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Now sorry guys see I’m doing 50 sit-ups pls forgive me I have exams n that’s why n I think that ull all forgive ur princess pls comment

Abhigya were embrassed n broke the hug abhis dadi Maa said abhi I want to talk with you abhi asked what budiya abhis dadi said come along with me abhi said wifey u too come dadi said u alone abhi pragya was little bit hut but threw it away as she thought dadi needs Time to accept her n u all say who’ll accept if suddenly ur son or grandson marries n say she’s my wife ???? U ll feel bad na

Now pragya starred to arrange her clothes in closet by making a place for her in abhis cupboard.
Abhi n dadi convo

Dadi said abhi abhi said sorry budiya I didn’t inform pls forgive me na. I love her I told u naa dadi said abhi calm I know puttar but we could have done it grand na abhi said leave it dadi won’t u see ur bahu won’t she feel bad dadi said come n took him to their room which was his room few hours before dadi called beti n pragya came n said jii dadi Maa n gestured abhi both fell on her legs n got blessings dadi was happy n she said to pragya beti I have married my grandson n now he’s ur husband n ur our family it your ….

pragya said my family dadi Maa I understand I’ll take care n smiled .abhi was admiring pragya when dadi bid them bye n went to her room n asked pragya to get ready. Pragya took a pink saree for on cupboard n went to change abhi asked why did u keep ur belongings here she replied I’m going share my precious life with u why not or cupboard abhibsaid its my cupboard I’ll buy u a new one okk Pragya said noo I’ll keep there only okk ull not go little by sharing in fact sharing is good n went
Abhi was reminiscing her words I’m going to share my beautiful life with u why not ur cupboard n smiled like an idiot abhi changed into a white shirt n blue Jean n was setting his hair while pragya came she was looking beautiful like an heavenly goddess abhis mouth was open when pragya closed it n said pls close it or mosquito will GI in abhi said okk come dadi is calling n caught her wrist it sent 10000 volts current through her she admired him dadi said pragya come n took her in said lit diya beti pragya said I’ll dadi Maa when this family becomes one i know for some reason they r separates ill unote them dadi maaI’ll do it n went near abhi who was standing out dadi was happy too see her bahu beti n smiled seeing a pictire it was a picture ofa lady.

Later all ate n pragya was watching tv in front hall her fav serail kuch rang ka pyaari ki aise hi she was laughing watching it when someone tapped on her shoulder she said abhishek core n sit here n again started laughing again someone tapped her shoulder she said abhishek n turned n was shocked to see a man she said jii who r u he said who r u beti she said I’m ……abhi said my wife n dragged her in.pragya asked why he dragged her he said its none of ur business n shouted at her ptagtas mind voice rama Ivan porakkum pothe mike a molungittano ippadi kathiran nan enna kettrn Ivan enna pesuran loose.abhi realised he had shouted st her unnecessarily n apologized to her pragya thought paavam payapulla namma eppo kovama irrundhom Ivan sorry kekuran seeri serei pragya maintain she aaissaid I’ll forgive u if u take me a long drive abhi said okk get ready tmrw

Pragya said now abhi said what pragya thought ada speaker dabba end a kathura n said yes now only abhi said I never went out home after 9 pragya though avvalo nalla vaana da new patha appadi onnum theriyaliye poi solluran Poi solluran she said bit I have come on or I won’t forgive u abhi sae pragya wearing a black jean with a white top n black jacket her hair tied in a pony n abhi was memerised by her beauty later noe pragya was tieing a rpoe to windoe pane n said abhi to get doen abhi said noo pragya said i havr too abhi got ready n thought aiyyoo kaduvula iva test ku nan than eliya .abhi was getting down whole he said in his mind pillayarappa kappthu naan unakku 10 mothagam tharen.plsplspls
Abhi some how got down with a lot of struggle .

Precap pragyas stunt n abhigya night out in next epi I’ll include intro too guys

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