My First Love- Chashmish (kkb) (shot 1)

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Than q so much …to be frank I’m not expected this much support.. thanx to those who gave a comment really it means a lot to me.… & thanx to silent readers like me… am expecting ur support throughout this few shot story…hope you like this.. let’s get into the story…

Now, my age is 27… My parents are looking for a bride for me… Of course I have no time to look a girl, follow her in twitter, send friend request in face book, make her as a friend, then exchanging phone numbers , putting status & dp for her in my wats app..then proposing her,waiting for her acceptance, after acceptance shopping, dating then finally marriage… God! such a long process in love… ufff!! I don’t have time for this stuffs.. I’m not a nerd, but I have some targets to achieve in my life..Once upon a time, I was a playboy.. like all teenagers.. I too flirt with girls..very close to my friends.. enjoy my life without any disturbance.. being a rockstar in my college, I was a heart throb of many girls.. spending my dad’s money .. but, I didn’t fell in love with anyone..even I didn’t had any crush in college life.. even after finished my engineering, I was like a free going.. not at all cared for my future or my parents.. but destiny had other plans to make me responsible.. all have turning point in their life.. & for me that’s my dad’s first heart attack.. ma , purab & I were scared to the core to know his heart attack.. & doctor advised to keep him away from stress..that is when I took incharge of our company.. I know my dad’s dream is to make our contruction company No.1. That time we were in 7th position.. after that i started to dedicate myself to my work.. now, we are in 3rd position.. I set my goal to fulfill my papa’s wish.. to make him happy I will go for any extent.. my target is near.. I was informed to a meeting with a foreign company two days back… they already rejected no.1& No.2 companies proposals.. If I got the chance to get a business deal with them , then we will be No.1. so, I prepared the presentation.. till now my parents are giving me the best in everything.. they gave us full freedom to choose our likings , studies,career & whatever may be.. my ma is such a sweet heart.. she easily caught my mind voice in any situation… most understandable person.. my chottu purab.. crazy guy.. he used to tell a long paragraph about girls & their beauty.. always flirt with girls.. but, good at studies too.. most annoying thing is , he used to pull my legs infront of my loved ones.. teasing tom.. one of my best buddies in my life.. he always used to tell.. he will fell in love & marry that girl.. always do some drama for silly things.. I have a best friend from childhood Tanu.. I share almost everything either with purab or tanu.. I used to call her makeup mental.. without make she looks cute.. with makeup she makes me to scare.. that much makeup.. scary cat.. Nikil, who is going to get life long torcher from tanu.. after he proposed tanu , Nikil & I became good friends.. my thoughts were interrupted by my ma… Abhi , Purab dinner ready.. come & have it..

Convo: At dining table.. ma served food & started to speak..
Ma: Abhi, tell me about your marriage expectations.. how you want a girl?..
Me: Ma, you know about my aim.. I have to achive it.. Now, it’s not a time to get engage ma.. I’m not interested.. let me complete this project..
Purab: Ma, if he is not interested then search a girl for me.. (with a wink..)
Me: Beta puru, for that you have to grow.. still you are child..sumall boy(in a mocking tone..)
Purab: I’m not a small boy..i’m 20 now..moreover I’m not asking for myself.. I’m asking for ma.. if a girl is there means she will take care of ma, pa, u& me.. ma can take rest.. hey na ma?.. (Ma smiled by his antics)
Me: For that we can arrange maid na?…(irritating tone..)
Purab: My intelligent bro, maid will do her work.. but , she will not take care of us na?..that’s why I’m telling.. leave it bhai.. I can find my girl on my own..
Pa: okay.. okay..enough of your talks..Abhi, it’s time to get marriage.. so, tell us about your expectations..
Me: (with a monotone) I know you will choose the best for me..
Ma: okay Abhi, tell me 1 thing.. tomorrow u have any meeting?.(with a smile)
Me: ya ma.. I told you na.. that multi national company’s meeting sharp at 10’o clock. Meeting will be 1 hour..(with a smile)(ma little worried)
Pa: Do u prepared for that beta?…
Me: ya pa.. finished.. ma.. u want to tell me something?..
Ma: Abhi, we are going to see a girl for you tomorrow
Me: what.. but you are talked about my expectations right now.. then how?..
Ma: you told us right! We choose best for you.. we have chosen a know na.. we are searching your better half for more than 6 months.. her horoscope perfectly match with yours..good family &background..we are searching a daughter rather than a daughter in law.. we have to see her & fix this marriage.. what you say..
Me: so, you planned everything.. hmm.. but ma..
Pa: No buts & ifs .. we are going.. purab will drop you in office.. then he will drop us there& then pick u up after the meeting got over.. both of you come to bride’s home.. that’s it..
Purab: driver duty(murmuring..)
Me: okay papa..(in a sad tone)

After finished our dinner, pappa went to bed .. then we three chit chat for some time..
Me: Ma, if I’m not like the girl means you will leave that topic na?..
Ma: Abhi, first you see her.. then decide.. no negative thoughts beta.. now go & sleep..
Purab: good night handsome hung..
Me: bad night teasing tom..
We went to our respective rooms.. & retired to sleep.. I felt somewhat different.. this is new feel.. I don’t know what is that.. but, I brushed off my thoughts ..tried to sleep then slept but I don’t know when I slept..!!!

Precap: at bride’s home: Bride: tell me.. Boy(not our abhi): I love you.. I love you.. Bride: give me.. boy: (started to give flying kisses to her)

So, is that the bride is our pragya?.. then who is the boy? If not the bride is pragya then who is that bride?.. lets see..
Once again if there is any mistake please forgive me.. I’m not that much great in English.. & thanq for reading it.. keep support me.. drop your views my dear guys..

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