My love for you kkb episode -26

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Abhi look at pragya and sree…in srees eyes what he sees is it is pleading to abhi for save her from here…it tells she is really unwell to continue this state again…its better to die now..

Abhi look at his pragu..he really broke down by seeing her….

Ram,k abhi..lets do one thing i will show some favour towards you …i will give time for you to talk with your wife and if you wish then with sree too..

All disppered  from that hole..only abhigya there…abhi removes her hand and free from rope…pragya hugs him tightly and abhi hugs back…after that they both stay apart..

Abhi..dont think too as i said…go and save her…how much she suffer in these years..dont make her suffer again abhi ..just go and save her..pragya convey this without looking at abhi…and turns..abhi hold her hand and make her turn..he raise her chin and look at her.. can you say like can i do like can i go from here ..knewing that all can i give you in the hands of death…dont knew whom you are to me..

Abhi..i knew everything..look she did only one thing that she loves you wholeheartedly and for that she suffered alot na..abhi you loves her na.. are right i loves her once that doesnt means that i still love her…pragu…now its you only in my heart my soul..then how can i?
Both abhi and pragya are crying continously…

Abhi..we both spend some quality times to still remember na..just save her abhi and forget about me and moves on..

Abhi who was drumstuck by hearing it…she is willing to gave her life …and asking me to move on..


No as i said..otherwise i will kill myself…take a knife near by and holds it near her neck..


Abhi..look dont come near me..take sree and moves out..

Ram;wow..what a love pragya..iam really impressed…so abhi..take  sree with you and go…ram pulls sree towards abhi..abhi holds her before falling she hugs him tightly…

But our abhi was looking at pragya and crying…

Ram nods to goons to take him away..abhi look at pragya and leaves..

As he leaves pragya falls in her kneel and started to cry..ram move towards pragya and hold her shoulder…

Pragya suddenly taken that knife and show it towards her..

Dont dare to touch me..

Oh ..that much anger…thats are really great pragya your husband to his exlover..that much love for him..

Now you decide pragya…will you accept your death by yourself …or will i ask them to kill you…

Pragya wipe her tears and will do it by myself..but you must promise that you wont try to harm my abhi anymore…

K..i will promise you about that as my revenge ends by doing this and about i dont want anything from that…

Pragya look at him in shock..

Dont be shock…i did all this for my family..for my son…but now they dont need me who did now that money are just like white paper for me ..i wont get my family back..but i get satisfaction that i snatch his happiness…now each moment he will think himself the reason of your dont waste my time do it soon…

Pragya holds that knife so tight and move it towards her neck..she close her eyes..and thinks about abhi and their moments..she just smile and cried at same time..(mein phir bi tumko chahunga plays )

Iam sorry abhi..i want to do this for your happiness…pragya tries to press that knife suddenly..

Pappa..she just open her eyes ..sees two children running towards ram and hugging him..he too hugs them back..

You both both came to meet your papa and started to kiss them..where is your mama..

A lady too enters…priya…he gets up..priya you came here..iam see you all..

But i regret to came here ram..

Priya..what are you saying??

What will i say ..when you are trying to harm a person who have help us ..who save our sons life…

What??asked ram…

Pragya keep eye on it without understanding whats happening here.. dont knew anything as you were in jail…its abhi..who save our sons life even knewing you are the reason for his problem..

Just then abhi too reach there…pragya look at abhi..that knife falls from her arms..

Priya..what are you saying??

What iam saying is the truth ram..when we ask you to get out of our life and dont ever try to see feel pain right…you feel you are alone this pain too..abhi look after our family and did our sons heart surgery…now again you are trying to hurt the person who did everything for you…whatever happened is yours mistake greed for money make you knewing it only abhis grandfather make you away from the business by gaving lost all that money by having luxury..and when we need money for our son ..without asking them straight you did a masterplan to snatch their property by killing them…but even knewing everything too they helped us..

Ram was totally broken by knewing this truth..

Pappa..dont do anything pappa..leave that di..dont harm her..abhi anna is sweet ..because of him only iam alive..

Ram started to cry aloud..he sees abhi and move towards him..

Abhi…iam nothing infront of you..i feel ashamed of myself..i feel to kill myself now..even i harm but. You just save my son and protect my family…ram falls in abhis feet abhi holds ram and make him stand…

What you did all this is for your son…actually first i dont knew anything..later only i knew this fact..but my anger on you havent cool as i believe that because of you sree dead..but when i see her here..i understand that you cant be cruel..still some humanity exist in you..

Ram…i dont can forgive me..what i did is  such things…ram move towards pragya..he hold her hand and place it on abhis hand…

Abhi..if you wont come..even i will did a big mistake again…abhi she is yours and i will never ever come in your life..pragya..please try to forgive me..ram moves  from there..

Pri;abhi..sorry because of him again..

Ab;no aunty..i think you all must accept him..

Pri;but abhi…

Ab;can i do it for me..priya get teary eyed and hugs abhi…they too only our abhigya is there…

Abhi look at pragya..pragya hugs him tightly..abhi hugs her back


Episode ends…

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