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Hello everyone.. thanks alot guys…i knew all are waiting for me… let’s move on to story..
Next morning…rishab wakes up from bed and look around.. .he has some pain in his head…just like his head is spinning..
Ri:oh god…what happened to I slept here.. what happened last night.. with all this confusions he moved to bulbuls room and opens the door..he get shocked by seeing the scene.. he sees purab lying on bed with topless covered with blanket…the room is fully decorated with rose petals..candle lights and everything.. .it was this time bulbul comes out of the washroom and smiles at purab..bulbul sees rishab standing there and get shy…
Bul;purab..purab..just wake up.. look..
Pur;please bulbul let me sleep..yesterday night because of you ..your showering of love.. I didn’t sleep and just now Iam sleeping comfortably..
Bul:purab..what all things are you blabbering …
Pu;What I was blabbering..
Bulbul signals..purab..that rishab is there..
Pu;good morning rishab..rishab gave a fake smile..
Pu;why are you getting shy bulbul..its rishab..he pretty well knew that what all things will happen between husband and wife.. hey n.a. rishab..
Actually rishab want to show his anger..but he just control himself..
Ri;sorry to disturb you..actually I..
Pu;don’t worry I knew what you are going to tell..just wait I will come..
Rishab goes out of the room..he gets in in his room..and started to through his pillow bed cover and everything In anger..suddenly he stops by hearing a clap sound…he turns and sees purab..
Pu;kammal ka plan n.a… .you planned everything perfectly…last minute assignment.. booking single room…making sleeping pills mix with juice.everything was one mistake you have done…the trap you built for bulbul..traps you…
Rishab look confused.. .
Pur;oh sorry ..i knew you will not understand by saying like let’s move on to flash back…
Scene shifted to abhigyas flat..
As bulbul leaves..
Pur;abhi..why are you this much tensed..
Ab; don’t knee anything are innocent.. you didn’t see the real face of…
Pur:real face of rishab and aliya right..abhi and pragya look confused..
Pur:haa..abhi ..i don’t knew till the day I hear your conversation between pragya ( you remember abhi convincing pragya why he came between as a mediator and priest between that time purab was there too.. hidingky he hear all their conversation )
Pr;which means you knew everything now..
Pr;then why don’t you stop them from going there..
Pur:pragya..what that rishab thought only he can plan everything well..let us show that we are too clever than him..we can simply create a master plan against him..
Fb ends..
Pur:from that moment ..i was keeping an eye on which waiter you pay money to mix sleeping pills..i make that waiter to mix that pills in your drink instead of bulbul..and when you approach to bulbuls room that night.. at that time she is in wish room..with happiness you did all arrangements in room to celebrate that night..after all arrangements you sits in that bed .and you fall in sleep..(I make bill to be in bathroom by phone call ) and I make you lie on your bed..after that i enter bulbuls room..and we together make that night..thanks alot man..because of you I get such a romantic night…
Rishab angrily holds his collar..
Pur;cool man.. cool..anger is not good for health…if bulbul came to knew all this then..
At that time bulbul enters..while seeing bulbul he withdrew his hands from collar and hugs purab..
Bul;hello guys..whats going on here .why this room is like this..
Pur;vo..nothing bulbul..
Bul;did you both fight each other..
Ri:fight bulbul..actually look that window is open n.a… through that window..a cat enters..while trying to catch it all this happen..hey an purab…
Pur:smilingly..haa..bulbul. it’s not an ordinary was really big black cat..
Bul:k what ever it be..rishab..we need to go to meet him n.a…
Pur;actually there is no need of meeting him n.a. rishab..
Bul:what ??
Pur:haa Bulbul..we have get that consignment without meeting hey n.a. rishab..
Ri:yes bulbul..
Bul:what you both are speaking..
Pur;bulbul you come with me ..i will let us give some relief to he is not feeling well now..
Bul:what happened to him..
Pur:just headache..
Bul:rishab..we can consult doctor..
Pur:no can’t help him now..
Pur;just joking n.a… bulbul..let him take rest..lets leave..
Purbul leaves..rishab fumes..
Episode ends.
Guys what you think about it now…hey Deepa sis I read your message…dont worry I will not leave this as incomplete..we are actually proceeding to don’t worry

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