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If you have not read this story ,then pls read it,I hope ull surely like it.thanks for all my Dr friends who commented in previous part.

Pragya was getting conscious,she was back to normal,now she had visions of abhi taking care of her while she was like a kid,a smile played on her lips.her eyes opening the heavy eyelids.abhi was pacing in the hospital ,hoping for the said abhi that pragya brain was back to normal.abhi was so happy.he asked whether he can see her,Dr said yes. Abhi went in ,as soon as he saw pragya sitting on bed,he immediately ran to her n hugged her.Tears made it way through his eyes.Pragya hugged him saying don’t cry baba,my friend should be strong as me okk n wiped his tears.abhi said u how Much will u scare me?? Pragya said sorry ,holding her ears cutely.abhi got pragya discharged from hospital n went.

Doctor too came out n took out his mask,a bright light came suddenly n the whole hospital disappeared,there was only grass.

Lady wearing ring r was seen sitting in the chair thinking deeply ,her brows shrinking as she saw something, it was nothing than abhigya pic.she tore it apart n threw it away.she smiled saying I’ll soon separate you both just like this.

Pragya came home,dadi apologised her ,well she’s a good girl so she foragve them.all were happy. Pragya reminded abhi about her mission Rs.abhi glared her saying she was not well.once,she was well they’ll do it.but pragya being Pragya insisted.abhi said to everyone that Dr said no icecream or Chico for one week n only milk n food. All nodded as they know pragya doesn’t like milk.all said yes bossss!!!!!

At night,
Abhi asked pragya about panic attack, she refused saying that soon she’ll say bit not now.abhi nodded in understanding.he looked at the divine beauty standing in front of him with her beautiful raven locks wide open n her crystal eyes looking at the moon n her plumpy lips moving n her angelic face glowing in moonlight, he was not able to control himself.Pragya was not able to move her eyes from the Greek god standing at her back.she saw him through mirror.his hazel orbs locked with hers,his ruffling ha in which she wanted to run her hands through n at last His well toned body.oh god pls help me to concentrate in my mission ,after that I’ll say abhi that I love him she smiled .

Days passed,
Abhi asked pragya once again,she was completely cure with love n care of all especially abhis love.pragya decided to say abhi the truth,she started from how her parents died n her aunt forcing her,she said once her aunt took her to a prostitution house n sold her.there one man forced her.

Little Pragya 12 yrs,she was being forced,that man holded pragyas hair tightly,he pushed her n tore her sleeves,she cried for help,that man said you are a b*t*h,you are born to be one n tried to force.when her uncle came ,he gave them money n took her home.after that only she got her first panic attack,she said how she was afraid of men n after that with help of Dr,she became normal. Abhi was very sad,he could feel the pain wherever she stumbled.he hugged her close to eternity.she embraced her not to let go of him.

Time freezes here…..

Precap:abhigya growing more close in mission rs.abhigya abhigya only more.

Guys hope u like it, if so comment .ur comment is the boost of my writing u all bye.

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