Mrs. Abhishek Mehra (OS)

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Abhi smiled and make Aayat swing in his arms in return she smiled and then screen shifted towards Shanaya she was standing far from him looking him happily and unknownly she was smiling looking at him


Time is spent so soon it seems it was a incident of five days ago but it is the incident of 5 years back in these five years many things have changed as usual I never thought I will cover up this much big distance from being alone to being together with someone after Pragya’s case was solved I never thought I would be with someone with whom I never thought to be… I do remember the attraction was there in case of us that attraction was getting only because of behavior, the behavior which can change everything changed me too. I was never so concerned about anyone but now I am, now I am concerned about anything that my family must get everything right, nothing must trouble them, nothing should be bothered, nothing should get in mid of those who are left true relatives there, it is hard to find true relatives now a days so happened in this case too the culprits were those who were claimed to be the closest one, those who pretended that they were hurt when other family members were hurt in that environment now my name is also added and I am trying hardly to control that no one shall point out a finger on me now, people are taunting us now, but we have to ignore them if we have to live our life with peace, who wasn’t caring for anyone now cares for someone, my staff members are saying now that “Mam has changed a lot after marriage” and I have no option rather than hearing that all because Shanaya Mathur oh Sorry Mrs. Shanaya is no more a fearless cop as I have one family with me……

Shanaya was all lost in thoughts when Bulbul called her
Bulbul: Shanaya Mam where we have to stop the car
Shanaya coming out of the thoughts: No where Bulbul let’s go somewhere, where there is no noise just silence everywhere I want peace now as I am tired now Bulbul
Bulbul looked at her with tears welled up in her eyes then Shanaya was again lost in thoughts

Shanaya’s point of view

Yes it is true I am tired now I don’t know why these feelings called Love, Hate and affection arise in an human heart this must not get arise ever as nothing is much painful than these feelings which never let a person neither die nor alive, when I experience on myself I get to know that what a girl would have gone through who did sue-side just because her lover never understood her or why a woman took divorce when her husband raised hand on her, when all is happening with me I am thinking that this feeling called love and affection, attachment must not get in someone for ever I repeat never ever if I would have the time traveler I am sure I must have changed everything which happened in past at least I would be free from every such kind of stuffs

Shanaya is shown disturbed and lost again her eyes are telling how much she had tired of handling something, her expressions are showing that she is trying hard to control the rope of one relation and in result she is getting only the red marks on her hands but this time marks are not at her hand but they are on her thoughts she is very stressed out and then Flash back is shown
Sometimes earlier

It was a fine morning in Mehra Mansion every one were on their daily schedule and were looking happy seems everything was perfect now everyone was moved on, then the camera shifts towards a room which belongs to Abhi he was again with that same picture which was having Pragya and him in the image a smile was formed on his face looking that and remembering something and lost in thoughts

Abhi’s point of view
“It’s been long time we are not together though you are with me I know it you are watching me and Aayat from somewhere but still we miss you. If you were with me then it would be our 8th valentines can you imagine, I still remember the day when after our marriage I proposed you, though it wasn’t Valentine’s day but still it was, because I got my valentine that day, how can I forget that it was the day when I started writing for you my soul less lyrics got their soul and rock star was turned into a lyricist (laughed a bit), I know how mad I was after all it was my first love experience, I was behaving like a totally insane person ha-ha, you and me made a complete I, the success which was lost from my hands came back into a new form and that was also because of you, well I praised you a lot isn’t it!! well I have to do so because you made me to do so, you were perfect in every terms the only mistake you did was, you sent me out that day, that also by tricking me and left me alone forever… Yes I know I am not alone but still you absence make me feel so, remembering those moments which were spent with you, you would be thinking that why suddenly I am remembering all that, well I also don’t know just remembering all those incidents which happen and made my life beautiful, still remembering when it was our first ever grand valentine I was there with the bunches of roses and you said “Have you gone mad” in reply I presented one more bouquet to you and you said “what happened!! did you won any lottery or what? presenting flowers like you have owned a flower garden itself” and in result I presented you one more bouquet still remembering how much irritated you were with that behavior but I never told you that I was doing it because it was our valentine that also grand one ha-ha I know not for you because in return of giving that grand valentine I got some slaps over my shoulder, I know they were sweet for me but still… Okay don’t complaint now as I do remember when I took you to one place blind folding your eyes and when you opened it you were shocked as you were in your company not your or mine but our whose owner we were which belongs to us and now it belongs to Aayat, and you were so overwhelmed that you asked me “This much I started matter for you? that you named an empire on our name!!! is it true or something like illusion or I am hallucinating, Please tell me because this sudden attention is unbelievable for me please tell me it is not a dream” and I just closed your eyes with my palm and said in your ears “Come out of dream it’s morning” and when you opened your eyes you were left in tears as whatever was going on was true you were really getting what you wanted and my attention which was your only wealth was with you and how can I forget that dedication part, when in inauguration function I sung for you… which was the song yeah I do remember it was Hey shona
Small Flashback

Abhi on stage singing for Pragya
Hey Hey… Ey Ey…
Tumhe Pata Toh Hoga, Tumhi Pe Main Fida Hoon (You would already know that I’m madly in love (dying/sacrificed on) with You)
Tumhe Hai Jabse Chaaha, Hawaaon Mein Udata Hoon (Since I have loved You, I’m flying in the air)
Tumhi Mere Har Pal Mein, Tum Aaj Mein, Tum Kal Mein (You’re there in every moment of mine, You’re there in today and tomorrow)
Hey Shona, Hey Shona, Hey Shona, Hey Shona… (Hey… Lovely one (My sweetheart)!)

Flashback ended

It was best than the best forever, you know why because you also accompanied me that time and made me realize that you are with me at every step if I will tell this story to anybody then they will surely think me mad and would say “just because she sung with you that day it means she will be with you forever!!!” and I always replied “Yes I do because it is not easy to face the audience and that also for the first time but you did it and when for me you can over come that fear of facing everyone on stage then you will do anything for me” Haah!!!! that moment always flashes in my mind and you know it is best because of it now that is my favorite song come let’s remember that moment together (hugged that photograph)


Pragya singing for Abhi

Tumhe Pata Toh Hoga Ke Mere Dil Mein Kya Hai (You would already know what’s inside my heart)
Chalo Kahe Deti Hoon, Kabhi Nahi Jo Kahaa Hai (Okay, now let me say which I have never said before)
Tumhi Mere Har Pal Mein, Tum Aaj Mein, Tum Kal Mein (You’re there in every moment of mine, You’re there in today and tomorrow)
Hey Shona, Hey Shona, Hey Shona, Hey Shona… (Hey… Lovely one!)

Abhi rounding his hand over her shoulder

Tum Jo Ghussa Bhi Karo Toh Mujhe Pyaar Lagata Hai Jaane Kyun (Even if You show Your anger then also it feels like love, I don’t know why)

Pragya smiling at him sung:
Main Toh Jo Bhi Kahu Tumhe Ikraar Lagata Hai Jaane Kyun (Whatever I do, it seems to You as if I’m expressing my love, I don’t know why)

Abhi holding her both hands:
Chhodo Bhi Ye Ada, Paas Aake Zara, Baat Dil Ki Koi Keh Do Na (Leave this grace(style) of Yours be, come near me and tell me some talk of the heart)
Hey Shona, Hey Shona, Hey Shona, Hey Shona… (Hey… Lovely one!)

Flashback ends

Best moment was not when you and me were there on the stage together but the best was when we were alone on the beach as it was your wish to walk on the wet sand feeling cool breeze and walking in that cold environment at a broken boat and cold water was touching our feet


Abhi and Pragya are on beach and Pragya sang for Abhi
Saari Duniya Ko Chhodake Maine Chaaha Hai Ik Tumhe (Leaving the whole world, I have just loved You)

Abhi taking her into embrace:
Maine Zindagi Se Maanga Hai Toh Sirf Maanga Hai Ik Tumhe (I have asked just for You from this life)
Pragya keeping her head on his shoulder:
Abb Isi Chaah Mein, Abb Isi Raah Mein, Zindagi Bhar Mere Tum Ho Na (Now in this desire, in this road, You’re there with me for lifelong)
Hey Shona, Hey Shona, Hey Shona, Hey Shona… (Hey… Lovely one!)

Flashback ends
Alas! these are just memories now, but the golden memories, now you are not with me but I am with someone who needs me, who else it would be none other than our sweet girl Aayat now my only time is for her, I have lost them whom I loved more now I can’t afford if I loss her so my only attention is that Aayat shall get my all time, you know I never changed her name too because everyone believes it that this name is really describes her purity…
End of point of view

he was lost in thoughts and suddenly heard a knock on the door it was dadi she was looking very tensed he asked “What happened dadi? you are looking so tensed!” then she replied “Abhi Aayat is not at home”
Abhi: She must have went to play somewhere if she is not here why are you getting tensed?
Dadi: because we searched her everywhere and she is no where to be found
Abhi: You don’t worry I will see, she must here somewhere only
Dadi nodded and he left the place in search of Aayat and searched her but she was no where to be found he came home back and holding his head got seated on the sofa which was there when Raj asked him “Did you found Aayat Abhi!!!” he replied no in very disappointed manner then Raj said “Why don’t you ask her friends may be some of them took her along with them without intimating us” Dadi said “she can’t be Raj because she was playing with me only and suddenly she got lost” Abhi was feeling like all his courage and all his fear has taken place in his throat, because it was more than two hours were spent and Aayat’s single shadow also wasn’t visible to them then tensed Abhi called someone and the screen with the call reached to someone. A cabin is shown in which a girl is working out deeply on some files having a single gold bangle in her hand and a ring for the first time along with her casual wrist watch seems she is engaged now her phone rang and she picked up the call as the caller ID was showing the name of “Abhishek Mehra” she answered the call and said
Shanaya: Yes Abhishek how do you remembered me this time!!
Abhi: Shanaya Aaayat…..
Shanaya: what happened to Aayat!! what she did now
Abhi: she is no where to be found, I have searched her everywhere
Shanaya while looking at some files: don’t get panic she must be there somewhere only just try to find her
Abhi yelled: why can’t you understand Shanaya, I am saying that she is no where in the house still you are saying search her am I fool that I won’t be able to find my daughter!!!
Shanaya trying to calm him down: Okay relax let me check, hang the call I will see it
Abhi: soon please
Shanaya: of course but first kindly hang up the call
hanging up the call she called Purab
Purab: yes mam
Shanaya: send Bulbul to home and ask her to search for Aaayat Abhishek said she is missing
Purab laughed: never fails to make anyone tense
Shanaya: Just shut up Purab and send her now
Purab: okay I will

sending him she got merged in her work again after few hours she went to Mehra Masion, and seen raged Abhi there
Abhi: Shanaya I asked you to find her and still no traces…
Shanaya: I have sent Bulbul didn’t she reached here!!
Bulbul: here I am mam but unable to find her, I also searched everywhere but she is no where to be found I guess someone kidnapped her
Shanaya glared her for saying so as she knew that what will be Abhi’s reaction after hearing that and as per her expectations his was boiled in anger and holding her arm said
Abhi: I had warned you that if your work became a threat to my daughter then I won’t forgive you…
Dadi: Abhi relax
Abhi: Dadi you only asked me to marry her just for Aayat as you liked her and I also warned her that if her work became threat for her I won’t forgive her
Shanaya shrugged his hand of her and with glaring eyes: Mr. Mehra before jumping on to conclusions learn to wait… and hear other’s point of view too understand!! if you can’t then better after saying stay away from the matter If she is your daughter then she is my responsibility too….
Abhi: If you had ever thought that then you would never had sent Bulbul here instead of coming on your own
Shanaya: if it is the only problem for you then believe me I won’t show my face to you until I find out your daughter and My girl it’s a promise Mr. Mehra saying so she went back from there picking up her bag along with Bulbul then Dadi said to Abhi
Dadi: what have you done Abhi!! are you feeling relaxed now after troubling her this much !!! you know Aayat is mischievous and she must have done that but you never thought about that just don’t want to leave a moment to taunt her and yell at her Abhi just think about what has done for you till now first she gave justice to your love and then she is sacrificing her life just for Aayat she very well knows that you will not accept her ever as your wife but she still married you as I insisted her and now she is getting all this in return you what!! you did same with Pragya too but just the difference was that she never tried to raise her voice in front of you and she never leaves a chance to speak her heart out just think about it Abhi, No girl will do this much and that also for someone else’s daughter, don’t forget Aayat is your daughter but she never had her meal until she talks to Shanaya or sees her face she is your daughter but never sleeps until her mother sings lullaby for her and do you think that lady who is life of your own daughter deserves this arrogance from you!! do she deserves all the time ignorance from you!!! Its okay if you don’t want to move on then don’t do so no one is asking you for doing so but learn respecting that person who is trying to keep your happiness away from any sorrow… I feel shame that my grandson learnt everything but never learnt to keep your ego aside if you want to live in past do so but don’t spoil others life by just not understanding them.

saying so she went from there followed by others too and leaving Abhi in thoughts, Raj kept hand on his shoulder saying
Raj: Dadi is saying right Abhi!! stop doubting her profession for your problems and thinking her the problem of your life Mitali and Maa are getting what they deserved don’t blame her for that I know you still think that if she wouldn’t have investigated this case then Maa and Mitali were left innocent, but why don’t you think that she just worked according to her profession and more than that they deserves punishment Abhi because they didn’t committed sin they had committed crime and crime only have punishment, rest I don’t need to tell as you are well understood for it, but just think we are saying this to you about seventh time from the day till when Mitali and Maa got punishment but you never understood brother we are not praising her neither we are trying to make you understand this because she is your wife nor we are trying to take your side we are just trying to make you face the truth that whatever happened everything was right.. just think about it
Saying so he also left the place and went to Shanaya she was leaving the place he stopped her
Raj: Shanaya stop
Shanaya: What happen Bhaiya
Raj: Shanaya please ignore his words and don’t take such decision of not coming back until you find her what if she is somewhere in home only!!!
Shanaya showing her hand to him: If it is then inform me accordingly if she returns and if not then leave it on me what I will do or what not, come Bulbul
Saying so she puts her shades and then banged the door of the car and Bulbul was driving the car they both left the place.
Flashback ends

Screen shifts towards Shanaya again
Shanaya’s point of view

It is being about three years since we are married but still he never believes me his only problem in my profession which is my passion and love sometimes destiny make us do what we don’t want to Pragya’s justice and Mitali’s hearing to closing of case it took about one year as per every government work and for that he had to be there for attending the decisions and during that interval of time Aayat started thinking that I am her mother as being every motherless girl I was also getting attached to her and started finding ways to meet her, that feeling which was raising for him that time in my heart got buried somewhere my only attraction was Aayat that time and this led to misunderstand me by his family members my brother Purab was insisting me for marriage those days as it was Baba’s wish that I must get married so this responsibility was left on Purab and suddenly one year later one alliance I got and It was his dadi who was there on my door who brought alliance for me and said that “that young girl needs mother care because now I am no more able to take care of a child and Abhi had to concentrate on his work too, so to take care of a child we need someone” being a rude person known by everyone I replied “so why don’t you hire a maid for her” she said “we can but we want her to grow up in the shade of mothers love and fathers love not with the care of maid and the much she is close to you I don’t think so anyone other will be take care of her believe me you will be proved a right person for her” I could never deny over that sentence because really Aayat was so close to me, I agreed for her and now I was her mother after few days people were making fun of mine that “senior officer Shanaya Mathur married to her own case’s victim” but I ignored as for moving your life you have to ignore such things people have habit of blabbering and we must ignore it but this didn’t ended here the feelings which were buried in my heart somewhere they got alive suddenly when I was near him, he never accepted me as he don’t want to cheat his first love Pragya and I also didn’t forced him to move on because I never wanted to force any decision on him neither wished for rights of wife nor wished any thing else from him in that home I was just a mother of a girl who was about three years old hardly, Yes it is true I do feel for him but I don’t want to force my decisions upon him from my side he is free in all ways all means I do not care until he decides to move on but one thing never ever let us stay together that was his hate towards my profession as according to him my enemies can harm his family and specially his daughter and my opinion was that my profession is not a problem for anyone because of this reason I use to stay at home until she sleeps and feels relax then always I use to merge my self in either books or some case studies I always fought for myself and so did I did today, I never stopped him I do like him but I can’t let him overcome my thoughts my profession is my passion I will work and save my close ones too but he will never understand as he can never think from someone else’s point of view and now that’s why I am tired with these daily arguments so I am going to take rest for sometime after finding out where my little girl is
end of point of view

Shanaya was thinking and here screen shifted towards Abhi he went back to his room remembering every thing what Dadi and Raj said to him he thought “did I really do something wrong, I was just concerned about…” suddenly he heard one noise there in cup board he went ahead and opened it and he was shocked to see the person in front of him he immediately knelt down and said
Abhi: Aayat!! you here!! but how
yes it was Aayat
Aayat: I was playing hide n seek with Dadi ma and was hidden there but when she took time I slept here itself did I won Papa!!!
Abhi was taken aback by that as he never checked his room that she could be there also he remembered that he felt a knock of door opening as it was dark in the room but didn’t paid attention because he was all lost in Pragya’s thoughts and that must be the time when Aayat would have entered in the room he came back to his senses when Aayat called him again
Aayat: I won!! papa tell me do I won the game??
Abhi took her in his arms and hugging her tight said “yes you won the game dear but someone lost the game” Aayat innocently asked “Dadi lost the game!!!” Abhi nodded and said ” Now don’t repeat this okay you know how much I was tensed (cupping her face)” she said “I am sorry it is all fault of my nap mummy didn’t came since last two nights na so didn’t got a good sleep did she came today?” Abhi nodded in No and making an upset face Aayat said “Why she do this much work she know I need her you know I get nightmares when I am not with her and those night mares someone comes ahead and says “you are a motherless person” but it is not true na because mummy is with me right!!” Abhi was having tears in his eyes listening the confession that how much she was missing Shanaya he kept her head on his shoulder and informed everyone that she was in his room only Dadi glared him with a disappointed look then called Shanaya to inform that Aayat is at home itself she was hidden in Abhi’s room here screen shifts towards Shanaya she was in the car and said to Bulbul
Shanaya: Bulbul they found her she was at home itself congratulations (with a sigh)
Bulbul stopped the car
Shanaya: what happened? why you stopped the car
Bulbul: this time not your colleague but your sister in law is asking from you that Didi why don’t you talk to Abhi I mean till when these arguments will go on!!! you have married him with full rights and rituals still you both behave like you are bound in a forceful contract why don’t you understand that sometimes for someone’s happiness you have sacrifice your happiness
Shanaya mocked: did you sacrificed your happiness for my brother!!!
Bulbul was numb
Shanaya: then why are you hoping that from me Bulbul we three were at different departments I am five years senior from you both this was just a game of fate that you both got training under my surveillance otherwise we would be at different places as usual so like that time fate played its game this time too Bulbul this is my fight for my right I can not stay back this time not this time every time his thoughts are the only one which are wrong not my opinion now kindly stop discussing this matter and turn the car towards Office
Bulbul nodded in yes and moved towards the office here screen shifted towards Abhi he was on the terrace looking at the stars thinking about the argument which was happened sometimes ago when Shanaya said “Mr. Mehra before jumping on to conclusions learn to wait… and hear other’s point of view too understand!! if you can’t then better after saying stay away from the matter If she is your daughter then she is my responsibility too….” and then what Aayat said “Why she do this much work she know I need her you know I get nightmares when I am not with her and those night mares someone comes ahead and says “you are a motherless person” but it is not true na because mummy is with me right!!” then he thought

Abhi’s point of view

Did I really did something wrong with them!!! I really didn’t tried to understand Shanaya ever!! Am I doing really wrong by not moving on by leaving past ahead is it injustice with her!!! it is true what dadi said that she did everything for me and I kept on thinking that she is threat for me and my family how do I forget that she was the one who saved everyone did I really do something wrong, yes I did it I blamed her for what she don’t deserve to be our marriage was just for the sake of Aayat but what am I doing she is longing for one’s love just because I am always lost with Pragya and she !!! she is with her but when!!! only when she wants to sleep my daughter sorry our daughter wants us both so for that I have to move on!!! would it not become injustice for my love which only belongs to Pragya!!! what to do and what to not is confusing me more one side I am doing injustice with Shanaya and on the other hand if I think to move on then it will be injustice with Pragya’s love what to do god please someone help me out for this.

he came out of thoughts when felt a familiar hand on his shoulder, It was Purab he was the one who became so close friend of him after the case incident he randomly use to visit his home but whenever he does Abhi shares all his sorrows with him this time too he did that he just pulled him into a tight hug
Purab: what happened? why are you here in this chilly night at the time of sleep
Abhi: Purab I am confused
Purab: confused!!
Abhi: yes confused I am unable to decide what I am doing is wrong or right!!
Purab: what are you talking about?
Abhi felt a bit stammered: you…your si…. sis.. sister
Purab: yes I know your present wife is my sister what else
Abhi: okay let me say it directly (he narrated the whole incident) now I am confused after that whether I doing wrong or right!!
Purab: I don’t know about that because it totally your point of view and if you are asking me about wrong then the wrong thing you are doing is doubting didin i and her work you shouldn’t do that because anyone’s passion or work never becomes threat for others… Abhi those who are doing the deadliest thing or those who are criminals they also have a family but they make sure that their profession must never harm them, because they have too many enemies but they never do as like you are doing just think about it did any problem ever came in your life because of her?
Abhi: No
Purab: then why every moment she had to fight for her dignity
Abhi: you are right but now what shall I do!!!
Purab: let her live with her first love that is her job and then ask sorry from her simply
Abhi: but how she is not picking up my call
Purab: I will give you another no. which is of her office she must be there only this time
Abhi nodded in okay and then Purab and Abhi both had chit chat for sometimes and after sometimes Purab went back to home from there as for Abhi he tried to call Shanaya more of the times but she never answered his calls even she switched off her phone and merged herself back into the work again there was piles of files on her table and night lamp was glowing here Abhi now tried the no. which was given by Purab and as it was landline No Shanaya being busy in her work answered the call and as she heard voice of Abhi she was about to hang the call but stopped as he said “please don’t cut the call I want to say something”
Shanaya in an ignoring tone: I don’t have time to get into an argument again so kindly speak what you want to as I have lot’s of work here to do
Abhi: I am sorry…
Shanaya who was flipping out the pages in the file ignoring what he is going to say raised her face up towards the landline as it was on speaker and her face was turned into a shocking expression she looked at that direction but never replied to him and he continued
Abhi: Shanaya today I am here to ask sorry about everything which happened till now, I want to say sorry for every moment in which I humiliated you, I want to ask sorry for the every moment in which I un necessarily blamed you, I want to ask sorry for that every moment when I shouted at you without listening your point of view, I want to say sorry for the every moment that made you stay away from Aayat and spend your nights in your working room, I want to say sorry for the every moment in which you felt betrayed by every person around you and just because of me, I want to ask sorry for not giving that love to you which you deserve being a wife…..
before he could say anything further Shanaya cuts him off
Shanaya: Did I ever said that to you that I need those rights or not did I ever stopped you from loving Pragya yet after she is not alive did I ever stopped you from not moving on in your life, did I ever said that Abhishek I am your wife and you have to live in present
Abhi: no but…
Shanaya: yes I didn’t then why are you feeling sorry for that I never asked you Mr. Abhishek mehra as I know either I or You one among both of us in not worthy of each other so it is waste to talk about it and kindly don’t disturb me after this as I have no courage to do work and these emotional stuffs together
she hanged up the call leaving a shocking face of Abhi behind and here screen shifts towards her cabin she was seated on the chair burying her face in her palms and when she lifted it up, it was clear that Mrs. Shanaya had cried today the one who was away from every emotion cried her heart out today but just the difference was no one was there to hear her sobs and that is what she wanted she left her chair and went towards the window inserting her hand in pocket she took out something it was the Mangalsutra which must be placed on her neck but it wasn’t she looked at it and kept it back again in the pocket

Shanaya’s point of view

Pragya your love has a strong power dear in it self that never let anyone to move on and believe me I respect it that’s why never tried to say him that someone is there who is still waiting for him that he will come and hold her hand and will say that “come let’s start our life” and believe I have stopped thinking about it too yes I know I love him which never happened with his presence but always his memories It is not necessary that love happens when soul meet soul when thoughts meet each other or someone whom you start liking just take a face of love it cant be defined and in case I learnt it that love can be happen with memories too, meeting someone who cant be yours for sometime and then parting away gives you only memories and so I have with me still there in my thoughts those memories are present and from past few days I am meeting the person in memories though, we are just far away from each other as my work is restricting us from being together, out priorities are different in that case until our thoughts meet rather that clashing with each other I have to stay away from everything which makes me weak in front of everyone because if I turned week then everyone’s thoughts will overcome my mentality so better to take time and move ahead and if I went in front of that person who is broken down right now then I will become weak so better I will not go in-front of him for few days.

She sat on table and started working again here Abhi was now in extreme guilt and her words again and again were echoing in his mind when she said “Did I ever said that to you that I need those rights or not did I ever stopped you from loving Pragya yet after she is not alive did I ever stopped you from not moving on in your life, did I ever said that Abhishek I am your wife and you have to live in present yes I didn’t then why are you feeling sorry for that I never asked you Mr. Abhishek mehra as I know either I or You one among both of us in not worthy of each other so it is waste to talk about it and kindly don’t disturb me after this” he was thinking that yes he did wrong still now Pragya was his past but she is his present Pragya have right to stay in his memories for forever but she had right to stay with him for rest of his life it was a different thing if she wouldn’t have married to me then I was permitted to stay in Pragya’s memories but she did it and now I can’t snatch anything what she deserves from her yes now I will say to her that I have decided to move on but how she is not even picking up my call… better to wait for her when she will be back I will talk to her
he started waiting for her and here Aayat was also remembering her as it was long time Shanaya never talk to her so Abhi somehow managed to make her fall asleep and then taking his car keys drove towards the place where Shanaya’s office was and there constables present on duty greeted him and showed him the direction towards her cabin he moved towards the cabin and when opened the door found Shanaya was sleeping on her chair itself he went ahead but didn’t disturbed her, he covered her with a stole which was kept near her and was about to go back when found a note there which was kept on a file and the writing was like someone has scribbled the words in anger he read it and got shocked it was written there “Love is such a worst thing this emotion makes human weak and help less that even they can’t understand any other thing I don’t want to fall in love, I hate the word love, I don’t want to be love, I don’t want to fall in love” a lone tear escaped from his eye and taking that note he kept it in his pocket then left the place and while driving towards home he was remembering what he read on that note and after reaching home with those thoughts itself he drifted into sleep and when woke up found one constable was there in home taking all the files with him which were kept in Shanaya’s working room
Abhi: where are you taking all these
Constable: Mam ordered me to bring them and keep these files as these are completed and which are in complete she wants to finish them all
Abhi: oh! Okay go and keep them
Constable went to keep those files and when he was keeping one envelop fell from one of those files Abhi picked it up and read it was extreme shocked and the burden of guilt was increased after sometimes Shanaya too came there along with Bulbul she was searching for something which she didn’t found Aayat was went to school that time Abhi noticed that she is trying to find out something so he said showing that envelop
Abhi: if I am not wrong you are searching this right!!
Shanaya looked at it and tried to snatch it from him but he hid it at his back and torn it into two pieces
Shanaya: what the hell!!! how dare you torn it
Abhi: I dare it because I am wishing that my wife and a senior CBI officer Mrs. Shanaya Mehra shouldn’t resign her job.
Shanaya looked at him with deep eyes as he said “Mrs. Shanaya mehra” she was shocked and overwhelmed as this was the only thing which she was wishing to hear from him bur controlling her emotions before they get flows from her eyes she asked Bulbul to come with her without saying a word to him and Abhi smiled looking her silence for the first time as by now he was understood what was hidden in her heart here Shanaya asked Bulbul to drive towards office where some reports are to be submitted Bulbul did so there Purab was also present she signed his leave and asked him to take Bulbul somewhere and got busy in work again though she wasn’t having much work so she took some books and started reading it after few hours someone entered in her room like storm and she smiled widely looking at the person it was Aayat she rushed in and jumped on her lap
Shanaya: hey My darling how come you came here??
Aayat: I am angry from you, why don’t you came home from last four days
Shanaya: work load
Aayat: you don’t have any work load I know it, you don’t love that’s why you didn’t came back
Shanaya: Aayat don’t say that even in your dreams too okay (in a stern tone) now tell me how you came here and that too alone
Aayat: I didn’t came alone
Shanaya: then!!
Aayat: I won’t tell it until you tell me that why you didn’t returned home
Shanaya laughed: okay baba now you will not have any complaints because now I will live with all day and night no work and all only Aayat and Mummy
Aayat in a serious tone: really!!
Shanaya nodded in yes Aayat hugged her and said
Aayat: then it is perfectly fine well I am here with someone who is waiting for you outside and asked me to bring you along with me otherwise I will also have to stay here itself
Shanaya: who (with a doubting expression)
Aayat: who else!!! papa brought me here and you know you have to come with me because it is very rare situation because he never went to talk to Maa since yesterday and today morning too he asked me to come with him so we had a leave from school and he from office so please come na
Shanaya was confused but before she could think anything she was dragged by Aayat towards the car and she was surprised as really Abhi was there leaning at car and smiling at her but her face was as usual expressionless
Shanaya: now what do you want?
Abhi: Aayat thank you so much beta you brought your mother out otherwise it is really very hard to talk to her you know now you go and sit inside let me talk to her
Aayat nodded in yes and went in car then Abhi said
Abhi: I just want one thing that there is one party on the launch of new song and I have been invited with my family so I want that My wife must be there
Shanaya: what do you want to prove now why suddenly this thought of wife and all came in your mind
Abhi: may be I am awake from my nap!!!
Shanaya: all are just cheesy stuffs
Abhi: Shana I want you there that’s it and we are going for shopping so get into the car right now
Shanaya glared at him but sat in as Aayat called her and she can’t deny

three of them went for shopping there Shanaya uninterestingly was shopping for herself she selected one shirt and jeans along with a black coat but Abhi never let her do what she wanted and forcefully brought saree for her and asked her to wear that at evening didn’t wanted to create a scene she also accepted and was admiring him because first time this kind of forceful decision by him was for her and she had to accept it as don’t know when will Abhi change his mindset and after all that they went back to home and changed to the party attire and left the place

At party

the party was going on smoothly and Shanaya was getting bored as she wasn’t habitual of such parties when someone came to Abhi who was busy in talking with Aayat and introduced him as lyricist and Shanaya as the reputed person but Abhi stopped them and said “I am sorry but she is Mrs. Shanaya Abhishek Mehra the senior CBI officer” Shanaya looked at him again as his behavior was surprising her then her thoughts broke when the organizer said “Mr Abhishek its been long time that someone had heard your voice kindly sing something for us today” Aayat also insisted so he agreed and winking at Shanaya who was still uninterested in that party took mike and started singing

tere mere sapne sabhi (are there, locked in the eyes,)
tere mere sapne sabhi (are there, locked in the eyes,)
band aankhon ke taale mein hain (are there, locked in the eyes,)
chaabi kahaan DhoonRhein bata (tell me where to look for the keys,)
wo chaand ke pyaale mein hain (they are there in the cup of the moon, (the crescent moon may look like a cup))
phir bhi sapne kar dikhaaun sach to (still, if I make your dreams come true,)
kehna bas yehi (just tell me,)
main tere kaabil hoon ya, tere kaabil nahi (whether I’m worthy of you, or not.)

she remembered that she had said to him “neither I nor you worthy of each other” she was looking at him with eyes filled with emotions when he just came and took Aayat in his hands and sang further and Shanaya imagined that she is also with him that time but with the next moment of his voice she came out of thoughts and he continued

ye sharaaratein, ye mastiyaan (these mischiefs, this fun,)
apna yahi andaaz hai (that’s my style,)
ho… samjhaayein kya kaise kahein (how do I explain, how to tell,)
jeene ka haan isme raaz hai… (that there is the secret of life in this.)

Shanaya imagined

dhaRkan kahaan ye dhaRakti hai (my heart doesn’t beat,)
dil mein teri aawaaz hai (it’s your voice in my heart.)
apni sab khushiyon ka ab to (of all our joys…)
ye aaghaaz hai (this is the beginning)

Abhi sung taking Aayat in his arms:
tere mere sapne sabhi (are there, locked in the eyes,)
band aankhon ke taale mein hain (are there, locked in the eyes,)
chaabi kahaan DhoonRhein bata (tell me where to look for the keys,)
wo chaand ke pyaale mein hain (they are there in the cup of the moon, (the crescent moon may look like a cup))
phir bhi sapne kar dikhaaun sach to (still, if I make your dreams come true,)
kehna bas yehi (just tell me,)
main tere kaabil hoon ya, tere kaabil nahi (whether I’m worthy of you, or not.)

After sometime they left the place and went at a beach Aayat got busy in playing with sand and Abhi stopped Shanaya again and when she turned she found him holding one box in his hand and offered it to her
Shanaya being confused: what is this??
Abhi: Okay I know I took so much time to say this but I just want to say that I have spend my entire savings just to get the perfect diamond
Shanaya: diamond!!!
Abhi: yes as I wasn’t getting the one which can compete your personality so I just want to ask that will you be shine for the rest of my life will be my diamond for the rest of my life
Shanaya: are you proposing me (being shocked)
Abhi: I think so
Shanaya looked at him and he smiled saying
Abhi took her hand taking out their engagement ring he made her wear that new ring and threw that engagement ring in sea water
Shanaya: have you gone mad!! what you did
Abhi: I was mad till now but now got in my senses Shanaya I made you wait so much now no more waiting as I have understood that Pragya is my memory now and you are my present so want to enjoy my every present moment
Shanaya: you will change your statement later
Abhi: give a last chance
Shanaya smiled and for Abhi he was looking her smiling for the first time as he never paid attention so said
Abhi: keep smiling as you look beautiful when you smile
Shanaya giggled so did Abhi and BG played

saagar ki ret pe dil ko jab (on the sand near a seashore)
ye banayengi meri ungliyaan (,when my fingers make a heart)
tere naam ko hi pukaar ke (calling your name only..)
khannkengi meri chooRiyaan (my bangles will jingle)

mean while Aayat came there and jumped in Shanaya’s lap and Abhi surrounded them both in his arms and then looked at Shanaya who was laughing like mad today with Aayat giggling her BG continues with the satisfying face of Abhi

tujhme adaa aisi hai aaj (you today look like,)
uRti hon jaise titliyan (some butterflies flying,)
pheeki ab na hongi kabhi (would never fade…)
ye rangeeniyaan (now this color)

And screen freezed over a happy family.

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