My First Love- Chashmish (kkb) (shot 11)

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My First Love-Chashmish(last shot):

Than q for ur wonderful support my dears!! First of all I didn’t expect that I will write a story.. & second I didn’t dared to post it… because I felt that my English is not that good!! But, u guys are brilliant you know!! I delivered what I want to say ..& I hope u got my thoughts!! &the third thing is …, u guys gave me a wonderful support in my intro itself!! I feel blessed & u guys continued to read my shots & gave comment to me… that encourages me to write & complete this story!! I don’t know it’s a meaning full story or not.. but, I hope .., somewhat it entertains u..

My dear little siseeees priyanka, Ani, vishali…& my dear cute friends minu ma, akshaya dear,reshma sis,dear diiii,sugan,lopez,b.k.maha,nasimasis,sethidisha,prabhi,prathi,

lokha,samyuktha,lotus, nannu,Jessie,vignesh, crazy girl(sry da!don’t know ur name), Sowji,arthi… than q all my dears!! Ur comments made me to complete this story.. than q all dear silent readers.&don’t forget to comment in this shot too!!!
Sowji!! Pragya is neither thinking that nor express it to abhi.. but, she is writing in a white paper.. hope you got it!!
Let’s get into the story!!
Abhi’s POV(after hearing pragya’s past):
I came to know that she never loved me.I saw love in her eyes.. but its not for me.. my dream world gets collapsed when she said she loved someone else.. & I got angry how dare he betrayed my pragya for another girl.. Is he is mad or what..?. How can anyone reject her.. If pragya loves me I will treat her as a queen!! No matter what she is in my heart.. now&forever!! But, she is in love with a guy who is not even care about her!! I don’t want to give pain by saying my love to her.. so, I started to avoid her..I started to do more work in office.. return home at late night.. that time she dozed off.. morning after she went to bank I woke up.. purab drop her & pick her up .. even in sundays I started to work.. I told mom & dad that I have international project.. so, it’s important to work hard when they asked about my changed behavior.. one day mom told me that pragya have fever.. I want to comfort her!! but, at the same time I’m afraid of my own thoughts! If I blurt out my anger on her,she will feel bad.. but, I could not leave her like that.. so I went to her & checked her temperature after she dozed off.. I don’t know why.. but, I kissed her forehead.. & held her hand in mine for sometimes & look at her tired face.. some days gone like that.. even though I’m in my company my thoughts are revolved around her only.. My small world is full of her eyes,voice, laugh, smile, tease, touch, blush.. I could feel her around me.. her thoughts never leave me for a second..

Bg song:
Isaiyum ponathu!!! Thimirum ponathu.!!
Thanimai theeyiley vaadinen!!
Nilalum ponathu!! Nijamum ponathu!!
Enakull enaiye thedinen!!
Kanavey kanavey kalaiva theno?!!
Karangal ranamaai karaivathenoo??!!
Ninaivey ninaivey araivathenoo??
Enathu ulagam udaivathenoo!!
Kangal rendum neeriley!!
Meenai pola vaazhuthey!!
Kadavulum pen ithayamum..
Irukkutha illai illaiyaa?!!
Naanum ingu valiyiley!!
Neeyo angu siripiley!!
Kaatril engum thedinen!!
Pesi pona vaarthaiyai!!
Ithu nyayama!! Manam thaanguma!!
En aasaigal athu paavamaa??

one day evening she called me and told me to come xyz restaurant at 8’o clock.. first I avoided by saying I have an important meeting in a restaurant abc at 8’o clock… but she did not get convinced.. she told me that she will come there at 8’o clock & wait till I get free.. I’m not expected that.. but she said I’m coming & that’s final..oh god.. now what can I do..there is no such meetings.. I couldn’t control myself whenever she is with me..if I blurt out anything wrong.. she will hurt by my words.. she really thinks me as her best friend..but, I love her..I’m also betraying her..why this is happening to me!! I thought to start a new life with her after proposing her!!but, that time she said she is in love with some one else..what can I do now? thoughts gets distracted when I saw suresh!! okay I can take suresh there & pretends to have meeting with him.. & will say to her it will take some time.. so, u go home.. suresh is my company’s manager.. he joined 3 months back.. & this whole month he too spent much time with me in work.. &we don’t know much about others.. now we are in restaurant .. we are talking now..suresh told about his career & also personal life..he told me about his love.. he cheated a girl who loved him.., for another girl.. now that girl deceived him only because of money.. so he come back to the girl who loved him a lot.. I scolded him for being a selfish person & cheated on the girl.. she will be broke down..I felt my pragya’s pain & started to scold him more.. “you are not worth for the girl’s love.. why are you searching her now? . Leave her.. she deserved someone better .. not you..” I said in range.. I couldn’t control my anger.. “I did a mistake .. now I want to rectify it by giving her happiness that she deserved.. I may not truly loved her but, she loved me, that’s why!! I want to erase all her sad time & re write our happy moments.. for that I need her..” he said.. “then why are you not searching her..

if you want any help ask me. & if in case she is in other cities?”.. i asked.. “one of my friends said he saw her here 8 months back.. so I have a hope” he said..” but you came here only 3 months back na?” I asked. “I just realized my mistake 5 months back& I took time to decide whether I need her or not ! & now I want her ..” he said.. hearing that my anger blast out& I said “you took 2 months to decide whether u need her or not.. okay tell me when did you broke up with your so called love”.. “6 months back”.. he said ..i could not take it anymore.. what a man he is?.. “I’m saying you are not going to search her.. you need her because you are literally cheated by your so called girl friend you need her to prove your so called girlfriend.. you don’t want the girl to love her.. but you are going to use her as like a thing.. if you want her you must have searched her & get her by this time if in case she is in this city. Try to love by heart not by your mind okay” I said with anger..”now, I realized my mistake, &

I want her now&I will get her back into my life, I promise I won’t hurt her” he said in a monotone.. when I’m talking to him my college friend came there take me from there I excused myself from suresh & take some time to talk with him & when I asked his no. that time only I realized I left my mobile in the table.. so I dictate my no. He saved it & gave a message to my no. After he left I came & joined suresh.. suresh asked me..
Suresh: your wife called your no..&I’m sorry I attended it..
Me:what she said?

suresh:she wil be here in 5 mins .. I think she loves you very much.. & she is lucky to have you.. you won’t hurt her na..?.
Me: I love her .. & I ‘m trying not to hurt her.. from where on the earth you got to know that she loves me?
Suresh: from her excited speech itself tells that she loves you madly.. she talked with me as she thought she is talking with you..&then I told her that I’m your friend..she asked sorry & cut the call..
Pragya: so you are here with friend & not with clients.. you cheater cock rockstar..

she smiled at me & next second her face changed.. tears filled her eyes by seeing suresh.. she excused herself & runing towards washroom.. I didn’t get what’s happening around me.. I saw suresh reaction..he gave a dead now expression.. I rushed to my chashmish.. she came from washroom after few minutes.. some water drops in her face.. I asked her what.. she said “he was my past ..” & her tears started to flow from her eyes.. “shall we move.”. she asked.. “you go & sit in car.. I’ll come..” I said & she left.. I started to connect all the things happened.. she went in front of suresh. She faced him without any emotions.. she said something to him but I faced her back.. so I could not see her face reactions & I didn’t go to them.. I didn’t want to disturb them.. I held in my own thoughts I’m going to lose her.. lose her completely.. still she is in love with him that’s why after seeing him she let her heart out.. I’m nothing to her.. I stand like a world shattered.. she left the place.. I slowly went near to suresh.. held his collar.. “don’t dare to hurt my wife” I said.. he himself released from my grip & said.. “after these many years I have impact on her.. I don’t know why.. but it hurts me now to the core.. & she is lucky to have you in her side.. & i hope you will support her decision whatever she takes..” I slapped him hard 2 to 3 times..”this is for hurting my pragya these many days!!”but he remained silent.. abhi go from here or else you will kill him I said to myself.. I went to car.. she is sitting inside the car next to the driver seat.. leaned her head in window..
Bg song:
Imaiye.. imaiye.. vilagum imaiye!!
Vizhiye vizhiye.. piriyum vizhiye..!!
Eathu nee.. eathu naan!!
Ithaiyam athiley!!
Puriyum nodiyil!! Piriyum ganamey!!
Paniyil moodipona paathai meethu veyil veesuma!!
Ithaiyam pesukindra varathai unthan kaathil ketkuma!!!

I took my car & drive it rashly.. she didn’t even spoke a word.. if it is my pragya she will scold me even beat me for rashly driving.. but she… she is not my pragya… not my chashmish.. not my fuggy… I don’t want to go home! I feared of loosing her completely.. if we go home, she will talk about that idiot suresh!& try to go away from me… after a long long drive… i put break when we reached home.. she ran into our room.. i closed the door of main gate.. ma, pa & purab were not in home!! no one is there.. only we two… my thoughts were roaming around the incident .. so my pragya is going .. she is going far away from me.. this made me mad & I rushed to the bathroom where she is calming her down & luckily she didn’t locked it. I opened it & found her totally drenched with her salwar by shower water by closing her eyes .. I don’t want to take such a big step.. I walked towards her & held her face in my hand.. I observed her calm face .. she doesn’t open her eyes.. I’m also drenching along with her..

Nee vendum!! Nee vendum!!
Endrendrum nee vendum!!!
Nee endrum!! Naan endrum!!
Udaiyaatha NAAM vendum!!!
I locked my lips with hers.. I tried to keep me calm.. I don’t know what is happening.. I feel the sooth when my lips met hers.. I pushed back when I need oxygen.. she opened her eyes in shock.. by seeing her eyes i couldn’t stand there by committing this mistake.. but I speak up.. I’m urs… I want u in my life damit. Why are you going to leave me..!! i said & came to my bed& sat down with broken heart..

Pragya’s POV: (from she called abhi second time na!!)
Bg song:
Ennai thedii kaathal endra vaarthai anuppu!!
Unnai thedi vaalvin motha artham tharuven!!
Cellarikkum thanimail sethuvidum mun!!
Seithi anuppu!!
Ennidathil theakki vaitha kaathal muluthum..
Unnidathil kondu vara theriya villai!!
Kathal athai sollukindra vazhi therinthaal !!
Solli anuppu!!

I called him to tell that I reached the hotel & will be in 5 minutes..
Me: hey handsome.. I reached hotel.. talk some thing.. why are you so boring .. if you are not interested to talk to me I’l not listen your blah.. blah.. mind it rockstar..
I called him with an excitement to get back him as my silly abhisheik!!
Suresh: Excuse me.. abhi is talking to his friend.. & he is little bit far away from me.. so, I’ll tell him about your call..
Me: I’m sorry.. & let it be.. I’ll see him..

Oops! He is not at all have any sense!! He forgot to take his phone!! Brainless fellow!!…Then I saw Abhisheik sitting in a chair & speaking to someone else.. I didn’t noticed who is that.. ohh.. god.. this abhisheik bhi na.. I came here to spent some time with him.. so that I get my comfort from him.. and then I can manage to tell what I’m feeling for him.. but this guy is talking to some idiot.. I went near to him & asked so it is not client meeting rather it’s friend meeting?.i asked him smilingly.. Abhisheik saw me.. & I saw the person with whom he is talking to?.My smile dropped .. it’s suresh.. the one who I never want to meet in my life time.. tears welled up in my eyes .. I excused myself & went to rest room.. there I cried!! Then washed my face & came out!!Abhisheik waited for me in restroom door side.. what happened? Abhisheik asked in a worried tone..” he was my past” I said & look at abhi it seems he was also shocked!! ”let’s go” I said.. I went to suresh..& “thanked him for not being in my life ..i know ur motto well!! Already I suffered a lot because of u!!I deserved the best of the bestest.. and I got my Abhisheik .. I’m living happily with him.. don’t dare to come in my life again & don’t try to mess up our life! ” I said and moved from there..i rested my head in window & lot of thoughts running in my mind.. how come they meet?.Is Abhisheik planed to this meeting or it’s a coincidence..? I know!! Abhisheik don’t want to go home!! Because of this issue!! He drives the car rashly!!
Bg song:
Adi manathil!!!! Irangi vittaai…
Anuanuvaai kalanthu vittai!!
Imaiye imaiye vilagum imaiye!!
Vizhiye vizhiye piriyum vizhiye!!
I know he is in peak of anger!!after sometime around 11.30 we reached home.. I ran to my room.. I want to calm down.. today I planned to propose my abhisheik.. but, destiny had different plans for me .. so I saw suresh & this is one of my worst day.. but I’m happy that I faced him i’m not that coward pragya anymore…my strength is my abhisheik..I went to bathroom & turn on the shower then closed my eyes..that cold water helps to calm down myself from various thoughts!!after sometimes, I felt his presence.. next second he held my face in his hand & took my lips in his first kiss.. his first kiss.. our first kiss!!now, There is no need to tell me that how much he loves me!!this kiss is enough to know I’m his love!! I shocked first!!but then reciprocate with equal passion to his kiss.. I don’t want to say I didn’t enjoyed our first kiss..I can feel his love, passion, pain in his kiss..
Bg song:
Ithu pothum enakku!!
Ithu pothumey!!!
Verenna vendum!!!
Nee pothumey!!!

but I don’t know whether he knows that I’m reciprocating his kiss or not? He pushed back to breath.. & told me that he is mine.. I shouldn’t leave him.. he wanted me life long.. I stand like a statue.. he went out & sat on the bed without changing his clothes.. I came towards him.. “I won’t leave you” I said by looking in to his eyes..
He:I’m sorry..
Me: sorry for what?
He: so..rry for… kis..sed yo..u with..out you..r per..mis..sion..(he stammered)
Me: so, you are saying sorry for this.. okay let me tell you sorry..
He: why?..haan.. I know you are leaving me na.. that’s why you are telling sorry.. no need of this .. I want you to be happy.. & I will give you divor….
I know! What he is going to say& I don’t want to hear that divorce from his mouth… before he could complete his sentence, I took his lips in mine with love,lust,passion,trust& whatever it is… it is soo divine…. he too reciprocate to my kiss.. later we parted to take some oxygen..
Me: sorry for this..
He: this..?
Me: ya.. I kissed u without your permission na? that’s y I said sorry!!moreover if u give anything, I also will give you something na!!
He: but!!
Me: no more talks .. get up & change your clothes..i’ll change in closet.. you change here.. else we will get cold..

I can see his confused face!!& smiled ..
I went to closet & took towel & night suite & gave it to him.. I don’t want to spoil his birthday .. so, I told myself.. whatever maybe!! I will propose him now!! No more changes!! I chose a red saree which is his fav.. & applied light makeup!! I changed & came from closet!! I noticed he is sitting with a paper.. I wondered what paper it could be??. His eyes filled with tears.. I took the paper from him.. oh my God! It’s the same paper I had written about my feelings for him.. he read it.. he stood up & hugged me as if there is no tomorrow in this world.. he kissed me all over my face.. I let my heart out by crying..he lifted me& twirled me.. I cried& at the same time I smile!!!

Bg song:
Thangamey unna than thedi vanthen naaney!!
Vairamey oru naal unna thookuveney!!
Rasaathiya rathiri paathen!!
Rowdy paiyan romantic aanen!!
Ragasiyamaa route a pottu!!
Kadathanum kadathanum kadathanum unna!!
Vaai moodiya vaaiya paathen..
Verugaalula vinveli ponen!!
Verappa irunthaalum valanjean..
Black& white kannu unna paatha color ah maaruthey!!
Thuru pidicha kaathal narambellam surusurupaaga seeruthey!!
Ava faceuuuu adadadadaaa..
Ava shapeuuu apapapapaaa..
Mothathula aiyayaiyaiyoo..
Ilukuthu ilukuthu ilukuthu enna!!!
i leaned in his chest.. he told me..
He: I’m not worth to ur love.. I hurted you badly..but you know na!! I love you.. I couldn’t live with out you fuggy.. I really really love you chasmish.
I snap back at him
Me:so you can’t live without your so called crush fuggy?”
I asked him irritatedly& trying to move away from his grip.. he held me tightly ..
He:ya ! I can’t leave her”
he said with a wink..
me:then leave me
he: “no way.. I cannot leave both of you..
me:how rude you are?leave me..!’m going
he: you don’t want to see who is my fuggy?
he asked with a wink..
me: your fuggy?.. no.. I don’t want..
he opened his cupboard & pick a photo & gave it to me.. I looked at the photo & yelled
me: it’s my photo mr.
he: who said it’s not yours?
me:so your so called crush was my classmate?
I asked with an irritation!!

He:ya! & I love her like anything…!!
he traced his fingers from one girl to another & then other..atlast pointed to me in the photo&said
he:she is my fuggy..& u know what? U r felt jealousy on urself!! How is it!! U will punch her, pinch her&pull her hair na??
me:what? Are you playing?how come I’m your crush?
With a silly look!!
he:that’s called desitiny my love.. my only crush become my first love& forever love..
I literally jumped… & kissed him..
Me:technically you are not my first love .. but love is to trust &to be trusted.. love is to care & to be cared.. in love we can feel secured& I found my secured place in your arms only.. in that case you are my first love abhishek….& also you are my last & life time love.. I need you by my side always abhiiisheik….i love you my handsome..
A lone tear escaped from my eyes.. happy tears!!
He:time is 12’o clock… you said I love you at my birthday starting minute..the best gift I ever have ever got is your love chasmish…love you a lot..
he said with heartfilled happiness..i nodded my head in response..
me: so u remember ur birthday??
He: ya!after read ur love letter!!

Me:so happiee birthday rockstar!!
He: thanq mrs. Rockstar!!hey fuggy!! Want to ask u onething!!
Me: what’s that?..
He:you mentioned about one boy na?? that stupid senior!!
Me: ooh! God!! He is such a irritating guy.. like u .. u know!!i don’t know why I couldn’t face him!! But now, I can easily face him!! After all I faced my life’s biggest dragula with u by my side!!
I said in a pride..
He: really! U think!! U can face that stupid senior now??
Me: ya!! U r with me na??
He:then face him!!
Me: what u r blabbering!!

I asked confused..
He: tell me what will u do when u met him!!
Me:it’s not possible na??
He: just tell me na!!
Me: I will .. hmmm.. hmm… beat him!!
He: really!! Then beat him!!
Me: but he is not here na!!
He: u know what!! He is here!!
He said with a wink..
Me: u??(my eyes popped out!!)
I asked in a confused& fluttered tone!! He nodded his head up &down!! I don’t know what I have to do!! I’m going to beat him & hugged him tightly with face filled blush!!..(guys! Here u can imagine that raja rani movie arya & nazriya scene where arya call nazriya as sister& nokjokes at last nazriya wants to beat him & ended up in hugging him na( before oda oda song )! like that our pragya going to beat him& ended up in hugging him!!)
Bg song:

Muthal muthalaaga.. muthal muthalaaga..
Paravasamaaga paravasamaaga
Vaa vaa vaa,,.. anbey!!
Ohoo thani thaniyaaga.. thannanthaniyaaga…
Ilavasamaaga ivan vasamaaga
Vaa vaa vaa anbey!!
Unnaley unnaley… vinnaala sendreney!!
Unmunay unmunay… mei kaana nindreney!!
Oru sottu kadalum ne!!
Oru pottu vaanam ne…
Oru pulli puyalum ne… bramithen!!
Oli veesum nilavum nee..
Uyir ketkum amutham nee!!
Imai mothum vizhiyum nee!! Yaasithen!!

We talked about our exams& how he liked to irritate I liked to hear his humming & all.. after some chitchats!!

Me: hey talking tom.. you have written something in that paper na? will propose me.. so, u proposed me… next one is!!you will give yourself to me na!! that’s what u had written in it!!
He forwarded his lips towards my face I blushed & closed my eyes..
He:hey wild cat.. look at me .. give me kiss like the one you gave me before…
Me: You are telling me as wild cat..but you are the one who behaved like a wild cat when I’m in shower.. you bite my lips.. wild cat
He: if you have reciprocated to my first kiss I wouldn’t bited you..
Me: u r such a stupid as I said!! you even didn’t know that I reciprocated to your kiss! How mean…
I can feel my cheeks gets heated..
He:ho chasmish! What a fool am i! So you can take revenge on me by biting my lips,,..are you ready?..
hearing that my face becames cherry coloured!! & beat him in his chest
he:it’s hard to keep your hand away from me na& don’t dare to blush this much . I’ll eat you up? & u know what.. today u r too cute in my fav red color saree..
he said with a wink…
Then he told me about suresh & his intentions..i told him what ever I said to suresh..
He:I won’t leave you chashmish at any cost.. you are my soul..
i smiled at him..
me:I know..& I love u more…

bg song:
annal mela pani thuliii…
alai paayum oru kili..
maram thedum mazhai thuli..
ivai thaaney ival ini..
imai irandum thani thani..
urakangal urai pani!!
Eatharkaaga thadai ini!!!

we talked so much in that night!! that night become our memorable night.. I gave myself to him in all means!! we cuddled together.. at last I placed my head in his chest.. my safest place with lovable music…he kissed me in top of my head..
I found my soul in him… he found his soul in me…
Abhi’s POV:
So , I got my best gift in my life in my birthday!! My chashmish’s love for me.. I’m hers!! I know that!!! That night she became mine!! Only mine!! I got up only to look up my lady infront of my eyes with a cute smile!!”good morning” & moved to get my morning kiss!! She blushed !! once again!! God!! I can’t control myself! That time someone pressed our calling bell..
Me: wrong timing!!
She:don’t worry rockstar!! We have more time!! I will go & check who is that!!
Me: u sit.. I’l go& check!!
I opened the door!! There
Chorus: happieee birthday bhai!!!!!!
Purab,tanu& nikil came!!
Me: U people came in right time& wishing me to be happiee..thank you soo much guys(I said with a little upset because I missed my morning kiss na!!)
Purab: bhai, is there something wrong Or we are at wrong timing??
Me: (like always he caught me)no dear! U r always right.
Tanu: okay where is ur birthday gift for me??
Me: idiot! For ur unkind information!! Birthday is mine.. so, u hav to gift me something!!
Tanu: abhi!! Between us!! What is that formalities & all!!
Me: so, u r not going to gift me anything!!
Tanu: u caught my point my dear!!
Nikil: abhi, me too in tanu side!!
Me: u r always her side only na!!
Purab: I’m also ..
Me: I have my fuggy in my side!!
Purab: bro who is that!! If bhabhi knows that she will definitely kill u.. mind it!!
Me: like really!!
Purab: ya!! Bhabhii… bhabhiii
Pragya: hey puru!! Came earlier than u said!!
Purab: am I disturbed u in any way(with a wink at me)
Pragya blushed &said : nothing like that..
Tanu: okay guys!! We are going to a trip! In swizz.. sponsored by abhi mehra!!! Hurray!!
Me: when I said I will sponsor u to the trip..
Purab: come on bhai!!
Me: swizz is too cold purab.. u will get cough & cold!!! & also u went to trip without me na!! so, this time u have to stay.. okay!!
Purab: u r behaving like a child bhai..(in a puppy face)
Me: is it so.. then let it beeeee!! Tanu! Swizz is soo cool na!! that climate will change our face.. if we r slim we will become fat due to that sweater& all.. u don’t look like a fatty girl na!!
Tanu: ya!! I don’t like to be fatty girl!!(with a smirk)
Me: ya.. that’s y I’m saying.. u stay here!!& nikil!! Without tanu u won’t be njoy the climate na!!
Nikil: ya ya!! I could not..(with a mocking tone)
Me: so, u also stay here!!
Tanu: so, u both r going!! Isn’t it?

Me:smarty gal!! ya!! We will go there & became fatty ..& send u some selfies to you.. you can make fun of us how we are looking na..
Tanu: hey,dramaking!! Stop ur silly talks.. here it is!! Go & enjoy ur 1 week with ur chashmish in swizz!! What u said to avoid me, nikil&purab!!!
Me: hey tanu!! U r all my sweet hearts u know!! I thought to go out with chashmish!! & u came up with tickets!!! How sweet u all..
Purab: bhai, we know we are ur sweetheart by the way u reason out to avoid us for the trip.. hw is it bhai!! U didn’t take a single minute to reason out!!
Me: purab!.. it’s all coming like that(athalaa thaana varanum!)
Tanu:don’t talk too much time!! Go & pack ur thinks!! Evening flight!!
Pragya without saying anything still standing, sometimes blushing & sometimes smiling at my antics!! Then we chit chat for sometime & went to pack our bags!!!
We start a new life & we hope we will face both happiness & problems hand in hand..we are going to honey moon…. Bye.. take care!!

So guys!! How was the story!! & once again than q all of u for reading this story!! Every one has past!! If it is happy then okay.. but, if it is making as to sad, we have to overcome our past!! The past may haunt our present &future!! Our beautiful future is waiting for us!don’t worry about past& yes!! Live in present!!enjoy every single moment!! Hope I gave a simple message to u!! keeping smiling all… love u all … happieee pongal………… going to miss u alllllllll… if possible I will come up with another story!!! Take care all of u…!!

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