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If u have not read this story,pls read it,I’m sure ull like it.

Abhi held Pragya, so close to him,he hugged her so tight,pragya was lost n melt in his touch. She thought why can’t say abhi about her mission,he loves her so Mich,he’ll understand n I have to propose him too,as soon as I can.

Abhigya saw someone n acted ,as now only they r meeting each other at beach n abhi asking Pragya to marry, it was none other than ishitha,she was there so only….

Pragya was lying on abhis chest n his hands wrapped around her,she smiled seeing him.she got a call n callers I’d made her nervous, she moved from abhi n attended it.

Person on other side said,so u love him ha??I said u na I want my mission complete.stay away from him.Pragya said its none of our business Mr malhotara ,pls stay I have rights to choose whom I want to love n whom not n cutter call.

Person on other side said beti pragya,ur my life after ur mom n dad died.persons face us revealed,he’s malhotara ,he was staring abhis family photo n hua eyes became red.I’ll avenge you for my daughter n sons death, get ready …

Pragya felt someone hugging her,it was abhi,she wiped her tears n gave him a smile, she said so friend, where can we go now??abhi thought what friend can’t she understand my feelings n said nowhere. She said but Mr abhi I wanna go somewhere. Pragya smiled seeing abhis facial expressions,he was so cute. Abhi said see u can’t call me friend or mr .abhi.Pragya said bro am I ri8.while in college u wanted me to be ur sis na bro.

Abhi thought dufffer I was,at that time not to notice you, so ull call me like that idiot.Pragya said bye bro I have to fresh up n ran.

Abhi said I’m her husband na,why can’t she call me something, I hate this bro pro…

Pragya said bro can we go ,as she adjusted her hair.abhi pulled her n said no bro okk,she was so close him,his hot breath on her face made her lose herself,abhi was coming more near n near. His hands made it’s way through her waodt holding her more close no mere gap between them n his lips softly placed on hers.pragya was slowly melting on his touch. She was so lost in her.

Someone passed by their room saw this n said I’ll separate you soon.

Pragya parted from abhi,when ishu called her.she ran away blushing from there,her cheeks flushing red.abhi said I love u ,I love you so much Pragya,that I can’t resist myself from you…..

Ishitha said pragya,why are you so red,is it my devarji huh,,,pragya smiled n saw something on ishitha n said bhabi I think bhai is more romantic ,that he let u alone sometime n is hiding there……ishitha was red.

All came to hall n saw arjun bringing one girl,she was sunandha.he said I love her n I want to marry her,all were happy.he asked rhem for permissipn,all agreed except pragya.Pragya said arjun will u not marry if I say no,arjun nodded yes with tears. Pragya said my decision is yrssss double yess,how can I resist my sis.arjun said but bhabhi piya.Arjun leave it na.all were doing marriage preparation happily,when piya had something cooking in her mind,she married arjun by sitting in place of her sis.after marriage all were shocked,especially arjun,he loved sunandha but piya,he was disgusted n all left her.pragya went n caught her hand n asked all to accept her.piya said sorry Pragya I troubled you ,but you helped me.Pragya said okntell me who told you to marry arjun.piya said dadi n said Pragya about dadis evil plans I know ull not believe it..

She said,she was one who brought vaidehi to separate you n abhi,she was one who blamed you n framed me.she kidnapped my sis,n told me to marry arjun orelse shell kill only….. ..pragya consoled her n promised her to expose dadi soon .arjun was doing rituals half heartedly ,when piya was sad,she didn’t wish to marry arjun,she wanted to scream, but when she saw sunandha, she was about yo hug her,but she she slapped piya.piya was shocked,when her sis insulted her.Pragya supported piya.all were shocked…

Pragya said dadi now piya is our bahu na,so leave all bitter things n start everything. Pragya asked sunandha,do y think ur sis will do this to u,u know how much she has don’t to you ,but you…..sunandha asked sorry to arjun n left glaring piya.

Pragya was sitting in room ,when abhi came in he saw her thinking something nnasked what,she said nothing simply .she asked so when will u propose me???abhi asked what?? Am I hallucinating. No hallucination and all,real only as u heard only okk n went.abhi jumped in bed realising what she said. Pragya smiled seeing abhi jumping ,she said I love you abhi. My mission is complete ,it will be great tragedy for you, but our love will heal it. I want to take every memory of you,in case ur not believing me,she smiled with tears n that day is coming near.abhi I love you n went…..

Abhigya made many plans like pouring oil n did many things to make ran veer n ishitha together.

Precap: abhigya date,n ishitha n ran veer to reconcile with arjun accepting piya.

Guys 5 more epi yo end.pls support me,I’ll update pls……only 5 more epi n then one new ff okk

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