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Here jeevitha n vinay were shocked to see something come on let us also see that pragya was standing on stool she was drawing something yessss that is a world with peace with her family in .middle ( children used to draw na guys ) jeevitha was proud of her baby vinay too vinay said oye sweety she turned as said appu n ran to him vinay lifted her n she was so happy n said I love u ammu I love u appu they said we love u too princess.

Abhi was playing he was seeing a father caring his child n was playing with him tears welled up in abhis eyes he too cared fr his appa love he remembered how his father used to pamper his bros arjun n ranveer but hate him abhi was building a shell around him n said I hate u appa.
After few hrs
Abhis father came n said ranveer n arjun to get ready n said abhi u also abhi was very happy. They all went to park……
Even pragya too went to the park there she saw a boy crying holding a doll n said appa I’m scared pragya went near him n said don’t cry pleeezzz friend that boy saw her that boy is our abhi pragya sat beside him n asked friends abhi too said okk friends she asked why were u crying he said i lost my way I was scared so oy jeevitha n vinay too came pragya said Maa paa this boy lost his way let’s help him vinay took abhi in his arms n asked what happened beta he said I came to park with my appa n bros I was playing when my ball fell far I went to take it a a man with knife n wearing started to chase me n I landed here uncle.vinay was crying here abhis appa reached home with ranveer n arjun he lied to them that abhi went to his friends home dadi came n asked beta WHR is abhi tell me truth he sent children inside n said Maa I left him the very next min a slap landed on his face dadi said.I’m ashamed to call u as my son chee she said if u respect me bring abhi but Maa abhi pa said she said or I’ll be dead abhi pa went to park n searched him. Pragya said to abhi smile don’t cry n stuck a badge of smiley on his shirt n gave him a stick on it was written smile abhi too smiled abhis paa came n took abhi thanking them n went he dragged abhi n put him in a room abhi said paa pls open the door I’m scared appa here are so many cockroach appa appa i won’t do any mistake appa appa its dark appa he was walking n hit on stool n fell downn hit on his head he screamed ammaaaaaaa dadi who heard the voice came running she asked for how many days r u going to punish him fr ur happiness asked dadi abhis pa said no Maa she said chup u gooooooo…

Abhis appa went he was thinking how to say AMMA I love abhi but situations are making me to do this I want him to be strong abhi beta papa lovesss u moreee n wiped his tears

Herr dadi carried abhi n applied medicine fr him abhi was scared n hugged dadi out of fear n said dadi dadi let me go to AMMA n ran to her photo n said AMMA come backkk pls I’m scared say to appa not to put me in that dark room amma I’m scared n cried hugging a photo we could see a Lady photo with Garland..

Precap a leap of 16 hrs guys support yaar

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