Music of the heart – chapter 12

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After the phone call Abhi walked out of the cabin furiously.Pragya who noticed this follwed him but without paying no heed to her he walked away.Pragya became very sad to see Abhi upset because of her.

Abhi goes to a place which is very dark to meet a person..
Abhi”what happened?” Person”He just tried to escape but I caught him.”
Abhi” Where is he now?” The person shows the direction.. Abhi goes there and looks at the person whose hands and legs are chained. He is looking so horrible..

Abhi”how dare you?”and he holds his collars. The person’s face is shown he is none other than Nikhil
Abhi points the gun on his head while he fears.. IN a fraction of second he swings the knife at Abhi but it lands on his forehead.

Abhinav”Abihi…” Abhi”I am ok yaar.” He comes and wipes the blood off.

Abhi” Mr.Neerav khurrana. Brother of Nikhil khurranna who is the only heir of Khurrana industries.”

Abhi looks at the person”Am i right Abhinav Gupta?” He nods his head. Abhinav”Waise I think he should get big punishment for this.”

Abhi loks at Neerav and says”Hmm.Want punishment uh?” Neerav”Nono..Please leave me..Please..”

Abhi”How can I leave you when you were the one who harmed fuggi?”

Neerav”So will you torture me for one year? I am a human.Not an animal.Please show some mercy on me.Please.”

Abhi”Mercy??hahaha!! Look Abhinav who is asking Mercy,A merciless man is asking mercy.”

Abinav caught him and”You should be thinking of Mercy when you harmed her. What is the use of asking now?”

He threw him down. Abhi”Cage him Abhinav.I dont wish that he escapes again.” Abinav”I will take care of that Abhi..Don’t worry.”

Abhi smiled at him and walked away.

Other side,  Abhi reached the office and he was angry for two reasons.One When he cared for his fuggi.She did not respond him back..Other he escaped..

Pragya who was so desperate to speak to him..Thought to speak to him as soon as he entered the cabin.

Abhi keeps on ignoring Pragya.. He An upset Pragya comes to Abhi..

Pragya” Sir.” Abhi” what do you want to ask Ms. Anamika?”

Pragya”Sir.. That.. hmm.. you..” Abhi” I don’t have any time to waste Ms.Anamika” he said still eyes glued on computer screen.

Pragya” Sir.. I ..came to ask why are you nowadays talking with me properly”

Abhi looked at her and said” I am your boss Ms.Anamika. Do you accept me to speak like a lovey Dovey bird to you? You are my employ and I am your boss. Just be where you are. Don’t cross the limits.” And still shifted his gaze to the computer.

Pragya had tears in his eyes hearing his harsh words.

She ran inside a room and started crying.Raghav who was passing by that side saw Pragya and tears panicked.He went and asked”What happened dii?Why are you crying?” Pragya”How..can he..{sobbing} that..{Sobbing].He..” Rghav”Its ok dii..dont cry.. you should not cry dii..” Pragya”Leave me alone Raghav” Raghav”Par..di..” Pragya”I said leave me alone please..For gods sake..leave me alone..”

Raghav went away sadly..

She kept on crying..After sometime.. She wiped her tears..Pragya”its ok Rockstar..You are showing your attitude..I am not less…  I am wasting your time na..Its ok..I wont waste your time.”

She wipes her tears. washes her face and puts some light make up and goes back to the cabin and starts doing her work..

Abhi who was immersed in his work asked without looking at her asked in a soft voice”You cried?”

Pragya did not reply anything. Abhi”Are you upset with me??” She looked at him to only find that his forehead was cut.

Her eyes were wipe open in shck.She got upquickly and shouted”What is this Rockstar?? Why did yu hurt yourself?” Tears were flowing from her eyes.. She ran and took the first aid box started to do first aid to him.

Tears were flowing from her eyes.Abhi”Aah!” Pragya”uh.I am sorry.It is paining uh?” Abhi nods no.. and looks at her. Sanam re plays in the background.

Abhi”I got the answer.” Pragya looks at him questioningly while she is done with the dressing.

Abhi”Hm..That you are not upset with me..” Pragya nods her head hopelessly nad gets up. Abhi holds her hand. She turns.He looks at her pleadingly. She smiles at him.

He hugs her very tightly and kisses her cheek and goes out of the cabin whereas she stands there shockingly..

Shabba.Updated the next chapter guys.Th ank you so much for waiting and thank you for reading it..Next chapter I think so it will be on Monday moslty..ince I am ou of station for two days..hank you so much guys for bearing this chapter.. And take care guys bye..

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