My First Love- Chashmish (kkb) (shot 7)

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My First Love-Chashmish(shot 7):
Than q dears… I’m very happieee to see ur comments… really I thought that shot will irritate u.. but I’m glad most of u like it… than q sooo much for ur comments.!!! & than q all those who read my story!! Only 3 more shots! So tell me wat u feel.. it will help to improve my writings!! In real kkb abhi will be the last one 1 to realize his love na!! I want a change!! That’s why in this story he is the first 1 to realize his love!!  again a long shot..Let’s go into the craziness part..
My new day that begins with her!! She woke up before me.. when I open my eyes… I saw my ladylove before the mirror.. & drying her hair!! She looks like a fresh flower!! She looks divine… Her eyes are too sharp to attract me towards her!! She looked at me through mirror.. that second our eyes met!!’ What a day man’ I thought.. she gestured me what by raising her eyebrows.. I nodded my head like no..& grinned at her!!.. she sighs & take the kumkum in her hand.. I admired her.. she filled kumkum in her part!!then said “ time for up lazy king!!” I said ”hmm” she came to me ”come on wake up , I have to arrange the bed” she said.. “I’m so tired ! give me 5 more mins” I said even though I hate to wake up late, I want to argue with her..”I’m sure 1 day you will become powerstar if you continue to sleep like this!!” she said in a teasing tone!! “ what” I said & got up quick “I won’t be a powerstar chasmish!! Always I’m a rockstar!!” I said with a pride.. she rolled her eyes in disbelief & went to set the bed properly.. I went to freshen up.. when I’m returned I didn’t find her.. I went to hall .. there also I couldn’t find her.. pappa noticed me..& I wished him “good morning” he smiled at me! Purab came from kitchen with his coffee cup& said” bhai!! Today ! there is no coffee for you!!”
Me: but why?
Purab: because today even your cinnamon coffee is sweet to us.. so , me & pappa shared your coffee!!
Me: what’s the reason you found it sweet?..
Purab: because the coffee is prepared by someone special..
Pappa smiled at my reaction!!
Me: so you are teasing me & pa you are with him!!
Purab: bro!! I’m not teasing you or your stupid coffee!! I just said bhabhi is making even your cinnamon coffee sweet!! That much magic in her hands!!
Me: is it so?? I want to taste it!!..
I ran to kitchen & take a cup of coffee.. I took a sip & made faces.. then only I noticed purab , ma , & chashmish laughing out loud as I did a comedy!!
Pragya: that is for ma.. not yours!! She had head ache! So, I prepared medicinal juice(kasayam na! sry I don’t know the exact English word)..
Me: ho!! I thought it’s my coffee!! Not bad chashmish! This kasayam also sweet!!
Ma & chashmish smiled at my compliment..
Purab: then bhai!! Try it daily na??(said with a wink..)
Me: (this idiot going to damage my image infront of my ladylove!!) why not! But I know! My cinnamon coffee is the best! So, I won’t change…( thank god I make over it orelse he convinced me to get this kasayam urrrg daily morning..) so where is my coffee!!
Ma handed me coffee: here it is..
I took a sip! & ya it’s beyond perfect!! I know it’s not my ma’s preparation! Because she used to add more cinnamon … but this is perfect..
Me: ma! Superb!! Day by day your magic is increasing!!
Ma: ho! Like really!!
Me: ya ma.. it’s beyond perfect!! I just loved it!! I will give whatever you want!
Chashmish listened me & turned to continue her work!!
Ma: so you really don’t know who prepared it..( she asked in a husky voice)
Me: I know ma.. that’s why I’m giving this offer!!(in a husky voice)
Ma tapped my shoulder: naughty boy!!
Then, after sometime we have our breakfast… most of the items were prepared by my chashmish!! I admit that all taste good!! .. whenever she is with me.. years passed like minutes.. whenever she is away from me .. minutes passed like years!!(varushangal ovvondrum nimishangal aagum!! Nee enthan pakkam nindraley!! Nimishangal ovvondrum varudangal aagum nee ennai neengi sendraaley!!)
Some guests often visit us!! Sometime tanu , nikil will come some time purab friends!!!..I don’t know how I spent that 1 week!! I didn’t get bored to seeing her, admiring her!! She caught me sometimes.. & I give some lame excuses to her why I see her!!
Then our routine life.. I started to go to company!! She started to go to bank.. but she asked permission from my ma & pa..even from me… that time I told her
Me: i don’t want to restrict you in any case.. if you like to work.. you can work! You just inform me.. I don’t want to control you chashmish!!
Pragya: thank you! I don’t know! What can I do!! Because sometimes I feel.. we are strangers 3 weeks back! & now we are known strangers!!
Me: known strangers??(confesued tone)
Pragya: ya ! you know me!! But,you don’t know my likes& dislikes na??similarly I know you but I don’t know your likes & dislikes na?? that is why I said known strangers..
Different girl I thought!!
Me: so, let be friends..
I said & forwarded my hands.. she reciprocated & smiled!! Our eyes met!!
Bg song:
Kaiiya pudiii!!! Kanna paaru!!
Ulmoocha vaangu nenjodu nee!!
Konjam siri!! Edthi vai!!
Thol saiythu thoongu ipothu nee!!
Methuvaa paadu eathaiyavathu..
Me: so, you can speak your heart out okay!!
She nodded her head in response..
Days passed.. & drastic changes in our beautiful life..
we strangers became known strangers(as she said!!)
known strangers into friends!!
Now Friends to best of friends!!
But all the while I used to admire her! love her !! like her!! gone crazy about her!! ..
As days passed we all are become more depend on her.. she took care of my ma & pa.. for my ma& pa she became their first daughter!! For purab, sometimes she is sincere guru, some times jovial friend , sometime caring bhabhi, sometimes stern mom!! She used to tease me with his company!! & without his company also!! For sometimes we both end up in a gang & tease purab… even nikil & tanu also attached to her!! she easily attracted everyone! I thought..for others I can say she has relationship name.. like daughter or friend or bhabhi .. but when it comes to me! I can’t name my & her relationship… it’s cute when it is unnamed I thought sometimes!! But I could say, she made my day & night.. every second I rely on her!!my love my chashmish!!

Bg song:
Nila nee vaanam kaatru..
mazhai en kavithai moochu ..
isai thuli theana malara!
Isai oli pagal!
Devathai annam pattampoochi ..
Konjum tamil kulanthai…
Sinugal sirippu mutham..
Vaanam kanavu eakkam..
Megam minnal ooviyam…
Chellam priyam imsai…
Ivai yaavumey ingu nee than endraal..
uyir endrey unnai sollveney..
naan unnidam… uyir nee ennidam!!
Naam enbathey inimel mei sugam!!
We used to visit her parents on Sundays.. Saturday night ma ,pa, tanu ,nikil,purab,me &pragya will go outing for relaxation! Sometimes aunty & uncle accompanied with us,..Daily I used to drop her in bank& purab will pick her up.. because I will be late due to my work at evenings .. mostly I will come to home at 9 or 9:30 at night..
One day I came earlier & ma & pa visited to my uncle’s home.. purab went to meet his friends..
Around 7:15 I reached home.. & I went to freshen up!! She saw me in an amazement!!
When I came from washroom.. she sat infront of tv with remote in her hand.. I hardly noticed chashmish seeing tv.. I thought it’s must be some boring program like any lectures on advanced techniques!!.. to my surprise she is waiting for a serial…”kumkum bhagya” I asked with an annoyed face while it shown on the tv channel.. she didn’t care me .. she continue to watch it.. I don’t like to watch this kind of serials & all.. she is not at all giving attention to me.. without blinking her eyes.. she is ogling at that hero & enjoying his antics..really I’m irritated..
Me: chashmish,, I’m hungry.. come & make dinner..
Pragya: wait ya! I will be in 20 mins..
Without even look at me..
Me: hey chasmish, why are ogling at him like this as if he is your hero?
Pragya: ya! I have a crush on him!! He is soo handsome.. look at him… he is shabbir alhuwalia..! the rockstar!!
Me: what? You have a crush on him?
Pragya: ya! What’s your problem in that?
Me: hey talk like a matured woman.. you are talking like a teenage girl..
Pragya: mr. see him! He is handsome.. you know what.. he have two sons.. yet he is this much handsome!! From the day I started to see this show.. I literally falling for his charm, his dance, his act & all.. I’m a crazy fan of him!! I can say it proudly.. have you any prbs in that?
Me: no dear chashmish! But you had gone crazy!!
At that time in tv(kkb) :
Abhi : fuggy! Don’t go away from me( the forest scene)
Me: fuggy!! He is a copy cat!! He used my first crush name for his lover..
Pragya with an annoyed face: what! Fuggy! Is it a name or what? More over you told me your first crush? So how many crush you have?
I can feel her jealousy in her voice.. I also don’t know why I used fuggy even though I didn’t remember her till now!! But I’m in the mood to enjoy my chashmish ‘s jealous.. so I took operation my crush fuggy!!! 
Me: you & your reel hero.. she is my real heroine you know!!! Fuggy is my first crush! She is the only one crush in my life time… I don’t know her name.. so I named her as fuggy!! She is choo chubby you know.. do you know the rhymes chubby cheeks!! I will sing it..
Chubby cheeks … dimple chin..
Rosy lips , teeths within..
Curly hair very fair..
Eyes so black lovely too..
Teachers pet .. is that you!!
Yes !yes! yes!,..
Me: it is apt for her! such a loveable girl she is .. when I’m 12th she was 9 th.. for exam she sits near to me.. & even now I know her register no. you know what! I remember her exam no. till now.. it’s 14890..
Pragya : oh I see! You & your fatty crush!!
Me: it’s not fatty chashmish! It’s fuggyyyy.. (I stressed)
It worked it like anything.. she is burning in jealousy!!! My plan worked!! But , I don’t know how fuggy came to my mind.. chashmish went from there without saying anything… she went to kitchen.. & I followed her..
Me: I’m hungry madam.. can you make any dinner!!
Pragya: go & ask your so called fuggy!!(with a stern face)
Me: hey! You also said na! you have crush on that so called shabbir alwa..
Pragya: alwa nahi (always in the mood of eating)shabbir alhuwalia..(annoyed)
Me: ya that man only..
Pragya: hmm! Whatever.. go & ask your fuggy! Now also she will be doubled fuggy.. means fatty lady..
Me: leave it & give me something to eat!!
I loved her face expressions!! Her jealous! & all..
She put some flour in a vessel to make parotta I think.. I asked her again & again.. she become more irritated & she took flour in her hand & put it in my head
Pragya: go away from here orelse I will show you who am i..!
Me: hey , crazy cat! What you have done! You spoiled my hair!.. I will show you who I’m..
I took some flour & put in her head! She looked like some old lady due to white color hair.. ho.. so I’m also look like old man na?..But cute! We will grow old with hand in hand na!!that time tanu & purab came there..
Purab: what’s this bhai..
Tanu: what are you guys doing?(with a shocked expression)
Pragya: don’t you get it.. we are playing cricket!
Purab: not fair bhabhi.. add me in your team!
Tanu: puru, stop it yaar,.. they are fighting!!
Me: fighting? & we??? No way! You got it wrong tanu..
Pragya: ya.. why we are going to fight? No Way!
Tanu: what you guys doing with flour in your head &that crazy fighting sounds?
Me: fighting sounds… no way!!
Pragya: ya we are trying to thicken our hair by natural way..
Me: tanu!! Note this.. it will not have side effects.. applying flour in our hair like this will results good to strengthen our hair!!
Pragya: purab you too try it! Your hair won’t fall.. is it suniye??
Me: ya ya .. she is right..
By saying this we to took some flour & put it on their head!!
Tanu: they became mad purab!!
Purab: well.. then we have to go before they argue over other thing..
They said & ran away from there.. we brust out into laughter..
Days passed .. we became close.. but, I didn’t propose her .. I want to propose her.. I can see her care towards me.. but, I’m not sure that is only as a friend or more than that.. I couldn’t take the next step.. if she is not feeling for me like what I feel for her.. it would kill me!.. so I postponed my proposal.. but, tanu & purab don’t know anything about it.. if I tell them I did not proposed her.. they will surely kill me.. I don’t want to hurt her.. I don’t want to lose her friendship too..
I got an idea.. I can approach nikil.. yes! So I called him & said come to xyz hotel to meet me.. he came..
Nikil: hii abhi.. what’s the matter.. is that anything serious,,.. you are looking tensed?
Me: no nikil.. but..
Nikil: what man.. come on tell me..
Me: how did you propose tanu?..
I asked him while he drinking water.. he split out the water due to my question..
Me: am I asked anything wrong?..
Nikil: no abhi.. you can ask tanu na..
Abhi : no man.. I think she told me.. but I didn’t remember anything..that time because of some tension I listened her hardly.. but she said, that no one in the world can propose like you.. so I asked.. that’s it.
Nikil: she told you like that??.
Abhi: ya.. tell me please..
Nikil with some hesitation told me his story.. flashback:nikil’s pov:

Bg song:
Maasamaa aaru maasama..
Eangi thavichen.. intha poogodikku..
Vaarama.. sila pala varama..
Kaathu kidathen en poongodikku..
I followed her for 6 months..but, I’m afraid of her.. she used to come with her friend in scooty.. I wait for her in the road side.. when she crossed me she gave smile while talking to her friend.. daily I bring a red rose to propose her.. but, I have no guts to stop her & tell her.. but without failing I go & waiting for her.. after 6 months..,one day she came alone in her scooty.. my heart beat raised.. she stopped her scooty infront of me.. came to me.. I thought she is going to scold me.. but she said
Tanu: what is that.. (pointing to my hand which I bring it in my back to cover the rose.).
Nikil: rose..
Tanu: give it to me..
Nikil: what?
Tanu: it is for me na?
I nodded yes..
Tanu: then give me.. you don’t under stand anything.. why I’m smiling whenever crossing you…you won’t say anything.. but, I have to say you onething..
Nikil: what?(slight afraid)(she smiled at me..??)
She came near me & touched my forehead with hers& said
Tanu: I love you too..
I stood numb.. I can’t stand there.. she smiled & went.. I thought it’s dream .. but it’s real..
Fb over..
Nikkil: even now also whenever I begin to say I love you she will say “I love you too..” I asked her “how you know I’m going to say I love you..” “because I rule your heart.. whenever I want you to feel that you start to say ‘I’& I will say I love you too& you are the one ruling my heart too.. that’s why I want you to feel for me every now & then..” she said.. I amazed by her answer & I don’t know.. I’m worth of her love!!
Me: you are worth man.. that’s why i gave green signal for you when you followed don’t know what ever I had done to test you are worth or not to my dear friend..
Nikil: what are you telling abhi..
Me: ya nikil.. she told me you are following her..after I knew tanu has also some feelings for you.. I just tested you in some ways.I started my duty.. I gave fake fb messages like girls to know what’s in your mind.. but, you are not at all replied my messages.. you didn’t showed any interest to it.. first test pass .. then I asked about you to my friends.. your friends of friends told me about you.. so, I know some what you can only bear her blah blah.. so, I said tanu.. if you have feelings for him go ahead!! He is good match for you.. then you know all na??
Nikil: I don’t know what to say.. but, tanu is blessed to have a friend like you..
Me: hey not like that nikil.. you know, apart from my family she is the one used to close with me eventhough she is 3 years younger than me.. & she is not at all changed her behavior towards her loved one..
Nikil: really..
Me: ya.. I think I’m 10 yrs.. she was 7 yrs.. that is a raksha bandan day.. I bought a raksha bandan gift for my cousin.. tanu saw me & ran to me tied up rockey in my hand.. then she noticed a gift in my left hand.. “cho sweet bhai, gift for me na? give it to me..” she literally pulled it from my hand.. you said na.. she pulled the rose from your hand.. like that.. from that year.. she is my only little sister..
Nikil: so nice of her.. I blessed with her.. by the way why you are asking that proposal & all now?..
Me: because I want to propose pragya.. tanu told me you are the best in proposals & all na.. that’s why I asked you.. & now, I know the interior meaning .. for what tanu said no one can prpose like nikil.. I’m sure no one can ever beat you in this proposal thing.. ;)now I changed my decision.. if I ask you any idea then definitely I won’t propose her in this life time.. so, I can manage myself..
Nikil: this tanu na.. always create prbs to me..
Me: leave it ya.. shall we move..
Nikil :ya..
& then we reached our home..

Precap: full of abhigya… fun game.. surprises

So how was it? Drop ur comments.. I don’t know it’s upto ur expectation or not.. so comment me dears.. sisys.. I will update the next part day after tomorrow guys.. hope you liked it.. than q for ur support.. keep supporting.. keep smiling…

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