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Hello everyone…i knew all are waiting for me…to knew what’s the new plan going to without delay we can go to story directly…
Pur;so decision go Gaya…bulbul and rishab you both leave to Mumbai.. I will manage everything here…so do packing..
Ab;but purab..
Bul;abhi…why are you tensed…iam going with rishab n.a…
Abhi look at pragya ..
Purbul leaves ..
Ri:so what happened abhigya..why can’t you stop them..if you try so too they will not they trust me look within this two days I will make bulbul as mine..i openly challenged you can do whatever but this time this rishab will win..soon I will call you as jiju abhi..
Abhi holds his collar..
Pragya tried to release abhis hand..
Ri;there is nothing beneficial by showing your anger on me..he smriks and leaves..
Pr;abhi..i think we must tell them there is no need of hiding all this from them..
Ab;now I too think so..
Abhigya enters purbuls room..
Ab;purab..i need to talk with you..
Pur:abhi I knew what you are going to talk..
Pr;but purab..
Pur:pragya please try to understand our situation..
Bul:di…what happened to you both..
Pur:bulbul do it fast within 1/2 hour we both need to leave..abhi..we can talk later.
Abhigya moves out of the room..
Pr; what we will can we make them understand..i can’t lose my bulbul…
Ab;fuggi..i am with you n.a… I willnot allow that blo*dy rishab to enter into their life..
After sometime…
Scene shifted to Mumbai.. .
Rishab and bulbul enters a hotel
In reception..
Ri:excuse me..there is booking in name of rishab and bulbul..
Receptionalist;let me check..she check in computer..yes sir there is a booking in name of Mr.and Mrs rishab..
Ri:sorry we booked two rooms..
Rec:no sir only one room is booked..
Ri:what ?no..we need 2 rooms..
Rec;sorry sir we can’t arrange 2 rooms In Mumbai.. due to INC meeting all hotels are filled.. no vacant rooms..if you don’t mind..we can arrange you a suit.. it will contain 2 rooms…
Bul:rishab..its k we can adjust in it..
Ri;but bulbul..wait let us check in other hotels…
Bul;don’t you hear that what she told..all hotels will be filled..
Ri;but.. .
Bul;no but.. she fills the form..and both headed towards their room..

Both get inside..
Bul;I will take that room..and you can on the other..
Bul;let me fresh up..and goes..
Ri;now 1/2 part of my plan get worked..if that remaining part be successful then bulbul will be mine forever…
After sometime…
Bulbul gets out of the room..sees rishab arranging food…
Bul:you ordered food too..
Ri;yes..i knew you will feel hunger that’s why..
Bulbul let’s start …
Rishab pulls chair and signs bulbul too sit…it was a candle light dinner..they chit chat for a long time…
Bul:rishab..i feel good night…
Ri:good night…she leaves…
Rishab smriks…
He sits on bed smilingly…and thinks something
Fb shows..

Screen shifted to their college…
Rishab gets down from car . …and looking around.. it’s his first day at college…
He was walking to meet as he walks through corridor was that time he sees bulbul..the girl who is sitting with her friends..all are laughing at her cute talks..her smile..which make him lost about the world around him..while talking she sees rishab..and signs him to come to her..he looks around thinking whom she is calling..
Bul;hey romeo…i was calling you..why are looking around…
Rishab enters..
Bul;are you fresher in this college .
Rishab nods..
Bul;first day itself you started to pull a line…not bad..he guys what punishment we must give him..
One of her girl friend says..
Let him propose you bulbul..we can just check his way of proposal..
Bul;ya that’s get ready to propose me..he look around…where are you looking to..i told you to propose me..
With some hesistance..he comes forward and kneels down …ask will be my Valentine darling…
Bul;not bad…rishab smiles.. but you must improve it..must be touching one ..hey n.a. friends..
All shouts yes..yes…
Bul;now you can leave
Rishab stares at her..
Bul;Hello Mr.i say to leave..rishab leaves..before leaving the class room he once more turn and look at bulbul…
Fb ends..
Ri:from that day onwards I was roaming around you.. I was planning to make you as mine..but that abhi came in between..when I came to knew abhi doesn’t love you …i thought to break that MARRAIGE and for that I create a misunderstanding..but bulbul what you have married that what will I get my love back ..i want to do this..
He slowly wakes up from bed and started to move towards bulbuls room…

Episode ends..

Guys don’t worry I will upload one more part today..itslef..

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