My love for you kkb… episode 13

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Hello everyone..i thought to give you update as soon as possible..but because some reasons I couldn’t able to do so.. Sorry for that..i knew lokha sis you may be anger for telling sorry…and one more thing I want to inform you all is from now onwards i will update my ff only on Saturday and Sunday.. .if I got time I will upload in week days too…so let’s move on to story…

Pragya is still crying..abhi can’t tolerate it anymore..he slowly move towards her..and place a hand in her shoulder.. pragya look at him..and cried.. abhi who knew we’ll that what she need is to share all her feelings to he hugs her back

..soon she faints..Abhi takes her in arms and place her on bed..takes a blanket and make her wear ..still he can see tear drops oozing out from her eyes..abhi looking at her thinks…
Pragu..i knew what I said to you is unbearable..for you but.. when i told you the real truth it may hurt you more than this.. the love which arjun shows towards you is a fake..the person whom you are waiting for is settled there with a girl who is richer more than you.. I knew you will be completely broke down by hearing I thought to keep your love alive..for that I kill the arjun who is alive at Kashmir..the pain which you feel is not small..i knew we’ll about I knew more than you.. the day sree left me…i have gone through it..the pain which I gone through will not be there for you because I will support you..i will be there for you if you think of any support..i will be there for you if you want to share your a a friend or something else..
Abhi sits in breeze is touching his body..he is still looking at pragya..

Some feelings are like this.. I thought to fill hate in her for that she just leave me..soon..but now it’s not like that.. she is coming more close to me.. or is I am going close to her . Don’t knew what really is this..what is the connection between her and me ?why I feel sad while seeing her like this..why I hide the truth from her..its her right to knew I am at the world of confusion..sometimes confusion is a way of clearing everything .is this confusion is the way of clearing everything between you are just over thinking.. abhi touched his hands on his chest

Sree..could you tell me what’s all this.. you can understand me for than me..why something drives close to her.. why I feels to wipe her tears..drops oozing out from her eyes..
Abhi sees sree in front of his eyes..he look surprised..
Ab;sree..and hugs her.. I can’t believe are In front of me..sree smiles..
Sr:abhi..iam always be with you..close to you..i stay in your heart.. I can understand each of your feelings. And I have answer for your doubt..
Sr:about pragu..who is she for you..
Ab;my friend..
Sr:abhi you started to like her .
Ab;yes I like her..because of her innocence..
Sr:no abhi…this like is not the one you are thinking..this is first stage of love …
Ab;sree..what are you blabbering.. love..i loves loves you..then how can I..
Sree smiles..

Sree..why are you smiling.. do you think I loves her..
Sr:abhi..somefeelings are hard to express in words..just like what you felt for your pragu..
Ab;but..she disappears
Abhi thinks about what she tells and what his heart tells …soon he falls in sleep..suddenly..abhi opens his eyes. He couldn’t find pragya on bed..he get tenses and started to search her all around..suddenly he sees pragya standing outside looking at sky..abhi go towards her..
Pr:looking at star..arjun.. where are you..tell me..did you forget I am waiting for you said n.a. whenever I speak to stars that will reach to you..then why now it’s won’t happen.. then why are you not hearing me ..arjun…she shouts arjun…

Suddenly pragya turns by a touch ..calling arjun..sees abhi and get upset..
Pr:abhi look at this..he ..pointing at stars.tell him that not play with me..i don’t like it..
Ab:pragu ..arjun will not hear anything from now..because he is not with us.. pragya kneels down on The floor without telling anything..abhi too sit just beside her..
Ab;pragya..i knew we’ll what you feel now..only I will understand you at this moment..when sree goes away from me.there is no one to console me..but I have the duty of consoling my family and her family.. even purab too..i kept my tears and sorrows inside me..but that’s not in case of you..because I am with you..pragya raised her head and look at teary eyed..abhi place his hands above her hand..slowly pragya place her heads on his shoulder..both remain silent for along..looking at deep sky and stars..
Ab;pragu life is always a joke..we always dreams alot..but they will not appear as true..or reality.. always stay as dream we both dreams alot..but look at our destiny where it bring us..i still believe that sree is with me..and I am living my life for her.. then why don’t you do the Same..
Pragya look at abhi..

Pragu..all person will not be lucky to have the one we wish to be with we must realise that truth..arjun is not the end of your are not living your life only for have another responsilblities a a wife..not to take care me..pragu you knew that there are so many people loves you..wants to see you in happiness.. even I too wish for it..pragya again look at abhi..will you change at least for them..pragya didn’t utter a word..abhi stands and moved away from there in a thought of giving some time for her…but pragya hold his hand..
Pr;I will do this.. Will you be..
Ab;what ?
Pr;you must too obey these rules..from today onwards you are going to take a new start you are going to enjoy your are living your life you for yourself.. for your family..for me..
They both look at each other..(tu meri jaan plays )
Abhi ..answer me..will you..
Episode ends..

Really big sorry guys..i knew nowadays I am not regular..i too wish to do it as soon but it won’t happen..

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