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HELLO everyone.. I knew it…dont be anger guys…sorry …so sorry.. .i knew it’s too late..but what to do guys …as I’m last year and only 2 months left for completing my degree…iam running out of time…thats why…so please forgive me…iam really missing you all…i don’t get time to read any of the ff too..varsha sis…durga sis… how are you both…iam feeling more missing with you…dont think that I don’t miss my other sissies…so let’s go to story..
Recap:abhi was get arrested by police…purabul start business with rishab..aliya and rishab was planning against abhigya and bulbul…

Episode starts with after a few days..
Abhi back to was a Sunday.. .
Pragya enters room and moved curtain so that sunlight falls in abhi..
Ab;fuggi…morning itself you started you work..please let me sleep..
Pr:abhi udoo…how much time will you sleep like this..
Ab;fuggi…please let me n.a…
Pragya started to push him forcibly so that he will wake up..
Ab;this fuggi n.a… .on night she will shower upon her love …in morning she become boring lecture to take classes about abhis dos and dont dos..
Pr;acha..iam I that much boring idiot and started to beat him with pillows…
Ab;stop it fuggi and takes the pillow from her hands and pulls her closer to him…
Fuggi..i feel like..
Pr:you feel like…abhi moved his face towards her..pragya place her fingers on his lips…no..abhi..
Ab;what no…

Pr:i knew what your intention is..
Pr;you have become smarter than me..
Ab;it’s because of my company…
Bulbul enters..
Bul;ohoo morning romance..
Pur;they are always be romancing n.a…

Abhi placing his hands over pragyas shoulder..what you think that we both are like you..playing hide and seek game in love purbul look at each other..
Ab;I think this game will end only when you both become old…

Ab;no fuggi…today I will not be quiet..look how much days we are seeing this drama..both love each other..then what stop them to be together…
Pur;I think someone came…
Abhi gets up from bed and close the door..
Ab;today no escapes from my questionnaire …
Purab look tensed..

Ab;both of you sit in these chairs..
Pr:abhi will you stop this..
Ab;fuggi don’t interfere in this..its my duty..
So bulbul..for what you are waiting for…yiu are too smart to tease me n.a..then why you become silent In this.. you love bulbul…
Purab look at bulbul..

Ab;answer me yes or no..
Purab nods..ab;I told you to tell yes or no..
Ab;so bulbul…do you love him…
Bulbul nods..i told to answer me..
Bul;yes.. .

Ab;purab will you accept bulbul as your wife..
Pu;what question is this yaar of course..
Ab;bulbul will you accept purab as your husband..
Ab;so officially and personally you both become husband and wife…and I become mediater as well as priest now..
All smiles…but at that time abhi noticed some one who is looking red in anger…its none other than his fuggi…
Pragya moved out of room..

After some time all are in dining room for breakfast..pragya placed plates on table..but she placed plate with a sound for abhi..
Ab;abhi beta you are gone man today.. .your fuggi is in peak of anger
Purbul giggles by seeing abhi…
All have food..but abhis concentration is on her fuggi..
Purbul gets up and goes…
Ab; she will start her lecture..
Pr;do you tell something..

Ab;no…(she will start now )
Pr;abhi…what is the need of all this…why you interfere in their personal life…give them freedom n.a…
Ab;fuggi he is my brother and sister if we need to advice them we must do that n.a…
Pr;oh I don’t knew that you have grown that much to give advices.. by taking things she leaves to kitchen..abhi hugs her from back..
Pr;abhi leave me..
Ab;please fuggi don’t be anger you knew we’ll why Iam interfering in their personal life…if they didn’t start their life…then that rishab aliya will…
Pr;I knew that abhi…but ..
Ab;i knew fuggi…
After sometime.. .
Someone press calling bell..
Pragya opens door it was rishab..and she goes..
Bul:di who is that..

Rishab;it’s me bulbul..
Bul;what happened man..why you look tensed..
Purab too came..
Pu;what s the matter rishab..
Ri:purab…i actually there was a problem yaar..actually suddenly our company got an huge assignment…you knew about mishra..the consignment which we both sent..
Pu;what we got that man..its really a great news…now I’m sure this is our start ..if we can do that successfully then we will get more consignment .
Ri;yes you are right.. but there is a problem..

Pu;what s that man?
Ri;purab for that we need to go to Delhi.. already tomorrow we have a meeting tomorrow.we can’t cancel that because we will fall in big loss..
Pu; are correct..but I have a solution.
Pu;you both..bulbul and rishab go and attend that meeting I will manage here..
Ab;no both pointing at purbul leaves to Delhi.. .rishab will manage here..

Pu;no abhi…because that consignment is done by me..he don’t knew anything about it..and I can’t take risk in it’s better they leave..
Rishab smriks on abhigya..
Abhigya look at each other..

Episode ends..

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