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Hello everyone.. I am back… I knew I make you all wait for me.. sorry for this much delay… as I was on tour. but now without delay let’s move on to story..
Pr: bulbul… look every time.. you bit take credit of stopping us from fight.. now we too get that chance..
Purbul smiles…
Ab; wow.. both are blushing… bulbul.. do you knew how to blush…
Bul; abhi….. don’t tease me… you want to pay for it..
Ab; oh meri.. now I can do anything… as I don’t need any of your stupid ideas.. to get my fuggi..
Pur; what… stupid ideas…. abhi it’s too bad…
Pr; haa.. kadoos.. you are too bad…
Ab; fuggi.. all laughs..
Pur; it’s getting too late… abhigya you want to go to office right.. abhigya look at each other..
Pr; bulbul.. today I am sleeping with you… I need to talk a lot..
Bul; haa di.. I too as need to share a lot..
Abhirab smiles.. as they both knew its both sisters trick to escape from abhirab… they both rush to bulbuls room.. and locked it..
Abhirab smiles at their antics..
Pur; abhi why are you smiling…??
Ab; purab why you smile…
Pu; I smile because of pragya..
Ab; I smile because of bulbul..
All went to sleep..
Next morning… pragya came to abhis room with coffee.. sees abhirab sleeping by hugging each other.. both looks with cute puppy face.. pragya is smiling.. bulbul sees pragya standing with coffee and smiling..
Bul; di. Pragya signals her not to speak.. bulbul too smiles..
Bulbul and pragya moves the curtain so that light rays disturbs their sleep..
They both open their eyes and sees pragbul.. and smiles..
Bul; good morning abhi… good morning purab.. both gets up and sits in bed..
Ab:so your secret discussion completed right..
Pur:abhi.. someone forget the trick which they played…
Bul:yes.. we talked a lot…
Pr; abhi… get ready fast… we need to go to office..
Ab; no office…
Ab:haa… we are on leave today.. and going to roam around this place.
Bulbul happily hugs abhi..
Bul:that’s my jiju… no abhi..
Ab; bulbul.. someone is jealous here.. and look at purab.. just give him at least a side hug.. purbul get shy.. both leaves..
Pr:abhi… why are you teasing them..
Ab; fuggi… so you don’t like teasing them… and move towards pragya..
Pr; abhi.. why are you coming towards me..
Ab:haa.. as you don’t like teasing them.. I thought to tease you… holds her waist…
Pr; abhi… just leave me..
Ab:leaving you is not a word in my dictionary..
Pr:so your dictionary doesn’t have all words.. you must brought new..
Ab:what a low class joke..
Pr:for low class people this is what needed..
Ab:so you call me low class.
Pr:don’t you see anyone other than us in this room..
Ab:so I am low class right… now watch Mrs. Pragya abhishek mehra what this low class can do.. abhi drags her too close.. and holds her cheek.. and tried to kiss.. pragya forcefully pushed abhi which makes abhi to fall on bed…
Pragya laughs… look Mr. Abhishek Mehra… stay in your limits..
Ab; limits.. for me..
Pr; haa… I am Mrs. Pragya abhishek mehra.. so keep that in mind..
Abhi gets up from bed.. and started to come towards pragya… but she goes out of the room..
Ab; I will see you later fuggi…
Scene shifted to their living room.. all are there…
Pu: abhi. Where are we going?
Ab: to museum…
Bul; no…
Pr; movie…
Bul: that’s nice…
Pur: ya… we can go for a movie…
All get ready… and reached theatre… abhi and purab has gone to get tickets… pragbul is talking about something… suddenly someone place a hand on bulbuls shoulder.. as she turns.. get surprised…
Pr; tum..
Bul; do you knew how many times we called you… do you knew what all things happened… purab get arrested…
Abhirab came..
Pu; rishab…. tum yaham…
Pragya and abhi are looking at him in doubt..
Rishab. Hugs purab…
Ri: sorry yaar… I was in such a situation.. that I couldn’t contact with you.. when I came to knew… I go to your house… but dadi tell that you leave here..
Bul; haa… rishab… as abhi tell son I thought This will be better and will be a change to purab…
Ri; it’s all because of me.. If I am there at that time this will not happen.. sorry purab.. because of Me..
Pur; hey rishab… what are you talking.. it’s all not because of you..
Ri; no purab.. I am not your good friend.. if I am like that.. then..
Bul; don’t talk Like this rishab.. look because of you all our problems sort out… I get back my di and abhi… and our friendship
Rishab hugs abhi.. abhi.. I am really happy for you…
Ri; pragya.. I knew that one day you will find all the truth..
Pr; ya.. because lies can’t sustain a lot and truth will surely come out once..
Bul; if your talks over let’s go to watch movie… rishab.. are you joining with me..
Ri; no.. it will be a disturbance to you all.and look at pragya..
Pur; disturbances… what are you talking idiot… come with us..
All enters for movie… purab.. bulbul.. rishab… abhi… pragya.. like wise they are sitting… film starts… but abhi can feel that his fuggi is not in sense. And she is not watching the movie… abhi place his hands over her.. pragya look at abhi…
Abhi smiles.. pragya too… pragya holding abhis hands.. place her head on his shoulder… abhi rest his head on hers.. there are lot of thoughts flashing through both minds… on the while.. abhis phone get rings..
Abhi goes outside and picks up phone and talk something.. pragya too went out..
Pr; abhi… who is that..
Ab; pragya.. I want to go to office now..
Pr, now what happened..
Ab; I will tell you later..
Pr; abhi… I am also coming with you..
Ab; fuggi.. no need of that.. pragya look sad… k let’s go… by telling this to purab they goes to office..
Abhigya reached office.. in office there are police… abhigya look at each they both don’t knew what’s happening..
Pam; abhi.. pragya.. you both came..
Ab: Pam what happened here..
Pam; there is some problems in our account.. as we don’t pay tax..
Pr; but how is that possible… is been cleared yesterday right..
Yes… that’s our question.. Mrs. Pragya abhishek prem mehra… abhigya look at the side from that voice came.. and get shocked…
Episode ends…

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