My love never changes (KKB) Shot 1

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It is said that people change as time changes. Not every time but it does happen everywhere.

Likewise, even in my life it happened.

I saw him yesterday. A simple Rockstar he is. I know it is different to say Rockstar as simple. They tend to look loud and highly sociable. But he is different.

I saw him at the reception area surrounded by his fans and bodyguards. I could sense he was very much uncomfortable with the atmosphere. Although he was entertaining them by smiling and signing autographs, his eyes expressed he was tired of it.

“Sir…mam is ready to see u now!” I said after answering the call from my boss.

He sighed hearing it. His bodyguards quickly helped him get to the room.

He turned back and smiled at me as a sign of thanking me.

I too smiled back. I had to agree with my friends who say his smile is enough to make you fall in love with him.

I then get back to work. It was indeed a busy day with attending calls and making sure all appointments of my boss goes well.

Sometime later, I heard his deep voice.

“Thank u so much!” He said with a warm smile.

I looked up to see and was surprised to see he was free from bodyguards.

I was still confused of why he is thanking me?

“I am thanking you as u helped me in getting fresh air.” He replied.

“I just did my work sir…” I replied.

“Anyways your boss is really after me! I thought she called me for business matters….” He said.

“Err…Sorry sir I couldn’t get what u mean…” I replied unable to figure out his words.

He in response smirked.

“It’s nothing.” He said.

I wondered why he was still standing here.

In a while, My Boss came out of her cabin.

“Abhi!! This is unfair! How could you not accept me and go for…” Before she could complete her sentence he silenced her by saying “Don’t shout here! Look around and your staff will have a bad impression of u.”

My Boss then walked away before staring at me. Why does she stare at me??

Perhaps she is showing her anger on him towards me.

He too left without saying anything.

Actually this is not the first time he is here. But today he looked different.

The way he responded and look at me seems to be very real. I am not saying before this he was fake. I myself don’t know why am I feeling this way today.

Time passed. I was done with my work too. My Boss left still giving a stern look at me. I still don’t understand why she looks at me that way. If I did anything wrong why didn’t she condemned me?

It’s okay. I don’t have time to think about this now as today is my Bulbul’s birthday.

I quickly packed my stuff and left my workplace. First I went to the bakery to buy her favourite chocolate cake then I took an auto and headed to house.

That’s when I got his call. It was an unknown number to me.

“Hello…” I said.

“Hey Pragya! Today is your Bulbul’s birthday right? Wish her happy birthday on behalf of me!”

“Thank you for your wishes but may I know who is this?” I asked.

“You heard me frequently but still can’t recognize my voice. I am Abhi the rockstar!!”

“Rockstar?? U called me? How did u get my number?” I asked widening my eyes.

“Rockstar so I have my rocking ways to find your number!” He replied.

“Oh…” I sighed.

“Ok sweetheart, take care and talk to you later!” He said.

“Sweetheart??” I thought with full of shock.

I reached my house still unable to recover from his call. I even forgot to take the birthday cake along with me.

Thank god that the auto driver reminded me!

I unlocked the door and was shocked to see the house decorated beautifully. It was furnished very extensively. How did this happen??

Bulbul ran towards me and hugged.

Bulbul “Di!! You are the best!!”

I was unable to believe looking around.

Bulbul “How u knew Di that I was expecting a changeover to our house? I can’t believe u made it on my birthday!!! This is my best birthday gift forever!!!”

I wanted to say it’s not me who did this but seeing her happiness, I remained silent with happy tears.

Bulbul “What is this Di? You can’t cry on my birthday! Is that chocolate cake??” She asked looking at the bag I was holding.

I nodded my head and thereafter it was full of joy. She placed the cake on the new dining table. Fixed her mobile phone in such a way it a video was taken. I also helped in the arrangement. Very soon she made a wish, blew the candles and cut the cake in my birthday wishes for her.

Our day was called off after having dinner together. She looked exceptionally happy today.

I know it’s due to the house but who did this?

This time I was feeling worried that I couldn’t afford to buy any gifts for Bulbul. My salary was not yet banked in. I was thinking of buying a golden bracelet for Bulbul as her birthday gift. I don’t even know that she wanted our house to look better.

I was feeling grateful to the person who made her birthday beautiful. But who is this person? How does he or she knows her wish? How did he or she make her believe I did this? Does the person did this in return of expecting something from me?

A lot of questions were filled in my mind.

I slept in the living area itself with questions in my mind.

It was morning. I woke up to the rays of sunshine.

“Good morning Sun! Don’t be to harsh today!” I said and checked my phone which was on the tea table.

I was taken aback to see the message from my Boss.

“You are fired Pragya. Your job has been handed over to someone else. All your stuff will be sent over to your house together with your dismissal letter. You don’t have to return to office anymore.” The text message said.

“Why did she fired me? I did my job dutifully. Even two days back she said I don’t know how will I survive without u. She found me very efficient. Now what wrong did I do that she have to take such a drastic step?” I asked myself.

She had clearly stated that I don’t have to come over there but my heart was not willing to listen. I decided to meet her at any cost. I need valid answers for my dismissal.

I quickly got up from the sofa and went to freshen up.

Soon I was dressing up and I heard door bell ring.

“Oh god! Who is that early in the morning??” I mumbled as I walked towards the door to open it.

“You??” I asked with my eyes widely opened.

“May I come in?” He asked.

“Sure…” I said in a low tone unable to figure out what brings him here.

“Well, I know you are being fired from your work. You don’t have to feel bad about it as I have made some arrangements to work in a different place.” He said

I was completely clueless as I myself knew about my boss fired me a while ago. But this man is here as if he knew it will happen and now is telling he even made arrangements for my new job!

” Pragya??” He called me.

“Huh??” I asked in confusion.

“Can I get a coffee? I am having a bit of headache. Not used to waking up in early mornings. I think your coffee will help to reduce my pain…so….” He said politely.

“Ok sir, I will be back with a coffee…” I replied and rushed to the kitchen to get him coffee.

I don’t know why but I felt he was smiling at me as soon as I left from there.

While passing him the coffee, I realized he was looking at me with a lot of admiration.

What did I do for him to look at me in this way?

Every sip he takes, he smiles at me. I too smiled back without a choice. Mostly, I was looking towards Bulbul’s room. I don’t want her to be awake now, she would get uncontrollably noisy if she sees Rockstar in our house. I was also scared what if she calls her friends up and make a buzz in our house!

“Very nice coffee like you….” He complimented.

“Thank you sir…” I said.

“I don’t wish to leave early but I have to. Meet me at 11 am today at my house. We can discuss about everything.” He said with a warm smile.

“Okay sir…thank you for the job arrangement too. It’s very humble of you to take this effort for me.”

He smiled widely in return.

“I don’t mind taking efforts for people whom I feel as everything…” He said and stood up.

“Sir…can I ask you something?” I asked sounding nervous.

“Ofcourse!” He said.

“Are you very helpful to everyone in this way?” I asked.

” Haa…kind of but to you it’s different. I am amazed u still can’t understand the difference yet…” He said with a wink that I found it out of place.

I saw him walking away and he turned back signalling see you later.

Later in the day, I reached his house. It was huge compared to my tiny house.

I asked the people there and they said Abhi sir is upstairs. You can wait outside his room.

I somehow managed to reach outside his room. I didn’t know what to expect as he himself is offering a job. I have never experienced this before.

“Pragya! Come in, you could have knocked the door!” He said.

I never replied. In response I smiled back trying to cover up my awkwardness.

“Well, take a seat at the couch.” He gestured to see where the couch was.

I was expecting for a formal setting but now I was in his bedroom!

It’s another shock to me. I really wonder why there has been shocks to me from yesterday.

“So about your job…It’s a work only that can be done by you. It’s with flexible working hours, not at all like your previous jobs. So will u be able to take it up?” He asked.

“ But sir.. sorry to ask u this… What’s the job?” I asked sounding nervous.

“Oh I missed that na…It’s a highly interesting job. I felt boring people like you can make it interesting.” He said laughing at me.

I got angry hearing that. How dare he calls me boring? In what basis he calls me boring. I adjusted my glasses in anger.

“So cute!!” He said.

I was not being cute. It was my anger. What he did next blew my mind away. He pulled my cheeks. He was keep on repeating as cuteness overloaded.

“Stop it!!!” I shouted unable to bear his stupid antics.

He was taken aback. I could feel him getting scared too.

“Mr Abhi, I am here for job not for u to find me cute. Now I feel I am just being used for your pass time. Thank you for your offer but I am not at all interested in whatever job it is. Bye!” I said that in a full swing.

I myself don’t know from where I got guts to talk to him like that. He was frozen to shock as I was about to leave the room.

“ Pragya, wait a minute!” He said.

I paused as I felt I wanted to give him a chance to explain himself.

“ I am sorry for my behaviour just now. I really feel u can do this job as it will be meaningful with your presence.” He said sounding very genuine.

I turned back to see him in tears. Rockstar in tears? Will anyone believe it?

“Coming straight to the point, I want you to work as my wife for lifelong. It’s a flexible job, you can do whatever u like. I will bear all your burden. All I need is your love to make this work out. I badly need you to work in this as I strongly believe you are the one being most apt for it.” He said emotionally.

I was standing there like a statue. What am I supposed to reply now?? Oh god, what is this situation that I am in now!!

He was still in tears. I still couldn’t believe he is crying like a baby. What am I supposed to do now?


My thoughts were disrupted hearing his voice again in my life.

“Hi…how are you doing?” He asked.

“Good…How about you?” I asked with concern.

“Nothing much single. As always attending weddings as a guest. You got to be married by now right?” He asked me casually.

“Not yet….” I said looking down.

“Why is that so?” He asked curiously.

“I don’t know. It’s just that things didn’t work out.” I replied.

“Oh…” He said with his eyes saying something but I couldn’t comprehend it

He left saying he got something on.

I looked at him yearningly. I uttered “Sorry Rockstar. I should have said yes to your job offer before. It wouldn’t have made u this way if I had said yes…”

He had changed a lot over this 5 years. He had a more rugged look which made him popular among the youngsters. But I felt his rugged look messy. I felt he did it purposely not to have a young & fresh look which would remind him of his past. Perhaps not to get reminded of me. What made me even more sad was his eyes that looked devoid of emotions. Is it because of my no??

I wanted to ask him a lot of things but before that he left.

A month later, I saw him at a party. He was sitting alone. I went near him.

“Rockstar…” I called him. He looked at me for a second. Then he turned away. I was hurt by it. Why does he turn away as soon as he sees me.

I was about to walk away when he said “Do you want to join me?”

I nodded my head as yes. He smiled at me. I sat down opposite to him as soon as he smiled. I didn’t want to miss this chance of talking to him.

We were both silent until he said “I am getting married Pragya…”

I don’t know why but at that moment I could feel my heart breaking into pieces. Tears automatically ran down my cheeks.

To be continued……

Random shot and will end it in next shot for sure.

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