My First Love- Chashmish (kkb) (shot 8)

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My First Love-Chashmis(shot 8):
Than q for ur lovely comments dears.. than q for those who read this story!!u r all very supportive to me.. & I enjoyed while reading ur comments dears!!! Than q cutie sisyeees&dear friends!.. & I planned this story for only 10 shots!! If possible I will try to write more.. I think next two epis there may be no nokjokes!! So, enjoy this one!!hope u enjoy! But, I know it’s lame games abhigya going to play today!!bear me!because I don’t know anyother game to make it interesting!!let’s get into the story!!  abhi’s pov:

Days to weeks!!! Weeks to months!!! Really time is going so fast!! & I’m also busy with my work schedule.. due to the international company’s contract…! & I successfully finished that project!! Now, mehra’s construction company is no.1.. finally we made it!! Nearly 6 months completed!! But I don’t know, how the time flies..!! I can remember the day I saw her first!! It’s like yesterday it happened!! But 6 months completed!! & now, I know her a lot!! But, daily she is new to me.. in her behavior,activities.. I couldn’t help.. but admire her!! in every single thing she didn’t forget to attract me!! I don’t know whether she is trying to attract me or I’m always impressed by her silly activities!!!but, I like to attracted by her.. only by her!!
Due to more work I couldn’t spent time with my’s Saturday.. so I decided to took off in noon & came to my home only to see my beloved brother & pyari wife playing cricket in the hall.. I couldn’t help but smiled at their childish behavior..
Bg song:
Kaathal cricketil vilunthuruchu wicket..
oochh… I said due to the ball hit my head.. just then they noticed me .. chasmish ran to me & rubbing my head & started to scold me..
Pragya: can’t you look the ball .. we are playing na.. you can move other side na.. (said with concern)
Purab: bhabhi.. why are you so tensed.. nothing.. see he is all right… he is iron man.. bhabhi..
Pragya: what iron man.. look.. he is in some other world like he got an award & with that happiness he is standing like a statue..
Purab: that is why i’m saying he is iron man..
I’m flying high due to her concern& care towards me.. she is continuously rubbing my head..
Me:what you said?!!
Pragya: I said there is no salt In sugar!!
Me: what are you blabbering! You hit my head with the silly ball & I’m all right but , you are blabbering as if your head got hurt & got your brain damaged!!
Pragya: what did you said? Come again..
Me: sorry I forgot that .. you don’t have brain na?? okay I’ll not say like that hereafter!!(with a wink)
Pragya: how rude!! I’m caring for you but you are mocking at me!! Go to where ever you want!!
Purab: not again! Purab bêta if you are here then you will get any treatment for sure.. so , escape from here!!(murmured)
That time ,purab got a call & informed us he is going to meet his friend..
Purab: thank god!! I’m escaped!!!
Me: great escape bro..
now we are alone..
Pragya:because of you purab went out!!! It’s really boring you know!! That’s why we played cricket!!
Me: really..? then tell me something.. we will do that.. or shall we play cricket??..
Pragya: haiyoo.. without playing it, you already get your head hurt!! If you play means for sure you will find a big treasure(puthayal) in your body..
Me: ( with a pout) then what can we do now?..I took off to spent some time with you people…
Pragya: (something thinking) okay we can play a game..
Me: okay. let it be a bet game.. if i win .. you have to do what i’m saying without any questions.. if you win I will give you a surprise.. what say??.
Pragya: not a bad idea.. anyhow.. I’m going to win..Lets ready to surprise me..
Me: okay meri ma.. what game ?.
Pragya: eye to eye game..
Me: I know one to one game!.. what is that eye to eye game chashmish…
Pragya: it’s really a tough game.. we have to see others eyes without blinking our eyes.. the one who blinks first will be considered as out… we will play it 3 times & majority wins that means 2 win means winner. What say..
Me: small girl & your silly game..
Pragya: me… small girl.. try to win in this silly game okay…
Me: okay .. i’m ready..
Pragya: me too..
Me: ready ah? For that you have to remove your chasma na?
Pragya: mmm.. ya!!
Good chance abhi.. you have to win this game!! To impress her!! come on.. you can do it!!!
Pragya:Ready steady go…
Pragya’s bg song(don’t ask me, in abhi’s pov how did pragya’s bg song came!! Because I also don’t know that !! 😉 )

Vizhigalili oru vaanavil..
imaigalai thottu pesuthey..
Ithu enna puthu vaanilai…..
mazhai veyil tharum…
Unnidam paarkirean.. naan paarkirean..
en thaai mugam anbey..
unnidam thorkirean..naan thorkirean..
ennaanatho ingea..
Muthal muthalaai… mayangukirean..
kanaadi pola thondrinaai….
en munbu ennai kaatinaai!!!
Kaana engum vinaa???!!!

I think, she was lost in my eyes so she forget to blink her eyes & I’m also new to this game na!so I can’t cope up with her!!.. this time she won .. but 2 more chances na!! I will win..!!
Pragya: hey I won! I won!
Me: slow & steady wins the race chashmish!! 😉
next chance: ready steady go..

my bg song..
kannodu kan serum pothu vaarthaigal engey pogum?!!
Kanney un munney vanthaal en nenjam kulanthai aagum!!
Vizhiyil un vizhiyil vanthu vilunthen intha nodiyil en… eathirkaalam nee thaan endru uyir sonnathey…
Vizhiyil un vizhiyil vanthu nadanthen intha nodiyil en…
Vazhthunai nee than endru nizhal sonnathey!!
Unnodu vaazhthidathaaney naan vaazhgirean!!
Unkaiyil ennai thanthu thol saaikiren..
oo.. thol saaikirean!!

I lost in her deep eyes.. really, I could not blink my eyes eventhough I wanted to blink because of filling tears, I can’t blink.. & this time I won..
Me: hey chashmish, now I won..
Pragya: one more chance is there na? I won’t give up!!
Me: let’s see..
Last chance :ready steady go..
Both bg song:
Nee paartha vizhigal..
Nee paartha nodigal…
Hhuhmm ketaalum varuma…
Ketkaatha varama..
Ithu pothumaa ithil avasarama..
innum vendumaa ..
athil nirainthiduma..
naan paartha naal nam vasam varuma?..
uyir thaangumaa! En vizhigalil muthal vali!!
Nijamadi penney! Tholaivinil unnai..
Nilavidam kandean nadamada!!
Valiyadi penney varaimurai illai..
Vathaikiraai ennai methuvaaga!!
We both lost in each others eyes.. & then both blinked at the same time.. so match is draw now…
Pragya: the match is, what next…. hmmm.. (she is thinking by tapping her index finger in her chin!! How cute!!)
Me: we can play another game.. which is my choice of game.. okay.. we will see the winner.. & the bet is bet.. okay??.
Pragya: no outdoor game..or wrestling…
Me: no.. it’s kind of song game only..
Pragya: wrestling is better than this game.. I don’t know many songs..
Me: but, I’m afraid of wrestling ..
Pragya: what?
Me: ya slim fit! I’m afraid of you! If you beat me once then for sure I have to hospitalized for my life time…(in a mocking tone)
Pragya: arrg! Always mocking at me! God only knows! What you get by teasing a good girl like me..
Me: I will tell you.. it’s a kind of pleasure to look at your annoyed face .. got it..
Pragya: very funny.. tell me the game .. or else I will go..
Me: okay leave it.. it’s one chance game.. I will tell you some middle lines of a song.. you have to tell the starting line of the song.. you too tell some lines I ‘l find what song it is.. if you /me didn’t find the song then loser .. okay!
Pragya: rules are good.. but..
Me: no buts and all.. you tell some lines.. I’ll find..
Her face itself tells that she didn’t know much songs.. she is tensed to the core.. like too see her like this.. 😉 then you can win easily abhi.. I want to surprise her.. to surprise her I want to lose this game!! but I won’t give up this game.. i’ll win.. so that she will do what I say.. by doing what I’m saying will automatically brings her the surprise which I want to give.. that’s why I’m playing & get into a bet game!!  I thought..
Me: okay first you tell.. only one chance for you& also me..
Pragya: (thinking as if she is going to discover whether egg comes from hen or hen comes from egg!!) heyyy i got it.. i got it..
Me: then tell me..
Pragya: thenmalai theakathil nee thaa un tholkalil idam tharalaama !! Naa saayum thozhil veraarum saainthaaley thaguma..
I know the song.. but I gave a oops reaction & pretends to think that time her face is worth to watch..
Me: I thought you will give a easy song.. but, this is very tough I think..
Silly girl.. believed what I said!! Ha ha..:) I thought
Pragya(in excitement): your time is going.. 10, 9, 8, 7..
Me:hey I got it…
mynbey vaa en anbey vaa… po povaai poopom va..
okay I guessed it right..okay now,my turn..
“Kaatrodu kai veesi nee pesinal en nenjodu puyal veesuthey..
Vayathodum manathodum sollaamaley puthu ennagal valai veesuthey”..
Pragya: oops.. I swear.. i’m going to loose it.. I don’t know the song.. tell me.. I give up..

“I closed my eyes.. recalling my sweet memories with her…I started to sing the song .. which is in my heart… how I’m feeling for her.. it’s all my lines.. that only belongs to my chashmish!..but I don’t know she feel that song is for her.. I just give a try!!” I thought..
en kaadhal solla neram illai…
un kaathal solla thevai illai..
nam kaathal solla vaarthai illai..
unmai maraithaalum maraiyaathadiii..
un kayil sera eanga villai..
un thozhil saaya aasai illai..
nee pona pinbu sogam illai..
endru poi solla theriyathadi…
un alagaaley.. un alagaaley..
en veyil kaalam .. athu mazhai kalam…
un kanavaaley.. un kanavaaley..
manam alaipaayum.. mella kodai saayum!!
Kaatrodu kai veesi nee pesinaal..
Enthan nejodu puyal veesuthey..
Vayathodum manathodum sollamaley..
Sila ennagal valai veesuthey..
Kaathal vanthaaley kannodu than ..
Kalla thanam ondru kodi earumoo..
Konjam nadithenadi.. konjam thudithean adi..
Unthan vilaiyaatai rasitheanadi..
Un vizhiyaaley.. un vizhiyaaley..
En vazhi maarum kan thadumaarum..
Adi ithu eatho oru puthu eakkam ..
Ithu valithaalum nenjam athai earkkum..
Oru vaarthai pesaamal ennai paaradii..
Unthan nimidangal neelatumey..
Veareathum ninaikaamal vizhi moodadii..
Enthan nerukangal thodarattumey..
Yaarum paarkamal ennai paarkiren..
Ennai ariyaamal unnai paarkirean..
Siru pillai ena .. enthan imaigal athu..
Unnai kandaaley guthikindrathu..
En athikaalai.. en athikaalai..
Un mugam paarthu thinam ela vendum..
En anthi maalai.. en anthi maalai..
Un madi saainthu thinam vila vendum..
After let out my heart.. I opened my eyes to see her reaction..She closed her eyes & listen to my song.. she lost in my song.. her face is delighted.. her curved lips indicates that she enjoyed my song.. …
Pragya: I don’t want any surprise.. this is more than a surprise rockstar.. you are really amazing.. so you won rockstar… tell me what I have to do… can I prepare your fav aalu poratta..?(with an excitement.)
Me: as you wish.. but.. I have some other plans.. so get ready in 15 mins..
Pragya: but y?..
Me: i won.. so no questions..
Pragya: (with a pout..) okay..
Me: hmm that ‘s my girl..
After 15 mins.. she came..
Me: get into the car..
Pragya: but where we are going…
Me: no cross questions..
On half way..
Pragya: so we are going to my ma’s home..
Me: not bad.. sometimes your brain is also working..
Pragya: ya.. but yours is not at all working.. I have to check if your brain is there or not..
Me: very funny..
We reached her home.. she missed her ma,pa very much.. but she didn’t tell me.. so I brought her here..
we went inside aunty &uncle blessed us.. aunty &pragya were in kitchen preparing lunch.. uncle suggested me to take rest.. so I went to pragya’s room .. but it was boring.. so I saw her book tables one by one… there I saw an album.. I pick it & started to watch it.. I saw the photos.. 1 photo got my attention.. because it was my school uniform..
Then I came to know that chashmish studied in my school.. I traced my finger to find where is this chashmish…& my finger struck on fuggy… my eyes popped out… fuggy & chashmish in same class?.. God.. how I missed this chashmish.. but I can’t find chasmish in that photo… that time uncle came there.. I asked him where is pragya in that photo.. he pointed out fuggy.. I asked what in a surprising tone.. uncle told me that.. “she is fatty girl till 10 th.. after that she become lean when she joined in hostel she become this much lean.. her friends call her as pumkin.. she will get angry if anyone calls her as pumkin.. even if sarala did pumkin curry she will scold her.. lots of tauntrums.”. I asked him.. “whether i take that photo..” he said “sure..” & then he called me for lunch& left ..
Bg song:
Muthal kanavey… muthal kanavey..
Marubadi ean vanthaai..
Nee marubadi ean vanthaai..
Vizhi thiranthathum marupadii..
Kanavugal varumaa varumaa..
Vizhi thirakkaiyil kanavennai,
Thoorathaathu nijama nijama..
Muthal kanavu.. muthal kanavu..
Moochulla varai varum allava..!!!
Kanavugal theernthu ponal vaazhvillai allava..
I was like in milky way galaxy.. feel so up.. my chashmish becomes my fuggy.. no no my first crush fuggy become my love .. I jumped & danced.. then went to dinning table .. we had lunch & then some chit chats.. then we left from there.. I cannot hold on my happiness.. then I drive the car.. on the way she said
Pragya: it’s not the way to go home.. where we are going now..
Me: i told you already.. no questions.. it’s okay.. I”ll tell u.. its short cut route..
Pragya : what?.. our home is in north side.. you are going in south side & saying me that it is short cut.. are you crazy or what?..
Me: what an invention.. I’ll recommend you to noble price.. now keep quiet..
Pragya: (mumbled herself what he is thinking of himself. I’m not going to ask anything)irritating idiot..
I smiled at her.. how sweet while she is mad at me.. slowly she slept.. after half an hour I woke up her though I don’t want to disturb her sleep I want to surprise her.. so I woke up her.. she is in her sleepy tone.. 5 more minutes please..
Get up or else i’ll put your book down.. she woke up with a jerk only to see me grinning at her.. we are not in home then why you wake up by bringing my book into it.. she said
Me: what can I do.. you are not at all responding to me..
Pragya: hmm now where we are.. what I have to do.. tell me… I ‘ll do it & then sleep..
Me: sleepy queen.. open you door.& get out .. then see where are you..
She did what I said.. and then she jumped into joy…
Pragya: you are the best… & it is the bestest surprise of all..
Me: I know…. can we go..
Pragya: yes.. rockstar.. we can.. by the way.. you know… I want to visit here.. but there is no time na..
Me: so you were sad & told aunty na.. then I asked aunty which orphanage you were visiting .. she told me laxmi home.. so I brought you here..
Pragya: thank you soooooo much rockstar..

bg song:
muthal mazhai ennai nanaithathey…
muthal murai jannal thiranthathey..
peyarey theriyaatha paravai alaithathey..
manamum paranthathey..
ithaiyamum ithamaai mithanthathey..
Due to happiness She hugged me for a while.. & I freezed there like a statue.. then we went in & all kids were welcoming her with flowers.. I took all the gifts from the car which I bought for them.. I handed it to pragya & she distributed it.. then we spent some quantity of time with them.. then we bide bye to them..
On the way to home.. she was speaking.. speaking.. speaking alot as if she is the real radio jockey.. I wish her happiness will be there in her face..
After some days, we arranged a party to celebrate our company success.. we invited our relatives, business partners, other company’s ceos, my friends, her friends.. that evening.. all guest are visited & talking to me & my family members.. pragya is not in saree today.. but some other shalwar kameeze.. but, it suits her.. it is not that grant .. not so simple.. but it’s too perfect to her.. she had removed her chashma.. she looks beautiful like always.. but today, it’s more I thought..
Her friends & all danced with their partners.. bulbul also came to the party.. now, purab & bulbul became friends.. they danced together.. I was busy with other bussines men.. there I hear an announcement..”there is a surprise to my handsome hung.. my sweet brother.. my rolemodel.. my idle.. to know the surprise he have to come & surprise us too.. come on bro..come on to the stage” he said.. “ho know.. this purab again stated to pull my legs infront of this many people” I thought & went to stage.. the lights were off in stage.. “oh god! I’m going to fell down.. there they will laugh at me.. this purab is dead today!!” I mumbled myself.. there a spot light approaching me.. I stood under the spot light.. music on.. I think I’m dreaming like pragya is dancing infront of me..& asking my hand to dance with her.. is it a surprise?.. I don’t know what I done.. but I followed her step.. she leads me in this dance,thought, life & whatever..
Bg song..:
Neeyum naanum serthey sellum neramey..
Neelam kooda vaanil illai..
Engum vellai megamey..
Poga poga eano neelum thooramey..
Maegam vanthu pogum pokkil..
Thooral konjam thooramey..
En Atcham aasai ellamey thalli pogattum..
Enthan inbam thunbam ellamey unnai serattum..
Naan pagal iravu..
Nee kathir nilavu..
En veyil mazhaiyil..
Un kudai azhagu..
Neee vendumey..
Entha nilaiyilum enkendru nee pothumey..
I came back to sense when all clapped their hands.. “how was the surprise bro” purab asked.. I have no answer.. because I don’t know it was real or dream.. then pragya asked me
Pragya: only you can give surprise ah? How is it?
So it’s not a dream.. but, I danced romantically na.. she too reciprocated the same.. even she is the lead in this dance na….!!!
Me: superb.. I just loved it.. I didn’t know.. you will dance like this..
Pragya: oh really.. I’m a dancer mister.. not bad, you to followed my steps easily..
Me: ha ha.. I’m a rockstar babe.. 
She rolled her eyes & smiled at me..

Precap: first love!!!!

Okay dears!! How was the shot today.. tell me whether it entertained you or not… waiting for ur lovable comments.. keep smiling.. keep commenting..

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