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Hi freinds, first of all am really sorry for making u wait this much,plzzzzz fogive me.
And pritikha dear plzzzzzzzz forgive ur doll for not fulfilling ur wish,, plzzzzzzzzz, I tried, but situations couldn’t permit plzzzzzz am sorry once again.
________________________________________Trisha dear,,plzzzzzz forgive me for always postponing the update dear, I hope u understands me best,and thanks for always being there for me..lovvvvvvvvvve uuuuuuuuuu???????????????????

abhi held pragyas hand tightly and says for once I thought u were pure and brought light to my life, I started to believe u blindly and my love for u was out of bounds,but I was wrong as I didn’t get the chance to actualise the real u, why did u break my heart,why did u betray my trust with this characterless behavior of urs? but not anymore as I won’t tolerate this insolence behavior of urs ,saying so,he released her with a force which made her land on the floor and began to bring out her belongings…
pragya knelt and held his leg saying abhi plzzzz believe me this child is truly urs…….
abhi jerked off her hand and says look at my face very well do I look like a fool to u?
pragya fold her hands and says believe me,, tha,,that,,, that night at the party, u got drunk,but I don’t know who spiked my drink as well ,,,,,,, the truth is I was not in my senses,they asked me to bring u here so that we can have a rest but u took advantage of me and made love to me ….
I tried to tell u the following morning but u woke up being ignorant about whatever happened between us,I felt cheated and heartbroken as well and left the house asap,,plzzz trust me………..

abhi felt as shocked and then broke the suspense by clapping which made pragya stunned ,,he says waaw,wat a story which would melt the heart of world most wicked devil,but am way more vigilante than that,and u know wat? I hate u as ur lies are out of boundary.

Pragya who could not get hold of her tears anymore let loose off her tears which flowed Like an ocean,,she angrily says I ve tried enough to let u know my part of this tragedy ,but u are being dump and I don’t think I owe u an explanation either,wat I don’t care is ur filthy thought…..

But abhi continue to hurt her further saying you can leave my house,life,and my way before I cross my limit,as I got to know u are an opportunist who can make anyone a prey to ur trap,so leave,,, saying so, he left the room . ………

pragya fell on the floor and cried miserably but she suddenly composed herself and started packing ,,,,she recalled abhis accusations and felt helpless…

she thought of staying ,but blushed it off thinking she don’t want to be a torn in abhis flesh,as seeing her would only hurt him and therefore decided to leave.,……..
pragya left stealthily through the back door as she don’t want anyone to see her leaving…….

whereas abhi was waiting impatiently for her to leave,so after several wait which has no sign of she coming out,,he himself went to the room but she was not there ,and so are her things…..
he emotionally and painfully sat on the bed and a whole lot of questions started going through his mind ….. …..

whereas pragya was lifelessly walking by the roadside with her luggage and it looks as if the ground beneath her feet has disappeared while a sad tone of music played in the background as…..

pass aaye……
dooriyaan phir bhi kam naa hui
Ek adhuri si hamari kahani rahi
Aasmaan ko zameen,ye zaroori nahi
jaa milee,,,jaa milee
Rang the noor that
jab kareeb tu tha
Ek jannat sa that,yah yahaan
waqt ki ret pe kuch mere naam sa
likh ke chod gaya tu kahaan.

hamari adhuri Kahani
hamari adhuri kahani (×2)

she lost her balance and about to fall but someone got hold of her in the Nick of time..
it turned out to be her coach….
he concernly asked her if she is okay and why is she walking by the roadside with her luggage, where are u going???

pragya slowly placed her head on his chest and cried uncontrollably which made the coach worried and he asked her to speak up……
pragya with a choke voice tells him everything,,, and he was hell angry,he decided to confront abhi but pragya stopped him midway saying she wants to leave him,his life ,and everything that concerns him………………….

he along with pragya went home and asked pragya to feel at home and asked everything she wants…..

abhi lied down on his bed still worried but just then his eye fell on a piece of paper under his pillow,,he picked it up and begun to read……..

content of the letter reads….
well abhi am really very sorry for hurting u all this months we stayed together ,sorry I couldn’t make a plce in ur heart,, which could assist in making u trust me ,but all is well as we can’t expect to achieve all tat we perceive to ve,,but I never thought u can doubt me sooo much ,I never knew u don’t trust me at all,because I began to love and care for u,I began to feel for u wat i ve never felt for any man. but i couldn’t express my feelings to u bcos,, ur bitter words to me on our wedding night still echoes in my ears,I always try to get close to u but the thought of u being in a relationship with rithika always pulls me back,but abhi how could u make me feel sooo low?plzzzz don’t forget I also ve a self respect, and in my family we are known for the good manners we portray in our society, ,and I want to assure u of one thing,that I would die but won’t ever cheat my husband bcos in my perspective, marriage is a life time commitment and it complies we both……
I could ve killed myself or run away from my wedding if I wasn’t given manners and limits, I married u knowing our first meeting was hell,, u know why i married u ??.because I accepted it as being a part of my destiny,,,,but why am I even clarifying this to u,after all u are still the heartless abhishek who is always right……
but my request and wish to u is don’t ever try to find out the truth bcos it might be ur biggest regret, so don’t try to find it out,, jux keep insinuating that I cheated u,, and I hope with that,u would leave in peace,as I have flee u from this marriage and u ve the right to do wat u want …..the end………..
abhi crushed the paper tightly and his tears were flowing as ever,he thought for a while ,,as to whether wat he is doing is right ,but then the doctors words about pragyas pregnancy still echoes in his mind,which made him feel weak and tensed as well………..

the screen shift to the coach’s place……
pragya called her coach and says plzzzz can u do me a favour? he complies and she told him to help her leave India asap,he complies and says if that’s what she wants then he would send her to Canada so that she can manage his company and junior team over there,,,,,
he asked her to meet her parents before she depart…………….

of which pragya greed to ,but she still look worried and tensed…………..

the screen shift to abhi who went to rithikas place to take a little rest but jux at her door step he heard her speaking to someone which shocked him the most,…..

rithika on phone telling her friend that I ve tried enough to trap abhi ,,but that cartoon baby and her sister always flops it,, that day at the party, I hatched a dubious plan but it got spoiled because of that bulbul………

flashback shows she telling her Friend how she tried to trap abhi at the party…
I set a camera at abhis room and purposely made him drank,,, but jux as he was drinking bulbul took the rest and gave it to pragya and they both got drank,,I decided to send him to his room so that I can capture our intimate moment for publicity and to get sympathy from his family which could lead me to the alter with abhi and our marriage could ve been a success ,,but that bulbul ruined everything by sending pragya instead of me….

abhi who heard all this couldn’t believe his ears and a shiver with mixed emotions were all over his veins and mind ,he tried to approach her but decided to check the camera she talked of ,he quickly went back to his car and drive back in a haste,rithika saw his car going and wonders whether he was here,she tried to call him but thought to wait………

pragya went to her place and knock at the door and bulbul who saw her at the door was more than happy to see her,she hugged her tightly and pragya reciprocated but she saw her discomfort and asked her the reason but pragya changed the topic and asked where is mom,jodha was at the living room so both sisters got there and pragya took jodhas blessing…

she took in some water and jodha says waaw pragya wat a pleasant surprise,,,…

pragya says well mom I came for a visit as she don’t know how to tell them her story…..
jodha says oooh nice to ve u, as ur
in_laws made u forget us completely,, but where is abhi ? she asked, why didn’t he came with u????.

pragya who felt irritated hearing his name says I divorced him,I don’t even want to hear of his name..

all were shocked especially jodah and maan singh ,,they asked wat she meant by that ?? pragya broke into tears and told them everything,,,, while she herself after the revelation was uncontrollable ..jodha hugged her with sooo much emotions as to why her daughter is always a victim to all problems???? they consoled her and pragya told them about her departure from India with the help of her coach ,,,they were all tensed but she assures them all would be well ……

the screen shift to abhi who searched every nook and hook for the camera but he saw nothing and decided to call rithika but jux then,his eye fell on it beneath the mirror he quickly project it to his lap..

first it showed empty objects ,but then he fast forward it and was shocked to see how he had forced pragya to bed even after her several objection.

he shut the laptop and with tears run out to his car and drive quickly to jodhas place…

he got out of his car and quickly approach the gate but jux as he was about to knock, he recalled how pragya had warned him to never confront her even if he finds the truth,, he fell on his knee and cried miserably.. the screen freezes on abhis tensed face……….shall be continued………..

PRECAB::abhi pleading pragya to give him one more chance of which she caresses his face ,and in other situation, pragya was heading to the airport……

lol forgive me ,,my cutie readers as the author is much more confuse than u guys I hope u could bear with my mistakes and drop ur comments as well ….the truth is I post but it got delated I was hesistent to post ,but Trisha assist me with inspirational words, so this ff is accredited to her……

byeeeee love u all????????????????????????????

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