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Pragya decided to punish abhi for waking her from her beauty sleep in name of dadi.( patti pera solli enna emathunale da unakku vechiruken ) n smiles evilly.pragya went near abhi with a mug of coffee n poured on him and acts as it fell accidently fell on him.he said its okk ill go n clean .she said him u better take a shower with innocent eyes.abhi said ya itll be better.
Pragya smiled ha ha ha ha ha nalla matiniya da eliya thana valiyila vanthu sikkidichu.

Abhi shouted pragyaaaaaaa.pragya closed her ears saying speaker dabba aarambichitan en kaathu paavam.abhi came out with a towel on his waist n asked why u did like this. Pragya said just payback fr ur morning abhis face is shown it’s full of red colour he exactly looks like a tomato.pragya laughed seeing him n said nalla venum enkita pagachikitta avvolathan purinchitha.abhi asked what u did this colour is not going.she smiled n said ( keeping innocent face) I just mixed red colour with glue n put in shower that’s all.abhi gave an unbelievable look evvolathium pannitu etho theriyama panna mariya reaction kodakkura.abhi came close to pragya ,she was breathing heavily when he was about to smear colours on her face someone said pragya.

Yes Dadi called pragya beti come here.she said yes dadi coming.abhi thought pattiyala thapicha illana unna n went to washroom to wash him.after 1 hr of struggle abhi was able to wash his face clean.

Here pragya went to see dadi while she bumped on someone it was none other than our ranveer.pragya said sorry n asked who are you?? Ranveer said I’m ranveer the first son of ram satya mehra n you.( omg omg omg it was the first time that ranveer spoke silently that too to a girl except his wife) she said I’m pragya pragya abhishek rudra veer dev satya mehra.ranveer smile faded n he was about to go.when pragya asked bhai won’t u talk with me. Ranveer saw her n said who’ll not talk to his sister sure but now I’m tired so …..bhai can I bring u a coffee to ease ur headache.ranveer smiled sure.

He went upstairs this girl had something that he can’t be angry on her .he entered his room n said ishu .Ishitha said ranveer I’m going for a party let’s talk later. Pragya came to dadi n asked what dadi.dadi said beti today is ur first rasoi .pragya said dadi I already made food ready dadi don’t worry n I’ll take coffee to ranveer bro n she started preparing coffee.
Here in hall arjun came n sat on breakfast table n when ram came he went.arjun was reading newspaper when dadi asked pragya whom I said she said ranveer bhai dadi.all were shocked.ram said beti u be here.pragya said papa its okk I’ll manage n may I call u papa .ram nodded with tears.

Abhi thought how to take revenge on pragya.he thought of a idean smiled abhi ur really great.

Here Ishitha went out ,arjun too .pragya saw it n thought it’s my first rasoi but they r going where?? She tried to ask but thought to give coffee to ranveer bhai n went. She knocked the room n asked may I bhai. Ranveer said yes she gave coffee to him n said drink this bhai ull feel better.ranveer was sipping it when abhi called pragya pragya.
Pragya said bhaiya speaker dabba started shouting let me go or my ears will become deaf.ranveer laughed.

Pragya went n asked why r u shouting?? Abhi said simply.pragya glared him.he said just a coffee,walk or may be dinner. Be ready at 6 in eve OK.

Precap: abhigya going to restaurant n pragya first rasoi success.


Abhishek rudra veer dev satya mehra- shabeer.
Pragya raichand- srithi jha.
Ram satya mehra- ronit Roy

Priya ram satya mehra- pallavi kulkarni.

Ranveer satya mehra- sakthi Aurora

Ishitha ranveer satya mehra- radhika madan.

Arjun satya mehra- parth samthaan

Vinay n jeevika raichand- karan tacker n krystle d souza

Piya sharma- veebha Anand.

Rita- neha gossain n mala aunty random

Dadi- madhu raja

Guys hope u all like it pls comment guys n tell me who ll suit parth samthan as sunandha mehra.ur choice will be accepted guys

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