My love for you kkb… episode 7

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Hello everyone.. thanks a lot for this love and support… so let’s move to story..
The episode starts with abhi asking sree… do you have nothing to ask me…
Sr; no… but I want to give you something..
Ab; what?

Sree kissed on his cheeks which make his mouth to open wide.. she smiles and goes.. abhi still sits there as statue.. now screen shifted to abhis house..
Pu; abhi… she doesn’t change na.. same sree kutty..
Ab; yes she is same.. still she do that.. when ever I ask something to her.. she Did the same.. she given the same thing which she give me in childhood…
Pu; what? Abhi smiles.. nothing… things started to leave like this… in classroom this trio are in teacher student relationship.. but outside they are just like friends.. but for sreeabhi.. it’s not like friendship and it’s more than that.. In college gossip started to blew on them.. but they doesn’t bother about it.. one day they trip are sitting on a coffee shop.. actually that’s their main hang out.. abhisree is looking at each other… purab look at both..
Pur; sree… they are not responding.. he tapped at table.. now they both come in sense..
Ab; what happened.. purab..

Pu; thank god now both of you.. come to sense right.. then what’s your plan..
Ab; plan?
Pur; haa.. what you both thought.. muje yeah sab ke bhare mein kuch nahim patha.. oh.. abhi… oh meri sreekutty.. I am watching all this drama.. and I am bored abhi… for what you are making her wait for.. look she too get tired off with all this.. for what you are making her to wait..
Ab; wait.. I am making her wait..
Pu, hey bhudhu.. look at her.. her eyes.. her eyes.. is asking your reply.. but you..
Ab; me..
Pu; abhi… is I want to explain what answer she wants..
Abhi look at confused face.. actually it’s his.. acting..
Pu; abhi she loves you damit. Mand need you answer.. and now you are telling her your reply…
Purab goes from there.. absree look at each other..

Ab; so you are waiting for my answer..
Sree nods..
Ab; can’t you see that in my eyes..
Sr; I can read your eyes.. even your heart breat.. but I want to hear it from you..
Ab; yes or no… smiling..
Sr; what you felt thats it..
Ab: so miss.. sreelakshmi.. would you like to change your name as.. Mrs. Sreelakshmi Abhishek…
Sree smiles…
Ab; I don’t want this blushing I need an answer…
Sr; if you compelled me.. then k..
Ab; hey who compelled you.. look I have no problem.. I will get some other..
Sr; what you told… you will get better than me.. I will kill you… as she gets up to beat him.. falls on abhi.. abhi holds her by waist..
Ab; so will you kill me..
Sr; haa…
Ab; then do it..

She kissed him.. this is my punishment…
Ab; this is my return gift for your punishment…
Fb ends…
Suddenly abhi stops telling his story… he look so worried..
Pr; abhi…she placed her hands on his shoulder…
Abhi turns.. and suddenly hugs her back…. and weeping..
Pr; abhi… what happened.. why are you this much nervous…
But abhi is not telling anything.. but he is too worried… pragya make him sit on bed… and gives him water..
Pr; abhi have this..

Abhi drinks water…
Pr; abhi.. you just lied down here.. she helps him lying on bed.. still he is so nervous.. and acting as a baby who see some scary dream..
Pr; abhi… just relax… relax.. don’t be tensed.. just sleep well everything will be fine..
Ab; no nothing will.. it’s because of me.. I lose her.. I lose her love.. it’s all because of me….
Pr; no abhi.. it’s all your..
Ab; no Pragu.. you don’t knew anything… do you knew how much happier she was… after that.. all the time after that was happier.. still he comes…
Pr; he??? Who is that…
Abhi stops.. nothing… he tried to get up to his room..
Pr; abhi.. you sleep here.. I will adjust at that couch..
Ab; no.. I..

Pr; abhi (in anger voice )
Ab; k…

Pragya lies on couch.. and look at abhi.. she can see abhi crying there…
Pr; abhi… who is that.. come in between your life.. godji.. why are you doing like this.. why are you Separating two loved ones.. why do you do this.. pragya sees abhi slept.. she looks at him and soon dozed off..

Sorry guys.. I knew its really be late.. actually I am going for a tour.. and was busy so I can’t update it on time.. I will be back only on Monday.. if I get gap… I will try to do.. my other ff my destiny to be with you too

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