My love for you kkb… episode 8

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Hello everyone.. as I knew all are waiting to knew about twist happened in abhis life.. so without delay lets move on to story
Next morning.. abhi wakes up and sees pragya… he sees pragya started to falling from couch.. abhi rushed and hold her. Pragya open her eyes and sees abhi.. they share an eyelock…
Both came to sense…
Ab; sorry.. as you..
Pr; it’s k and thanks to your help..
As abhi started to move..
Pr; abhi… abhi turns and look at her..can you consider me as your friend.. abhi look at her and smiles..
Pr; so you accept me.. abhi nods.. thank you abhi… he leaves… after sometime… pragya is arranging food with help of robin…
Abhi comes there…
Pr; abhi.. sit.. let’s have food.. pragya serves food to abhi it was this time purab enters..
Pur:good morning abhi… good morning di..
Ab; purab tum.. that too early..
Pr; purab sit.. let’s have breakfast together..
Pur; yes sure.. from smell itself… I understood how it will be.. di you are a good cook..
Pragya serves food to purab..

Ab; purab you didn’t tell answer to my question..
Pur; which question??
Ab; why you came so early..
Pur; oh.. so now I have no right to come here…
Ab; purab.. I knew you well tell me what’s the matter..
Pur; k baba.. I will tell you.. can you just give some peace to have this.. abhi look at him in fake anger.. they all finished breakfast.. and sits in living room..
Pur; so my reason to come here is.. he takes something from his pocket.. and gives to abhi..
Abhi opens it and look at purab..
Pur; abhi.. it’s dadis order to give that to you.. pragya look surprised.. thinking what was that..
Da: abhi.. don’t scold him.. he has said na.. it’s my order.. so abhi.. pack your bags.. and enjoy the trip…
Ab; but dadi…
Da; don’t worry about business.. it’s purab.. and aliyas duty to take care of that..
Ali; And Bhai.. it’s a custom right.. after marriage couples go to honeymoon.. to spend some private time.. to make a better understanding… and the tickets is to a private island… there is no one other you both…
Pr; but dadi…
Da; pragya beta… don’t take to his side..
Ali, bhabhi.. don’t you knew about that island.. do you knew how lucky you both right… it’s tsan island.. which is surrounded by blue sea…
Pur; and.. di… it’s really most beautiful place to visit and spend some private time..
Pragya noticed abhi was lost in somewhere.. screen shifted to abhis thinking..

Fb shows…
Abhi and sree is sitting in a garden..
Abhi is placing his head on her lap.. and she is caring his face..
Ab; sree… tell me.. which place you would like to go for honey moon..
Sree smiles..
Ab; wait I will guess.. abhi thinks for a while.. Kashmir.
Sree: no…
Ab; Australia..
Sr; no..
Ab; new York..
Sr; no..
Ab; I am tried.. you tell..
Sr; abhi… I want to spend some private time with you.. I need to be with you without no disturbance.. only me and you… there is no one other than that.. every time I Will talk and spend time with you..
Ab; then surely I will get bored.. sree get sad..
Ab; hey it was a joke.. my aim is to be with you always.. like this..
Sree smiles..
Sr; abhi.. we will go to tsan island..
Ab; tsan island…
Sr; ya.. it was a private island.. in which only me and you.. how happy will be we are…
Fb ends..

Abhis thinking was disturbed by aliya..
Ali; Bhai.. go fast and get ready.. abhigya leaves..
Abhi enter the room and sits on bed.. pr; abhi…
Abhi look at her..
Pr; I knew abhi… you are upset.. as now you miss your sree a lot.. abhi look surprised.. I noticed you… when you hear the name of the place where dadi choose… I think it’s disturbs you.. I too don’t wish to go for this trip… but..
Ab; but.. we have to go right..
Pr; may be I can help you.. I. Will tell them to change the destination..
Ab; it’s k… abhigya packs their bag.. and get ready… and comes down.. take blessings from dadi..
Da; happy journey… and call me when you both reach there..
Pr; Haa dadi..
Ali; Bhai… bhabhi.. enjoy
Your trip.. all the best..
Pur:happy journey di..
Pragya smiles.. while loading things on dicky..
Purab secretly to abhi.. abhi.. I don’t knew I have right to tell this to you… but abhi.. you must move on in your life.. you must forget the past and live in present… now you are a husband and you must take some responsibility in that case… pragya di is so nice… her happiness is linked with you.. don’t spoil her life…. you must think about it.. abhi.. you. Will find is you are right or wrong.. is this your srees wish.. is this her happiness… they both hug each other.. aliya came there..
Ali, is your melodrama ends..
Pur; abhi..I want to tell you one important thing.. I have no guarantee in case of your sister.. I don’t knew what all this she will do without you.. if any disaster occur reason is your sister..
Ali; purab tum..
Pr; purab.. don’t tell like this.. she is so pyaari hey na..
Pur; haa.. she will suck out blood from our body by acting like this..
Ali; purab…
Ab; stop all this.. dadi.. so we are leaving… all bids adieu to them… abhigya starts their journey…

Actually it was a deep silence there.. both were thinking some thing in their way… it was at that time abhi noticed tears in pragyas eyes…
First he doesn’t care for that.. as he thought to give some alone time to her.. but he sensed that she was lost at somewhere.. and think to bring her in sense.. so he starts radio in car.. but she doesn’t noticed that.. so he stops it..
Ab; pragu.. pragu.. she doesn’t hear him.. so abhi placed hi hand on her shoulder..
Pr; arjun.. and turn her face to abhi.. abhi in confused face..
Ab; Arjun who is that…
Pr; nothing..
Ab; no you are hiding something from me..
Pr; no nothing like that..
Ab; if you have problem in sharing with me. Then it’s k..
Pr; no abhi.. not like that..
Ab; then…
Pragya cries.. abhi stops his car.. and turn to pragyas direction..
Episode ends..

A big sorry to all.. I knew it was long break.. I have tried a lot to write but something is really stopping me from doing that.. but from nowadays I will try my level best

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