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Hello everyone… hope all of you are fine… so let’s get back to story…
Abhi slowly wakes up and sees pragya sleeping in sitting position… and looking into her itself.. he knew how she spend whole night… pragya wakes up and sees abhi… they both share an eyelock… (Allah warriyan plays )
Pr: abhi… tum teek hoon.. let me call doctor.. do you need anything.. wait I will bring something… as she leaves.. abhi stopped her.. and make her to sit on bed… abhi gets up and sits on bed.. abhi.. is it all paining.. abhi.. just tell something na.. do you knew how much I get tensed.. when police take you away from me.. do you knew the pain I feel at that time.. when I see you unconscious do you knew.. I feel like my heart get stopped…

Abhi smiles.. pragya get Iriked..
Abhi… are you smiling… do you knew.. how will I when you are’s better to… abhi placed his finger on her lips…
Ab; just chup… just chup.. look I am perfectly fine… and how can I as my pyaari fuggi is with me.. abhi holds her face.. look fuggi… your kadoos will always be with you.. and never leave you alone.. but you just look yourself…
Pr; what happened..
Ab; nothing.. how tried you are.. whole night you spend with crying.. look that eyes… it’s like red tomato.. look you are too tried.. your battery is low..
Pragya tried to tell something..but abhi interrupts.. don’t worry I have a technique to recharge you… abhi suddenly pressed his lips on her which made pragya in shock.. pragya place her hands around his neck.. abhi is kissing more intensely…pragya move her hands through his hairs… as pragya suffocates.. abhi breaks the Kiss.. pragya is breathing heavily but abhi is smiling looking at her..
Ab; haa.. my trick help you to charge the battery… if you need charge more.. pragya moves blushingly.. but abhi holds her hand.. pragya turns…
Ab; oh fuggi.. where are you going this much hurriedly… pragya pulls abhi towards her.. ouch…
Pr; is there pain…

Ab; haa.. love pain…
Pr; what.?? Abhi.. are you gone mad… is you lose any screw from your brain..
Ab; haa.. some screw gone which opens a chamber of love in me.. so.. abhi wraps his hands around pragya…
Pr; abhi this is not..
Suddenly purbul enters..
Pur; sorry… we forget to knock..
Abhigya get shy..
Ab; it’s k..
Pur; abhi.. how are you..
Bul; looking both like this I think perfectly fine..
Abhigya look at each other…
Pur; abhi.. you don’t take any tension.. you take perfect rest.. and pragya.. you too be with him.. and no need of going to that job.. I will manage all that.. look at bulbul.. no we will manage all that..
Pr; what are you both going to tell..
Rishab enters..
Ri; I will tell you clearly… because purbul is going to do business along with me. Hey na purab..
Purab smiles..
Pur; actually all this happened all of a sudden… I don’t get time to tell you.. actually rishab was out of town in these days.. as he is in meeting and discussions about new business setting up here..
Ri; actually this business not mine.. it’s in the name of purbul.. I. Just help them…

Bul; you don’t knew what you have done for us..
Ri; bulbul.. we are more than friends na..
Pur; yes… like my brother.. both hugs… abhigya are boiling in anger..
Ri; so you both just leave to office.. I need to talk with abhigya about yesterdays matter..
Bul; di.. we are leaving if something don’t hesitate call us..
Pur; let’s leave bulbul.. abhi take rest.. so bye rishab.. hugs and leaves..
As they both leaves.. rishab close the door and look at abhigya…
Ri; oh.. don’t look at me like this.. he laughs… what you both think about me.. you can fail me.. look at your purbul.. do you think if you both tried to convince them what happened yesterday they will believe… ha.. ha.. they will not… if I took a huge step.. then there will be lot of master plan around it. When I showy real face toward you both.. I knew you both will try to unveil my real face to every.. to maintain my face.. I did a small plan..
Fb shows… When abhigya leave to office.. rishab calls out purbul from theaters to outside..
Bul; rishab…. why you call us… it was an important scene na..
Ri; sorry to disturb you both.. actually now I got a call. Purab.
As I gone for meeting to setup new business.. we get financial support and license to start new business.. I am going to start with your name.. purbul.. so please sign in these..

Pur; what.. it’s you work for its your busines.. so it must be in your name.. we will work there as Labour..
Ri; purab.why are you hurting me.. it’s not my business.. it’s yours.. you both are owners of this.. purbul look at each other.. if you both don’t agree for this.. then think that our friendship ends here..
Bul; purab.. if he is compelling this much… you must accept it…
Purab; k.. both purbul signed on paper
Fb ends

Ri; this is my new game plan.. look abhigya… soon you can see effects of my plan soon.. abhi.. I will soon separate purab from you… and pragya.. bulbul will soon go away from you.. actually I must thank you.. as if you tired to tell the truth.. may be they have some doubts on me… but you keep silent..
Abhi claps..
Ab; wow.. kamal ka plan hey rishab.. but you don’t knew to whom you are playing.. and you don’t knew connection between us… jithana koshis karo.. but you will fail..
Ri; abhi.. I must congratulate you for the confidence you have… let’s see who will win.. and pragya bhabhi.. just take care of your husband.. as police has played a lot with him.rishab smiles.. evily.. and leaves..
Pr; sab meri galathi hey.. I must tell the truth.. but abhi when I see you like this I just completely lost at that time nothing is there in my mind.. only you..
Ab; fuggi.. just relax.. take a deep breath… look what happened its all happened there is nothing to talk about.. now let’s plan a master stroke against this..
Episode ends..

I think I can’t update for 2 days.. as tu is closing submission for 2 days.. so… advance happy new year wishes to you all.. may the new year.. bring happiness.. prosperity.. and full fill your wishes..

Thanks to all my readers.. varsha, vishu, chotu ( monesha), achu, akshaya, Lopez, minu, Rajesh bhai, mukund bro, sandy, ammu, aisu, prathi, cute vanshu, reshu, lucky, ashika sis, Trisha dear, aditi sis, di, sugandi, ani sis, Saranya darlu, priyu, divyabhaskar, Durga sis (how are you.. missing you a lot ),, prathiba, yeshwanth, lokha sis, abhigya, suhani dear.. maha dear… tarafletcher, laksmi sis, honey dear; sethidisha, nasima sis, nithyasree sis… Elinor.. sangi, abiya, myna, prabhi, riya (my priya. How are you.. missing you a lot dear ), shruthi,nannu, rithu, nini, satvidyadi.. thanks a lot to you all..

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