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Hello everyone  . iam trying this after a long long time.  Really sorry to one and all especially my chechi and rabuls back to story.

Bulbul get down from auto and call Aliya

Bul:haa. Alu where are you ? I have reached at the spot?k I will come.

Bulbul reached near a black car and the door get opened

Hey bulbul, just get in. soon bulbul get inside and car moves.

Bul: so alu, tell me yaar. Why you ask me to tell a lie?

Ali:actually, bulbul  I want to make you meet with a person

Bul:person means?? Lover aahh..

Alu:hey don’t  tease me bulbul.

Bul:k tell me how this story starts.

Alu:I will tell you after reaching there.

Soon they reached a house

Bulbul, this is our guest house

Bul;that means your meeting place right.

Alu:you be na…

They enters.

Bulbul, you wait here I will get you something to drink

No need of formalities alu , just tell me how this happen? And how is that?

Oh that much excited, k you sit there, I will tell you. You are right bulbul. Iam in love , I loves him madly, there is no moment without his memory. This love story happen in the first day I enter in this city.

That means love at first sight ahh??

Yes. It was a rainy day.when I was coming from airport my car get stop while at signal, there I met him first. A man who is enjoying rain with small kids. That was a fun for me , but the happiness I seen his face and on that children was a different feeling for me.

Pakka cinematic, semma Alu.continue.

Then I met him on shopping mall , where we both select a same dress as it was only one piece , there he gave me that and leaves when I told him that its for my brother. I like his kindness. Our next meeting was in our college, his friendly nature attracts me more. He is really a gentle man and will give his life for others that made me to fall for him..

Omg..who is that lucky man ??

But, he consider me as his friend only. He has no same feelings that I have for him.

Why alu?

Because he loves someone..

Oh, in that case,  what will we do?

There is a way left for me to get him for that , I need your help.

Way?? K darlu, if I can then I will surely help you. Tell me who is that person.

Come with me I will show him, Aliya open a door and switch on the light. A room with full of purabs photo and a projector in which their college days are shown.

Aliya..whats all this??

Yes..he is my love point towards a photo and only you can help me now.

Bulbul look shocked as she don’t knew what to tell

Aliya. Are you in the sense??

Sense..iam in the sense only, its all because of you make my way tough. Don’t you knew how much I worked to separate pragya and purab. Its me and my bhai rishab who make abhi to lie with pragya to separate them. But break all our plan and married with purab. But I thought, it’s a drama and I will get my purab, but again I failed, you both fall in love and you become his part by yesterdays romantic night. How could you do this ahh? I made you go with bhai, just to make you both get close and to get back my purab. But there, bulbul plz give me back my purab, I need him , I cant live without him.

Aliya…not a word more. Purab is my husband and my life. And by knewing all this did you think that I will sacrifice him that too for a cheater like you. You break the trust in our friendship, now you are no more my friend and just stay from us and our life.. she leaves…

Aliya.hold her hand. Where are you leaving sweet heart? I told you na I will make you meet a person, that person of death. You are going to die bulbul. She takes out gun and points at bulbul.

Screen shift towards pragyas flat

Ab: fugggi, where is bulbul?

Pr:she gone to office.

Ab: office?

Pur: whats happen man?

Ab:purab, bulbul is in trap. Just now rishab called me and tell me to take care bulbul, don’t let her out as Aliya is planning to do something..

Pr: my bulbul…

Ab:purab , come fast lets search her..they 3 goes out

Screen shifted to guest house

A gun shot is heard.

Bulbul… pragya  shouts.

Purab hugs bulbul. She is in shock.

A sob is heard and all look at the person, its none other than rv who is sitting on the floor beside Aliya..

Ali:bha..i….you…you… her eyes get shut , she is no more.

All get shocked.

Rv:now, you all don’t worry about her. Because she wont be there to trouble you all. I have no other way than this because even I cant control her at this stage. She have some psychic problem . from childhood itself, whatever she likes she need to get that. Once our parents get anger on her for that, they need to repay her by their lives. She just cut the break of the vehicle they were travelling. I thought with treatment, she become normal. But , today when I heard her converstion with rishab, I seen that old Aliya infront of my eyes. So I did it.. I kill her.. he cries.

Soon police arrived and arrest rv.

AFTER 1 year,

Pr: Abhi, after 1 year iam going to meet my maa. I think now their anger on me have gone away. Iam excited to see my bulbul too.

Ab:fuggi..just control are repeating the same line more than 10 times. Iam bored you knew..

Just then someone tapped on their shoulder..

Welcome back guys…

Puru..pragya hugs him followed by abhi.

So guys .. whats going on. Again waiting to fight ahh said pur by taking bags from pragya.

Ask your friend puru. Always irritating me?

Iam irritating you…then who will pay for your tortoures??

What iam torturing?? Its you…

Just stop it guys..i cant control you both. Just hold on till you both reach home, only bulbul can be ampuire in it.

Hey purab, how is my bulbul??why don’t she came??

Arrey fuggi. At this condition how can she???

Do you see this purab, she cant even think such a small thing..

Abhi you chup, I told you no more fights ahh.

K for the sake of you iam remaining quite..

Purab, lets go fast I need to see her.

Soon they reach home. Its sarla who welcome her with arathi.

Pragya get teary eyed even sarla too.

Both hugs each other.

Maa..iam really sorry. I must..

No pragya. My beti is always right.its my mistake..

Don’t say like this maa.

di…if your emotional side ends, can you plz gave me a hug.

Bulbul is shown with a baby bump.

Pragya hugs bulbul

Oh my little bulbul, how are you??talk with her tummy.

Hey fuggi its not little bulbul. Its little puru…

No its bul..

No puru..

Hey guys plz..plz show some peace on me..

All laughs..

Pragya…she turns and there seen rishab..

Rishu.. why are you standing there..


Ab:hey..we all  forget everything na..then come..

Ri:you all have a good heart that’s why..

Bul:look rk, I cant be more emotional at this condition. So plz..

Ri:k , meri maa as you wish. So pragya when we all get treat..

Pr;treat for what?

Pur:for little rockstar or fuggi..

Abhigya get shy..

Ab:we think, soon right fuggi..

Bul:is it true?iam going to become chachi..

Pragya nods..

Everyone get happy.

The best thing in the world is being loved back , by the person we words can fully describe the happiness of that feeling. True love isn’t easy, but it must fought for, because once you find it, it can be never replaced. Here they find such a love and going to live in that happiness forever with the spcl guest they all waiting for.

Story ends..

Thanks alot for patience you all shown for this story ..i dont knew how is it..sorry if not upto level.






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