Monday Spoilers 23rd October 2017 Revised

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Sasural Simar Ka:

Bhairavi got Simar’s powers. She has got Devi’s Rudraksh beads in her hand. She has got the beads by luck. She tells Simar that she will use her powers against her now. Simar traps Bhairavi in her plan and makes her speak the truth. Shera records the video. Bhairavi accepts all her crimes. Bhairavi tells she has killed Simar after losing her son to Bharadwaj family. Simar wants to expose Bhairavi by showing a DVD to the family. She thinks everyone will know Bhairavi’s true face. Bhairavi fails Simar’s plan. She breaks the DVD in which all her secrets and truth are recorded. Simar fails to prove anything.


Everyone celebrates Chhat puja. Anurag sees Shrishti and his picture. He gets upset and leaves from the puja. Shrishti becomes a reason for Anurag and Ragini’s problem. Ragini doesn’t like Shrishti, but she supports Shrishti, when Mukhiya stops them from doing Chhat puja and asks them to free their wife from jail. Ragini and Shrishti joins hand. Ragini beats Mukhiya’s men. Shrishti shows the court stay order to police. Shrishti manages the problem legally. She has called police to manage things well.

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