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Hello everyone… I knew one I am not up to date… what to do stuck with works.. so let’s move on to story…
Ab; fuggi… I am feeling hungry… can I get something…
Pr; sorry abhi.. I forget it… wait a minute I will cook up something in faster… as she leaves abhi pulls her close to him…
Ab; hey… where are you going…
Pr; to take food for you..
Ab; actually what I need is not food at that time his hands moves through her body and hold her waist..
Pr; then… what you need…
Ab; a passionate kiss..
Pragya blushes..
Pr; not now..
Ab; why..
Pr; because now it’s time for your medicine..
Ab; ohoo.. this much attitude.. k.. you can’t give right.. k I will take it.. suddenly he presses his lips on hers.. pragya too respond to it… pragya break the kiss.. and pushed abhi to bed.. and leaves blushingly..

After some time she came with food.. where abhi who fresh up is getting ready..
Pr; abhi… you can call me na..
Ab; for what..
Pr; doctor has told you complete rest.. but you are..
Ab; look fuggi I am perfectly fine now.. but not you..
He came close to her.. and make her see her face on mirror.. look how tried you are.. go and fresh up..
Pr; I will first you have your breakfast..
Ab; no.. we can have together…
Pr; no abhi..
Ab; will you obey me or not fuggi… he make face..
Pr; k. Baba.. she leaves to take bath and sees already her dress is setup by abhi… hello what’s all this.. why you kept Saree there..
Ab; for you to wear after bath..
Pr; that’s k.. but why Saree now..
Ab; actually I want to see my wife in Saree..
Pr: seriously.. but your wife is not interested for that so..
Ab; who told that to you.. my wife fuggi.. always fulfill all my wishes..
Pragya smiles.. and leaves..

Abhi too smiles.. aftersometime.. he is waiting for pragya… and looking in the direction of washroom.. aftersometime.. he hear the sound of unlocking the door.. and turns to see her.. his smile fades at that moment.. pragya comes out looking stunning in green Saree.. pragya smiles.. looking at abhi..
Pr; what happened abhi.. why you suddenly get mood out..
Ab; this is cheating fuggi..
Pr; what cheating… what I did.. I wear as per your wish na..
Ab:but it’s not like that.. I kept Saree as I thought that you will take help from me to wear it. Pragya smiles..
Ab; but you spoil all my plan.. why are you smiling…
Pr; actually abhi… I knew how to wear Saree..
Ab; what.. she smiles..
Pr; haa.. I knew.
Ab; then why you make me to help you on that day..
Pr; just time pass..
Ab; what time pass.. ohoo.. k if that’s your way of time pass then.. I will show you how is my way… abhigya runs.. all around the room…
Ab; fuggi.. stop there or otherwise you must have to face the side effect..
Pr; no abhi.. no…
Ab; Ohio..he suddenly pull the mat which is lying on the floor on which pragya stands.. due to this action.. pragya goes to fall towards abhi.. both falls on bed… (Allah warriyan plays ) they have an eyelock there..
Abhi placed his hands on her waist… and pulls her more closer…
Pr; abhi… abhi placed his fingers on her lips… abhi place her on bed.. and goes on top to her… abhi moves towards her neck… and nuzzled it.. because of this pragya moarns.. abhi moved his fingers through her face.. and touched her lips.. and crushed his lips to it.. which make pragya to clutch his shoulders with her hands.. now her hands is moving through his head.. they both break their kiss…
Ab; I love you fuggi..
Pr; I love you too kadoos.. and hugs him.. he started to kiss all part of her body.. she is just enjoying his love for her… abhi slowly unwrapp her from her Saree.. as abhi moves for further.. pragya stops him.. and signs food kept at table…
Ab; fuggi.. why are you trying to spoil my mood..
Pragya pushed him from her.. and got up from bed.. but abhi holds her hand… and make her sit on her lap..
Pr; abhi… leave me.. it’s time for medicine…
Ab; my medicine is you… that I what I need now..
Pr; this medicine Is always with you.. but now you need is not this.. she

Takes her saree and make her get ready… abhi sits a kid who make a face as kid who fight with mother from getting something..
Pragya hands over plate to his.. abhi look at it on dislike..
Pragya started to spoon feed the food… abhi ate it… (mom and son scene.. ).. abhi look at pragya…
Pr; abhi why are you staring at me continuously..
Ab; actually I am measuring your love..
Pr; Ohio.. then do you get results.
Ab; haa.. it’s not much as I loves you..
Ab; haa.. you don’t love me as much as extend I loves you..
Pr; no you are telling lie… actually it’s me who loving you more…
Ab; can you prove me.. is that so..
Pr; can you prove is that so..
Ab; actually someone here is in fear of losing..
Pr; who.. I am not.
Ab:k.. then prove me you loves me more than I had for you..
Pr; how..
Ab; that’s up to you..
Pr; abhi why are you making me confused…
Ab; may be my love for you is a confusion..
Pr:what.. abhi smiles.. I will give you one day time.. let’s see will you win in that.. he leaves from the room..
Pragya is thinking of how to prove him..

Screen shifted to purbuls office..
Pur; bulbul do you notice something
Bul; what..
Pur; the way abhi and pragya look at rishab..
Bul; what’s special in that..
Pur; actually there is some hatredness visible in their eyes..
Bul; what you mean..
Pur; I don’t knew what is it actually.. but there is something going on between the trio..
Bul; purab I feel as you are over thinking..
Pur:no bulbul.. I knew abhi and pragya well may be better than you..
Bul; hey purab what you mean by that..
Pur:what I mean..
Bul; it’s look like I am idiot that I can’t understand them..
Pur; sometimes you are idiot.. or act so as you don’t see love for you..
Bul; what..
Purab smiles.

Episode ends…

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