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Pragya read the name bahulaal textiles she makes weird faces seeing that n said what is this bandarlaal shop I dont like this shop it looks like a old godown u go Mr abhi I won’t came n u ..
Abhi dragged her n closed her mouth like she not him n he shouted ahhhh.pragya said aram see aram see u have to face a lot okk n went .
While aa man of mid age came n said puttar come here after a long time were seeing u here what’s mattersahib.abhi said I told u na appu that I’ll bring ur bahu to ur shop first n buy her dresses.that man is rajesh he said u said it when u were eight yrs n still u remember it.abhi said appu sometimes life gives us enormous hurdles with a little happiness which we must cherish n wiped his tears here pragya too wiped her tears thinking about her appu vinay appu that word made all memories Gush out.

Pragya to make the situation normal said paa can I call u that yes beti said rajesh.she said see ur son is making his to be wife to stand a very khaadoos abhi lifted pragya n made her sit in stool there.he selected a red black lehenga with golden border n she selected him a vesti sattai abhi at first refused but u know na about our pragya she made him agree. Both went to a hotel n changed their dresses while pragya came out closet she banged with something hard n before she could fall she was embraced in strong arms it was our abhi
Saathiya saathiya plays…

Both signed the contract papers in front of abhis lawyer n both were in marriage get up when abhi n pragya went to abhis home it was written mehras residence.
pragya got down the car n she went with abhj when she was about to enter she saw something which made her shocked it was her aunty mala n her daughter riya pragya hid behind abhi n said .y aunt abhi took her in n called dadi.when his dadi came she was shocked to see abhigya in marriage attire n asked abhi abhi said dadi ur bahu my wife dadi plastered a fake smile n went to them n said abhi has married someone sorry while dadi went with Rita till out mala tried to see that girl when abhi hugged pragya both started to feel flutters in their heart.while his aunt was angry seeing someone taking her daughter place abhigya remained in that position
When sanam re plays

Dadi saw them like this n coughed which brought both into reality

Precap: abhigyas first night n masti then pragya to meet abhis bros.

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