My love for you kkb episode -27

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Thanks alot for all your support and lets move on to story everyone was waiting for what will happen happy reading ❤❤❤

Abhigya break their hugs when they hear the sound abhi..yes its sree only…pragya step back from abhi by making some distance from him..abhi look at pragya he knew why she moves away from him..and he knew what is she going to do..abhi holds her hand tightly..while pragya tries to free it from him..
Sree move towards abhi..pragya somehow take her hand…abhi look at pragya emotionally..there happens a talk between eyes…while breaking that conversation pragya moves out and stopped by srees call..pragya..

Pragya turns and look at sree..

Sr;pragya….where are you going leaving him here..abhi why dont you stop her ???

Abhigya remain silent..

Sr;why you both are silent..pragya i knew  where are you are going away from him him to can you do that can you give your husband to some other that what your love..

Pragya started to cry…

And you abhi…why you let her leave like this..dont you need that your love for her..both abhigya look at each other..i knew you both are like sacriface your life for others.its me who came in between your its me who must move away not you..

Pr;but sree???

Sr;no but pragya..for saving my life you compel abhi and take me out..i knew how much you love abhi ..and i knew you will sacriface your life for him..and abhi..the moment i hug you i came to knew whats in your that there is no place for sree..only pragya is there..


Sr,abhi..iam not complaining you…when i was under his custody..i always have a hope that my love for you will make you to reach here and free from his clutches..that came true..and about our love…abhi still i love you..but infront of pragyas love for you..what i feel for you is just an infactuation..abhi..pragya its you both the perfect jodi..the jodi made by one can come in between that..even this sree too..

Pragya move towards sree and hugs her tightly…and cries…

Sr;pragya..dont cry yaar..

Pr;sree..i knew how much you love him..and how much he loves you is his life without you..its my mistake to come in between you guys…

Sr;no pragya…dont say so…i knew abhi well..he needs you pragya..look may be if iam with him..the happiness which you given cant be given by me…sree takes pragyas hand and placed it over abhi…look you both are made for each other and i have no problem in that..dont think that you both destroyed my life …iam happy by seeing you like this..(by saying so sree cries..but wipes out her tears..)

Abhi hugs sree..she too hugs back…

So abhi..when you both are planing to give me a little abhi or little pragya..abhigya look at each other and smiles..

K..can you both take me from here..i want to see everyone and feel some fresh air..

The trio take a seat in car and reach mehra mansion..pragya take sree to room and give her dress to fresh up she comes down pragya make food for her and feeds her..make her to sleep…sree soon falls in sleep as after a longtime she is sleeping peacefully..pragya cover sree in duvat and slowly close the door and comes out..
There she see him standing..his eyes are filled with tears..pragya move towards him..abhi hugs her tightly .. can you do like can you think about leaving you think i can live without you..who are you..are you thinking that your are sacriface matha…abhi break her hug..and look at her face..

Tell me can you do that…pragya place her fingers on his lips…

Abhi..dont say anything you think that i will happier by doing that..but much she suffered ..because of your love..she must get reward for her suffer na..its only you..and..

And you think that when i see her..then i will feel bad of marrying you and starting a life with you right..pragya lowers her face..abhi make her look into his face.. one in this world can love me ,support me, and care me like you did..and i cant live without you even a second .that much i love you damit..both cries and hugs each other..

Ab;pragu..promise me  that you will never leave me alone..he shows his hand..pragya place her hand over it..i will never leave you alone abhi..always be with you love for you will last till my last breath..abhi hugs her…

Days passed..sree became normal and back to form..she now consider abhi as her brother and pragya is her day…

Pr;abhi..i have an important thing to tell to you..

Ab;haa bolo pragu…

Pr;its about sree..

Sr;about me ..whats my bestie…

Pr;abhi..we must make her get married soon..suddenly srees face get faden

Pr;why you become dull yaar..

Sr;oh atlast you both started to think about me na…

Ab;what???so you are already ready for it..

Sr;haa why married her for whom i must wait..i too have right to get love from my hubby right..

Ab;ohoo..we thought it will be a great task for us to make you get married..but you..

Sr;iam impossible right all laughs..
(In mind) i knew bestie pragya..if i stay between you will be tough for you both by seeing me you both cant love each other only i wish to get married..actually till now i havent thought about seeing both of your happiness..i agreed for it..

Ab;so whats your view about future hubby..

Sr;i wont tell anything about it..i gave full freedom to pragya to choose a perfect match..whoever you both shown i will marry saying that she leaves..

Pr;abhi…we must get a perfect person for her…

Suddenly purab and aliya came…

Pu;for that i will help you..i knew a perfect match for sree…who is it..

Ali;its arjun…our new manager…and my bestie..

Ab;but we have to talk about this with him na..

Pur;that already i have done..and he is ready for it and he knews everything about her past and present..

Abhi hugs purab..

Ali;so soon we must make them get married..

Pr;not only both many years you both move on like this by secretly loving each other hey na abhi..

Ab;yes pragu..aliya and purab hugs abhigya..

Soon the marraige happen..aliya mehra offically become aliya khanna and sree become sreelakshmi arjun…abhigya get happiness by seeing them happy..their love and romance continue…

Story ends…

Thank alot everyone who support me in this story till one would expect that i will end this story like this..i dont want to drag it any  more thats why..thanks to all my constant supporters, my followers and silent readers..because of you all i reach upto here…if you all wish i will update an epilogue ..just drop your view about this story..silent readers..please break your silence..iam desperately waiting to hear something from you you…

Its hari..signing off..catch you soon in next ff..offically my love for you kkb goes under curtain…???

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