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Abhi was heavily panting. He thought ponna Eva illa namma uyire vanga vantha ratchasi .pragya said abhi back off .he moved a little n saw pragya running back n forward like a cheetah she jumped from window he was stunned ,in his mind
I’m super girl from China
I’m super girl from China song was playing.pragya went n brought her black bike in which at side ‘p’ in golden colour was there.

Now pragya asked now do I have to give u an invitation to come n sit??( ippo nan unakku pathirikai adichi kuddu kamnuma vanthu ukkara??) Abhi came n sat .someone was watching this n smiled saying let’s see how long it’ll last.
pragya drove the bike fastly abhi was scared he shouted kolai kolai Eva enna kolai panna pakkura muruga enna evakita irunthu kapathu he started saying
Kakka kakka kanagavel kakka……
Pragya was irritated now said stop it n said shut ur mouth till we reach otherwise I’ll push u from bike.abhi was giving what the hell look but suppressed it n kept quiet.pragya thought appa oru valiya vaayai mudittan seriyana speaker dabba Brahma ivana padaikum pothu confuse aagi voice box bathula speaker box vechitaru pola eppadi kathuran end Kathi jaave kizhingirum pola.abhi thought enna thairiyam ivalukku enniya kezha thallidu valla …oru vela nejameve thalita abhi jakkarathe.

Abhigya reached a place abhi was shocked to see the place but a smile came on his lips it was a beach side n he saw pragya running to a vendor n buying a icecream abhi thought crazy girl who’ll get thoughts of eating icecream that too at midnight.pragya came with two icecreams she gave one to abhi .abhi gestured no .pragya asked why don’t u like icecream.abhi again signed something this time pragya can’t understand anything n said open ur mouth n speak .abhi said thanks.pragya asked for what?. Abhi said for giving me permission to open my mouth as u asked me to close my mouth while coming.pragya remembered that n laughed n thought speaker dabba nallavan than
Sathiya sathiya plays………
Pragya came to sense by icecream melting n gave one to abhi both ate icecream n abhi slept while speaking .pragya thought he’s just like a child in both heart n little grown up child. Pragyas inner thought when did speaker dabba became ur little grown up child.
Pragya pushed her thoughts aside n thought to wake him up but was not having heart to wake her little grown up child. So he lifted him up with difficulty n made him sit on bike she sat n placed his hands over her waist n his head on her shoulder. She started bike n rode slowly as she didn’t want to wake him up .abhi turned his head in sleep it came near pragyas neck hot air blowing in her neck send shivers in her pragya came near home .pragya turned to see abhi.abhi woke up n saw pragya both had an eyelock
Ennai saithale plays

Both came out of their eyelock abhi got down from bike n both went inside opening door n both went to their room n slept reminiscing each other.

Next morning

Birds were chirping .we can see a boy getting ready it was none other than abhi he started doing exercise .he’s sweating a lot.he saw pragya sleeping peacefully. He thought azhagiya ratchasi n woke her saying pragya its time pragya said 2 mins .abhi said nothing dadi u go I’ll manage .pragya woke with a jerk saying I got ready n rushed from bed she kept leg on abhos dumbbell n slipped.abhi caught her .both had an eyelock.
Unaale meimaranthu ninrene
Mai vizhiyil mei azhagu kandene
Idai vidaha nerukkakangal thodaruma Anne
Mozhi illamal thavikiren mounamai ingae .

Pragya stostood from his arms n went into in the washroom both smiled.pragya realised it was abhis plan to fool her with dadis name.she decided to punish himn smiled with a smirk.

Precap: pragyas punishment n she met one of abhis bro guess who??

Character sketch

Abhisek rudra veer dev satya mehra- a rock star handsome n acts like a child has.some past loves all hates his bros n papa.dadima is his world married to pragya due to some circumstances. Fun loving with a stone heart.

Pragya raichand arora – sweet loving girl so cute n loves all motto to make all happy n smile wife of abhi now pragya abhishek rudra veer satya mehra.

RAM mehra – father of abhi loves abhi a lot but shows his anger on him n behaves harsh with him loves all his 3 sons.loves his wife .
PROFESSION: Business man.

Priya ram mehra- mom of abhiranarj(abhi+ranveer+arjun) passed away in a accident wife of ram.

Ranveer sathya mehra- harsh man loves his wife n hates all in his family esp abhi…..only soft with his wife handsome n arrogant man.
PROFESSION : business manager of ara group of companies.

Ishitha ranveer satya mehra-loves ranveer n doesn’t speak with anyone good girl but arrogant n never respects her in-laws
PROFFESION: having a beauty saloon.

Arjun satya mehra- fun n loving guy hates ranveer n abhi.loves his life n enjoys a lot.
PROFESSION: photographer wildlife.

Sunandha sharma:loves arjun a lot n can do anything to get him may be obsessed. Cute but evil .
PROFFESION:pa of ranveer.

Piya shrama – elder sis of sunandha n manipulates her sis to her wish aim to marry abhi .

Dadimaa- world of abhi n loves him a lot .likes pragya too……..

Vinay n jeevitha raichand:Parents of pragya n now are………………………[email protected]@@@@@!!!!!!!;;;;;;;[email protected]@@@@@!!!!!!!!………..

Rita n aunt mala- relation of pragya who raised her but jealous of her ,Rita loves abhi .

Guys tomorrow ill give cast too hope u enjoy it.thanks fr all fr commenting guys tmrw I’ll post my wife is my true love guys I’m planning to end all before my 12 hope u understand. Support ur princess.

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