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Hello everyone..after a long gap…i am going to upload this…sorry ..dont be anger with me..i knew I’m too bad nowadays..not updating frequently and always breaking promises…sorry for that..actually this part of story must read with your I don’t knew how Ian going to write it let’s move on to story…
As bulbul leaves…

Pur; are sweating alot..i think ac is not working..he ac working properly..but what happened to you..what you thought can make us fool.. then you are wrong.. bulbul Bill is mine.. Will be mine forever.. if you do something to hurt her..then you will see other face of purab which no one seen..i consider YOU as friend.. but you choose that friendship to work against me..i didn’t tell anything to her till now..iam leaving one more chance to you to become good..because I consider YOU as my friend now also..
By saying so he leaves…

Screen shifted to abhigya.. purab..and ask him what happen..i can’t wait …
Ab;fuggi..everything will be perfect don’t take strain…
Pr;if you can’t call him..give that phone I will call..
Ab;oh no madam I will call..abhi calls him..
Pr:put in speaker..
Phone ring..
Bul;hello abhi…
Pr;bulbul is everything is fine..
Bul; what happened di..

Pr: I just ask you that’s it..
Bul;no there is something..purab reached all of sudden..tension in your voice..
Ab;hey bulbul.. my saithan..kuch nahi..
Bul;what you call me saithan..
Ab;saithan ko saithan boltha hein..
Bul;I will see you after reaching there..
Ab,k bose..when you both are leaving..
Bul;leaving soon..actually that meeting get cancelled..
Pr;is rishab also leaving with you both..

Bul,no di..he has some other program..
Pr;k take care ..come soon..
Call ends..
Ab;now you are k n.a…
Pr;ya..but they will do something..that iam sure..
Ab;fuggi..we are with them n.a… nothing will happen to are not looking good while in tension..
Pr;oh that I don’t knew..
Ab;so what next.

Pr;next means.
Ab;As your tension ends.. and we both haven’t slept last night..we have no other works to we can go and sleep na..
Pr;if you want to sleep you can..i have lot of works to do..
Ab;unromantic fuggi..
Pr; it’s not time for romance..
Ab;then when will that time reach..
Pr;that I don’t knew..may be today or tomorrow or after that.m

Ab;oh that much attitude for my drama queen..
Pragya giggles..
Pr; are still behave as child..grew up man..may be then I can help you..
By saying so pragya leaves…
Purbul reached home…
Pragya hugs her..
Bul;what happen..all are showing this much love for me.. if I knew I will go such a trip before..
Pr:chup karo bathmash…and beat her..
Rishab returns to his house and sees aliya..
Ali;oh rishab you came back.. I just thought to call you but I stop myself as I knew a big drama will be going on all happens as per our plan right..
He stood without uttering a word..

Ali;rishab ..iam asking you..why are you be silent..
Ri;nothing happens..what happens is more worse that we expect…
Ali;what you mean..
Rishab explains everything…

Ali;no that can’t happen..purab is one has right over him..its all my fault..i trusted you..i thought you will do everything perfect..but you…
No now I don’t need anyone’s help I will do everything my self..
She goes angry to her room…
It was dark room suddenly lights on…the room is full of her and purabs photo which is photoshoped ones..she touched each photos..
Purab.. you are mine ….do you knew how much I love you..i can’t tolerate losing you..i need you..i can’t live with out you..for getting you I will go any extend.. if I want to kill someone I will do that too..because I love you that much..and kiss his photo and smriks..
Screen shifted to abhigyas house..

Pr:purab..i don’t think its good to hide this matter to bulbul..
Pu;no pragya..i have given a chance to rishab to be good..if he change then if bulbul too knew he will feel bad n.a…
Pr;purab are you thinking he will change..

Pr; purab when will you change..dont be good with everyone…
Bulbul Enters..what serious discussion going on here..
Pr; Iam thinking about to be engaged in something and taking suggestion from him..
Bul;that’s good..
Suddenly her phone rings…she goes to speak with..and came back..
Pur;who calls you.
Bul;it’s teena our staff as she has some doubt in that Mr.kappors project…

Bul;purab..i need to leave clarify her doubts..
Pur;k..i will also come with you..
Bul;no need for that..i will come soon..
She goes..
Episode ends…

So friends now I uploaded all my ff except knocking the door..which will upload only on April.. dont worry next part will be on this Friday..

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