My love for you kkb… episode 6

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Hello everyone.. thanks a lot for such a lovely comments really its means a lot for me…
So back to story…
Pr; which means..
Ab; ya… she is not with me… I lost her… thats the most unbearable thing for me.. but she didn’t left me alone… she is living inside me… and it’s she who make me live…
Pr:but how this all happens..
Abhi thinks…
Fb shows…
It’s a college… abhi is with purab… they are sitting on the college… it’s opening day of college.. they both are seniors.. so they are too happy today thinking that they get a chance to enjoy.. they starts their ragging.. by making everyone to sing… dance or something like that..
It was that time abhi saw sree first.. abhi; hey… come here…
Pu; what’s your name..
Sree: sree lakshmi..
Ab; where are you from..
Sree; Tamil nadu..
Pu; look at her dress itself…it’s known na.. she is from TN ( actually she wears.. a red Saree.. (dawani saree)
All girl laughs..
Sree; why you all are laughing.. is this dress is that much look.. I love my culture…
Ab; oh.. so she is the cultural queen..
Pu; miss.. cultural queen.. which department are you..
Sree; arts..
Ab; you are our Junior…
Sree smiles..
Ab; hey why are smiling is I am looking joker to you..
Sree: no.. you are looking my lover to me..
Ab; what?
Sree; I love you…
She goes…
Ab; purab do you hear what she said..
Pu; haa.. abhi.. she says she loves you..
Ab; I am not deaf.. I too hear the same.. is she is mad..
Pu; I too thought the same.. else how will she says her love to you.. as such a charming boy is here..
Ab; hey stop your senseless joke.. ..
Pu; it’s not joke.. abhi… I think she may play some prank on you..
Ab; I too..
Pu; is that not..
Ab; how can be it possible…
Pu; do you hear love at first sight…
Ab; love at first sight.. it’s not like that.. let’s drop this topic here..
Abhirab reached their class and started to talk with their friends… it was that time all friends stood up.. abhirab too as to wish their teachers.. they are not interested in such practice.. but they respect them.. as everyone sit in their seat.. it was at this time… abhirab noticed one thing.. they both started to laugh.. all look at them..
Akash sitting at next table.. to abhi..
Ak; abhi.. just stop your laugh all are looking at you both.. miss too..
Ab; ( controlling their laugh).. she is not teacher.. she is out junior.. she is doing a prank at us.. you all falls it..
Pu; hey cultural queen you can play your prank at everyone but not on us..
Sree come towards their table..
Ab; hey.. why are you looking like this..
Sree; stand up..
Pu; you are ordering to us.. hey it’s seniors who will order to juniors not you..
Sree; haa.. you are right..
Ab; she smart.. picking points faster..
Sree; but a teacher can order to student right..
Ab; teacher..
Sree; yes.. I am newly appointed teacher..
Abhirab opens their mouth in shock.. they both stood up..
Pu; sorry mam.. we don’t knew that. Ab; actually your looks doesn’t tell that you are a teacher..
Sree; then what it tell..
Abhi smiles…
Pu; it’s just tell that you are younger to us…
Sree; yes.. I am not younger to you both.. but same age with you puru..
Pu; puru… you are sreekutty…
Ab; what sreekutty..
She signs..
As all students started to talk aloud.. sree stops their conversation.. and back to classes..
But our abhirab is not hearing classes they are lost in their thoughts.
Ab:( sreekutty.. my sree.. you.. I couldn’t identify you.. but you recognize me easily.. now abhi remember she saying I love you.. abhi smiles… )
It was this time purab tapping on the table.. abhi come to sense..
Pu; abhi where are you lost.. look she goes after finishing her lectures.. come fast let’s talk with her..
Abhirub rush to see her.. but unfortunately she enters staff room.. ab; oh.. she enter to staff room.. now how will we go there..
Pu; yes.. we can’t go.. then all started to advice us to concentrate on studies..
Ab; let’s wait here.. till she come out..
Time goes… Class dispered.. sree comes out.. as it’s time to go to home..
Pu; sreekutty..
Sr:puru… are you waited for me..
Pu; yes.. she look at abhi.. sree how are you? Where are you all these days? How you become as lecturer.
Sr: puru.. just give me a gap to speak.. can we sit and talk.. both went to coffee shop..
Sr; what you both like to have..
Pu; tea for me and
She calls waiter and order 2 coffee and one tea..
Ab; ( so she still knew I like coffee )
Sr; puru.. actually its really surprise for me.. I don’t you all are here. When I come to college I see you both ragging students.. I think you will identify me.. but no.. so I thought just play a prank.. look at abhi.. ( actually abhi is admiring her all the while )
Waiter brings coffee… abhi takes a sip looking at her.. (it’s too hot.. so it’s burns his tongue )
Sree laughs at his antics.. abhi falls in her smile..
Pu; this abhi is always like this..
Sree look at him.. abhi too..
Pu; sree.. tell me when you came here..
Sr: actually a week ago.. after 12 th.. as my father get transfer I leave from you all.. and settled in Delhi.. and did my graduation and postgraduation there.. now papa is retired and we settled here.. and I got job too.. but I don’t knew you guys are here…
Pu; ya.. when you leaves from there.. within 3 months.. abhis parents died in an accident.. and dadi shift us here..
Abhi get sad..
Sr; sorry.. I don’t knew..
Ab ; it’s k..
Pu; but how you become lecturer..
Sr; I am not like you guys.. I studied in one class only for one year.. not like you…
Pu; oh.. you are too brilliant na..
Sr; what you call me cultural queen..
Pu; actually it was a mistake.. if I knew its you.. then I will not call so..
I will call you screaming rat..
Sr; what.. hold his ears.. I am your teacher right..
Pu; please leave my ear.. it’s totally paining..
Sr; then promise me you will not call this name..
Pu; haa promise.. she leaves her hands.. nowonwards I call you.. screeching devil..
Sr; you.. purab goes from there..
As sree started to follow him.. abhi holds her hands..
She turns and look at him..
Ab; sree.. you have nothing to ask me..
Episode ends..
I knew its small.. I will upload one more episodes today itself..

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