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Hi guys pls forgive me na recap pragya childhood thoda

5 yrs before jeevitha n vinay were going through a forest they had been married for two yes but still didn’t have a baby they lost their hope to live that’s when they decided to go to a forest fr some replacement away from noisy boasting n complaining world .jeevitha was most hurt as she was taunted by all as baby less though vinay supported her she was feeling lonely she asked vinay why can’t we adopt a baby vinay said I was thinking the same jeevi.she said vinay really I’m happy vinay was happy to see smile on jeevithas face suddenly they heard a baby cry both wondered how come a baby cry be heard in jungle that too even though the baby cries its sweet to hear a kind of peace fills the air both went in the direction of voice n stopped near a tree it was a peach tree both felt odd how could peach tree grow in this forest as it was odd tree there both could hear baby’s cry near that tree suddenly thunder flashed with lightning n wind blew shaking trees wildly as uprooting them jeevitha n vinay was scared then rain droplets fell gently on earth making thunder n lightning disappear n wind roared now left making a peace now the place was fully like destroyed as baby cry was again heard the tree started growing green n a small flower came out of soil a cuckoo sang while the flower grew big n big n opened inside it was a baby crying it was a girl an angel jeevitha immediately picked up the baby n started to pacify she was feeling like standing on cloud on nine.suddenly a fairy appeared in front of them n said this baby…..vinay n jeevitha together in sync can we grow this baby fairy said yes but grow her as a human n she is born to make many changes in life vinay said OK we’ll tkc.fairy disappeared jeevitha asked vinay can we name her as pragya vinay said okk as u wish by the way what’s meaning of pragya she said wisdom ohhh said vinay n scratched his head while pragya chuckled vinay said to pragya come pragya come to appa.pragya lifted her hands to go to vinay vinay took her in hands n played with her.pragya was laughing merrilywhile jeevitha was admiring her family this is how pragya was got into their family but till now jeevitha wonders why fairy gave pragya to them so easily that too without conditions.while vinay called her jeevitha come come soon n fast see there jeevitha dlsttood n went muttering this vinay na always while she went n asked what vinay vinay gestilured look at pragya room jeevitha saw n.was stunned

Screen.shifts to.a boy of 7 yrs old he was hiding away from his grandma his grandma said beta come n eat that boy ran fast n hitted his appa he feared n said sorry appa his father asked.what sorry cant u see n walk go go.away frm here shaithan n went tears welled.up in boys.eyes that boy asked dadi why appa why he doesnt love me n cried daddi consoled him n said beta come ill give u chocolates boy said yipeeee ye n ran dadi.was relieved.she thought wli know reason behind ur dads behaviour he loves u alot but because of ur mom he hates u.boy said dadi come soon dadi said coming here one boy of 12 yrs old came in said appa why r u scding abhi appa that man ssid i.didnt scold him ranveer yes that boy is abhishek they r three bros first one is 13 yr old arjun n second is ranveer third is abhishek n that man is raman.

Precap love u beta i love u too ammu n appu……….
Other side i hate u appa…….pragya n abhis childhood meet

Guys suport n comment is it nice im typing it feeling sleepy sorry fr mistakes pls comment yr

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