Music of the heart – chapter 14

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Pragya is scared and confused thinking what name she should say.Whereas Bulbul who is standing beside Abhi murmurs a name.Pragya couldn’t understand it.Abhi”May i know the name Ms.Anamika?”

Bulbul signs don’t tell and tells her to faint. Pragya looks at her and acts by fainting. BUlbul”Bhai!!Bhai!!Lok she fainted!!” Abhi”Haan.haan..Isaw..”

Bulbul”Bhai.Look what happened to her..How can be so casual bro? Come and help me.”

Abhi”Wait Bulbul.I will handle her.You wait outside for sometime na.She will be fine within some time.” Bubul”Par..bhai..” Abhi”bulbul.” She nods her head and goes out.

Pragya is already Sweating lying in the floor. Abhi carries Pragya and places and the couch beside her. Abhi”Hmm.. So nervous uh?”Pragya nodded her head.

Abhi”Then you did’t faint na.” Pragya opens her eyes wide in shock. Abhi”You are very very bad at acting”

Pragya”That.Sir!!” Abhi”Don’t worry.I will not ask his name.” Pragya”Really?” Abhi nods. Pragya sighs in relief. Abhi”It is because I know who is that”

Pragya”What! You know him!” Like really!! When I don’t know who is he,how does he know him? Pragya thought shocked by his words.

Abhi”By the way Ms.Anamika,I forget to tell that we are going to India by today”

Pragya”Today!!!” Abhi”Yes Ms .Anamika! We have a important meeting and we have sign a deal with the business delegates there. And we have many things to deal with Ms.Anamika!” We have flight at 4’30 p.m. So get ready soon!” by saying this Abhi walked away leaving a shocked Pragya behind.

Pragya was keepin on saying the same thing while Purab was watching T.V in their house. Pragya”This is not at all fair Chico! What does he think of himself uh?” Purab was just nodding his head toher words.

Pragya ws extremly pissed off with his behaviour and grabbed the remote from him and switched off the television.

Purab”How rude!” Pragya”I am getting angry here you are sitting and watching t.v.”Purab”There is no reason that you should get angry.Your things are ready.”

Pragya was suprised and asks”Sachi?{Really?}” Purab nods his head.Pragya”Aww!! so cute” she pulls his cheeks and bids bye t her family and reaches the office.

Abhi was waiting for her there in the office. Abhi sees and smiles at her. Pragya also smiles at him. Abhi” Welcome Riya darling!”

Pragya turns and sees a girl approaching Abhi.

Pragya turns and sees a girl approaching Abhi

Pragya was. Bewildered..Pragya was very upset that Abhi called her as darling. She goes and hugs Abhi.

Pragya stomped her feet and moved towards them and coughed..

Abhi” oh!! I am sorry Ms.Anamika. I didn’t notice you.”

Pragya”It’s ok” Pragya” By the way you didn’t tell who is she sir.”

Abhi” Haan. She is Riya.. My fiancé”

Pragya” fiancé??!!! ????
Abhi”Yes Ms.Anamika. Do you have any problem with it?

Pragya gritting her teeth” No problem sir.”
While as Abhi was enjoying her jealousy inside and was smiling inwardly at her behaviour.

Abhi”If your jealousy session is over,can we get ready to fly?” Pragya just nodded her head and gt inside the car. Abhi went to sit in the front but Riya said” Ahi darling,can ou please sit with me backside? I hope Anamika understands us.” she said eyeing Pragya.

Pragya was already like a mad bull so she said”I won’t be comfortable if i seat front sir.So sir can you please allow me to sit backside?”

Abhi nodded his head. Riya was about to sit beside Abhi but Pragya came and sat between them. Abhi was smiling inwardly about her behavior and Riya made a sulky face. Pragya gave a i-don’t-care look” and looked straight.

The drive was a silent one as Abhi was speaking in mobile very seriously whereas Riya was busy in her mobile.

Here Pragya was very busy glaring at both Abhi and Riya. Abhi was keeping on similing while speaking whereas Riya did not even notice that Pragya was glaring her.

After the phone call,Pragya spoke breaking the silence.By the way sir”I am not jealous.” Abhi”Oh! Is it so Ms.Anamika?” Pragya nodded her head and said”It is because I love my man and winked at Abhi.”

Pragya”By the way you know sir,He also lives in India.” Abhi being annayed”Who” and turned his head watching out.

Pragya”Suniye.” Abhi smiled and turned to her. Abhi”Tell.” Pragya”Haan. I told right.My suniye is in India.”

Abhi was very angry by now and did not speak anything. Pragya”Riya madam,don’t you get any burning smell here?”

Riya”Burning smell?Are you mad? I don’t smell anything here.” Abhi glared at Pragya while she laughed.

Riya” She is really mad.” she muttered to herself and was keeping on looking at the phone.

The screen divides between Pragya laughing and Abhi glaring at her.

I am so sorry guys by dissapointing you guys by this chapter..I will upload bigger chapter next time..I am not able to upload soon.My school starts on june 14.So i cannot upload regularly..I hope you guys u understand..Thanks for reading!!

Silent readers!!A big thanks to you too!! And guys I am very happy thaht it reached 2k+ reads withing 14 chapters.Thank you so much guys..By supporting me..

Love you all.. Bye guys..Take care..



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