My First Love- Chashmish (kkb) (shot 2)

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My First Love-Chasmish(shot 2)
Than q guys… I really thank every reader of my story… & those who gave the comments.. thanx alott…now get into the story

New Morning, New Ray:
I woke up early & got ready at 9’o clock..then came to living room.. Ma served me breakfast at that time puru came there with his coffee cup..Ma reminded me about the visit.. I nodded my head slightly…after that ma blessed me followed by pappa.. then puru & I went to office .. he wished me best of luck.. & he returned to home.. time flies.. the meeting started, I explained about my presentation , they got impressed & agreed to sign the contract leaving me on the cloud nine… after send off them, I noticed puru was there.. he is my face reader…” bhai, success na!! I know you will get it!!! Congrats bro…” he said with an excitement… I simply hugged him & shouted from the bottom of my stomach.. “ya puraaaaabbbb… we got it…

I’m very happiee”.. without leaving him from the hug..”bhai relax, save the hug for my bhabhii also , else she will feel bad…” he said with his usual teasing tone… I snapped back to reality.. “oh we have to go there na?..” at that time my mobile rang.. ma calling.. I attended the call.. “ is that meeting over abhi?..” ma asked.. “ ya ma! Over. & you know what ! we got the project ma, tell this to pappa also..

he will be happy !! I said with a heart filled happiness ..”I know abhi.. you are talented to get that project & also my bhahu bring you that luck, she is your lucky charm, come fast to meet your better half& I know you will like her..”ma said in a pride..”okay ma, we will come” I said & ended the call.. Purab took the car & driving it.. I can’t explain what I’m feeling now.. really it’s all new for me.. Its neither tensed nor relaxed.. its neither happy nor sad.. I have no word to say what I’m feeling from yesterday night.. I thought its all because of that meeting .. but no, even after it got over I’m feeling the same thing .. so, the reason is the marriage topic or the girl?..I brushed off all the thoughts when purab put a break & said”We reached your sasurals bro..”with a grin.. I felt little tensed.. “you go , I will come” I said.. “why bhai? You want to take some touch up?..”he asked with a wink..i glared at him.. he smiled at me.. my mobile rang.. thanks to the call.. I thought.. “okay bro! take your own time and come fast” he said & went. After I answered the call I noticed a small boy about 6 years playing in the garden & he started to speak with a girl through the window.. I could not see her face..but hear their convo& it brought a smile in my face

Convo :
Boy: ooii darluu.. you are so cute in this blue color dress..
Girl: it’s your favorite color na? that’s why I’m wearing this..okay tell me…
Boy: I love you .. I love you .. I love you this much( he stretched his hands to gesture that much)

Girl: love you too sweet heart.. now give me…
Boy: (started to give flying kisses to her)
I thought how trained he is!!! Cute boy.. I smiled..That time his mother came & pick him up.. he waved bye to her..
Then I marched towards the home.. her parents(I think) greeted me & I took blessings from them.. they asked about our business meeting & all.. my parents & her parents talking some random things.. I hardly listened to it.. that time the same little boy ran into the house & went to a room that is in right side of the hall..he is crying.. their convo:
Girl: why are you crying my champ?.

Boy: you are going to get marry? & leave me here?.
Girl: who said this?
Boy: mumma said .. tell me that’s why you are wearing this saree & all.. are you going to marry today?
Girl: no champ.. my mumma said that to wear this because some guest are visiting.. so , I wore it.. we have to listen??
Boy: our elders..

Girl: ya.. because elders are always ?..

Boy: right…sshh.. mumma told me to come quick.. otherwise she will punish me.. so, I’m going.. bye darlu.. yippee.. my darlu will never leave me mummaaa….
He shouted & ran out..I thought so the girl is going to be my wife.. her caring, her way of speaking.. her voice.. how cute she convinced that small boy.. I‘m floating in her thoughts without seeing her(BG SONG:aval varuvaala..udainthu pona nenjai otta vaikka aval varuvala!!) ..I snapped back when purab stomped my foot & at the same time a girl in blue color saree infront of me said ”juice”…same voice I thought.. again I went to my own world.. ..(BG SONG: :kanalagey.. kaal alagey.. pen alagey ..en alagey…) her eyes have some magic &I couldn’t take my eyes off from her.. her nose is like a pause button.. her lips are as fresh as plums again this Purab pinched me.. I said ochh! & took juice from her.. “ bhai, fully flat na?..” said purab with a wink..i nodded my head up & down.. I want to spent time with her.. I don’t know whether my words will come out of my mouth or will die in my throat.. I have to speak with her.. “bhai ask bhabhi whether she have any sister exactly like her” murmured purab with a wink.. “shut up idiot” I said.. then I asked permission from elders and took her to the garden..
Convo: (BG SONG: alago alagu aval per alagu..)

Me: so, what’s your name?..
She: pragya .. pragya arora..
Me: nice name. I’m abhishek prem mehra..what are you doing..?
Pragya: I’m working as specialist office in xyz bank..
Me: oh.. okay..
I can’t proceed further.. I’m so nervous..usually I’m not like this.. for the first time I’m feeling shy.. she is also calm.. I think I have to pay her to speak up her.. she is not at all opening her mouth.. but I could feel her tension.. finally I broke the silence.
Me: are you okay with this marriage.?

Pragya: my parents are happy with this alliance.. so, I’m okay with this.. I hope they will give me the best.. (BG song: otha sollaala en usureduthu vachukitta.. retta kannala enna thinnaa daa!!)
Me: okay then let’s go..(same thought abhii)
We get into the hall..
Purab: thank god .. you came.. I thought you won’t come..
Me: puraab!!
Purab: okay I will tell you a good news..
Me: what is that?

Purab: marriage will be in 15 days..
Me: but I have some project work & I have to do it with in the same 15 days..(with a disappointment)
Pappa: abhi.. you take care of project .. we will take care of marriage arrangements..
They convinced me.. so I ageed..throughout the conversation I stole glances from her.. her eyes conveying me something .. but I can’t understand what is that..whatever it is..I will ask her after our marriage..she will be my chasmish after 15 days.. MY CHASHMISH?. Abhi.. when did she become yours?..Its sounds good na.. so let it be.. after biding bye to them we left from there..

Precap: tanu ,abhi, purab& nikil chitchat..

So guys.. tomatoes & eggs are welcome for all scenes especially that little boy scene..tell me .. is it boring?.. I will try to cut some dialogues.. leave your lovable comments to me to know about your views.. than q for spending your time.. & sry for my mistakes..

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