am in touch with Bulbul. She is one of my best friends around…” He said.

It would be wonderful if he marries me. I was feeling how great it will be get married to my sister’s friend.

I wanted to ask how did he became friends with my sister but I was running out of time. It’s okay, I can still ask Bulbul how he became friends with her.

“Pragya…” He called me.

“Huh?” I responded.

“You have to leave now. Or are u expecting me to carry you to your house?” He asked in a mocking tone that made me angry.

I adjusted my glasses. He in response laughed at me.

“Please don’t laugh at my anger. It’s hurting me you know…” I said looking down.

“I was not laughing at your anger Pragya. It’s your cuteness that makes me laugh. I would rather say it’s happiness instead of laughing at you.” He said convincingly.

“Ok then, I am leaving. I will try to show it’s anger and not cuteness if we have a life together…” I said to him straightly.

“Hope so…” He said and then both of us started to walk. I wanted to ask his number so that I could ask him doubts. I always have doubts in whatever new work is assigned to me.

He as if reading my mind said “Ask Bulbul for my number.”

I was really feeling happy inside as this was the first time someone reads my mind. I know it’s just for a small thing but it feels very big to me.

I smiled broadly. He seeing it looked surprised but never asked me anything.

“I want to talk to you more too. But you know you really need to go now if not Bulbul will blame me for holding you up.” He said.

How understanding he is. I really like him for this. I really hope we can be together.

These were my thoughts as I took a cab from there and headed to my house.

Back at house,

“Didi!!! Finally you have admitted that you love my friend!!” Bulbul yelled once I entered the house.

“Ssssh…It’s nighttime and you shouldn’t be shouting this way.” I said.

” I can’t control my excitement Di. Why u never tell u have feelings for Abhi? U know I always tried to find whether u have any feelings for him! Like playing his music at house. Talking about his interviews etc. But you always showed no interest in any of it. I got fed up of your same old boring expression. After a lot of thoughts, I only asked my friend to get married by his Dadi’s choice of girl.” Bulbul said.

“It’s not that I was never interested on him Bulbul…I was controlling myself from showing interest on him. The more I controlled my interest on him, the more uncontrollable it had become when I see him now.” I replied in a low tone.

“It’s alright Di…He said about the plan. As far as you know your ex-boss is a good person right?” Bulbul enquired.

“Yes Bulbul. She only gets angry if people do mistakes but she also have the rationale that they don’t do it purposely. She forgives easily too but with a punishment.” I said.

“Punishment? Is it harsh??” She asked.

“Not at all…It will be just asking to work in areas of work that is not familiar to them.” I replied.

“Acha…ok we shall think about this later. Now you come with me to taste my cooking skills!” She said enthusiastically.

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At the back of my mind, I was wondering whether will this happen?

He loving me is first a shock. On top of that he is very friendly with my sister. How do I handle all this shocks? Anyways all of them are sweet shocks.

After having our dinner, I decided to ask Bulbul about how he got to know of Abhi.

“Bulbul…please tell me how u know of sir?” I asked.

“Sir?? Who is that?” She asked back.

“Don’t play with me yaar. I am asking about Rockstar sir.” I said.

Bulbul chuckled hearing it. She teased me saying only I can call a Rockstar with so much of respect.

“Look Bulbul, he is looked up by a lot of people. So I have to give respect him for that…” I said firmly.

“I know that too…He feels upset whenever u call him as sir. Do you know that?” She said making me wonder why I never felt that way.

“From the day he started loving you he wants to hear you calling him as Abhi…but you being the person who respects everyone only calls him as sir…” She added.

“Bulbul, first we have to get a clear picture of everything. I cannot call him by his name until getting the hope that he can be mine.” I said.

“Fine Di…I can understand your plight…” She replied to me.

“Now tell me how you know Rockstar sir?” I asked with curiosity.

“I know him from the day our house had a change over.” She told me making me gasp in shock.

“How’s that possible? Just tell me clearly Bulbul of how did u know him!” I asked.

“Oh my pyaari sister, he is the one who made a change over to our house. He found my number, told about his love for you, and how he wish to live a life with you forever. I did told him that you are unpredictable and asked are you sure of loving her?

“What did he replied to that?” I asked eagerly.

“He said he loves unpredictable things more as they have a lot of sweet surprises within them. Tell me Di do u have any surprises within u? I don’t understand what he means by that.” She said.

I could feel my cheeks going pink in shyness.

Oh god, how could he tell something like this to my younger sister. I understood what he meant. He considers the romantic side of me to be the sweet surprises within me. How will my choti understand all this?

I made a mental note of saying that he should stay in his limits when talking to my sister.

“Di!!!” She called me in her high-pitched tone.

I came back to senses and looked at her.

“Okay Di, I am feeling sleepy now…” She said making innocent face.

I asked her to go and sleep. I also asked her not to worry about me as Abhi is there to help her out.

She smiled in response and teased me saying he might call me tonight.

I asked her to sleep first instead of teasing me.

She went to her room to sleep while I was in thoughts of him.

How sweet he is to help us get a change over to our house. It’s very gracious of him to do so.

I felt sad suddenly as I rejected his proposal the next day. I didn’t want to say no. But my thoughts were on Bulbul. How can I marry without helping her to finish her higher studies. It was a very sudden proposal.

My phone rang and I picked up the call.

“Hello Pragya…It’s me…” He said.

I knew it would be him after Bulbul teased me. I smiled widely and didn’t realize I was suppose to say something in response.

“Hey Pragya…can u hear me?” He asked loudly this time.

“I am sorry sir. I can hear you.” I said to him.

“Good and as we assumed she agreed to hire you. She will call you tomorrow in joining work.” He said to me.

“But I haven’t give notice to my current working place.” I said in a worried tone.

“No worries Pragya, I had talked to your current Boss who is a friend of mine. I even helped him to find another PA for him.” He said very casually.

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“That’s very quick. How can you do everything in this speed?” I asked curiously.

“Because I am a Rockstar. Don’t you see my concerts? They always have fast beat songs!” He said with a light laughter to which I chuckled.

“So….” He said in a way he expects something from me.

“So?” I asked.

“So…now no right?” He asked to confirm that I will not back out this time.

“It really depends on our destiny. I hope our destiny to be together doesn’t changes. Let’s see…” I said.

“Ya…you are right. Let’s see dear…” He said.

“Please sir….I am sorry to say this but let’s be formal until we are sure that our relation can work out. Sorry sir if I hurt your feelings.” I replied nervously. I really don’t want him to mistake me.

“Oh ya…you don’t mistake me Pragya. I never wanted to say that way. It just came out of…” He hesitated saying it.

“It just came out of love…I know Sir…” I completed his words.

Abhi smiled hearing it. He was feeling so happy that he felt now itself everything was fine.

“It’s getting late sir…you have to sleep na as you have concert tomorrow.” I told him. I was concerned about his sleep not getting affected by talking to me.

“Wow! I asked you to be her PA but u are becoming one to me.” He replied in a teasing tone.

I chuckled again. I find him funny when he talks this way.

“I will go and sleep. I have sent you the current details of your ex-boss. One more thing, hereafter I will call using another number. I have also sent a new mobile to you. Be careful Pragya when calling me and updating of her actions.” He told me with a lot of concern.

I simply nodded my head as yes.

“Did you hear me Pragya?” He asked.

“I nod my head sir…” I replied.

“How can I see that when we are talking in phone?” He asked with chuckling.

“Sorry sir…” I responded.

“It’s okay first go and sleep early. New work for u, u have to look fresh. I know you always look fresh but still need a good sleep for freshness.” He said very sweetly.

“You too go and sleep sir…” I told him.

“Okay then, Good night Pragya…” He said to which I replied Good night too.

I slept at the living area itself thinking of him. How sweet he is? He is very understanding too. What else a girl can expect for?

I thought as I doze off to sleep.

The next few days were miserable to me. I couldn’t find anything to say she was wrong. She was very kind towards me. Kind towards everyone. Helps everyone in need. Never hurts anyone. She also considers herself lucky to get married to Abhi. She told me she used to be arrogant but after seeing Abhi and his family she had changed herself.

It was only getting hopeless. I informed Abhi about how good she is and we have no ways to be together.

He in return asked me to wait and see for a few more days, if she still there was no doubts on her then we can part our ways.

I was mentally preparing myself to leave Abhi. I know it’s going to be difficult but it is the best for both of us if things never turned out as we expected.
Then a day came where my hopes were revived.

It was 10 pm at night. I had lots of work to finish that day. As a result, I left the office late.

I had seen her leaving before me. While I was heading towards my scooter, I saw her heading back to the office.

Why is she going to office at this hour? Shall I follow her?

I was scared to go alone. Time was getting late too.

I texted Abhi that I saw her going back to office and I am going to follow her too.

He in return replied he is coming down there too.

I then followed her. I managed to hide myself under the table. The whole office was dark except for her cabin.

At that moment, I had a feeling that something is wrong. But what is it?

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