Mera Pagal (OS)

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I am Farie..
I am going to steal ur time with this story.

Huhhh,…its a love story actually..i named it as

❤❤❤❤Mera Pagal❤❤❤❤

Ok let’s give this to our Hero..

Assume it like this Story was saying by our Hero Purab from this..

Purab u know..My name is Purab Khanna..I was leading Designer..Most of the Bollywood actors dresses were designed by me..nd also Rock star Abhi..

Rock Star Abhi..actually i am not upset with him..but kind of Jealous..

Now i was in front of his meet him..

Pragya came there..

Pragya Mehra..Rockstar Abhishek Mehra wife.

I was Abhi Costume Designer. Nd his wife likes my designs for him..i used that nd got appointment for my wife to meet Abhi.

Pragya: Arrey Purab..i said u to come inside na..Come..nd where is ur wife..

Purab: Wo ..she was on the way..Actually she went for her work..even i was waiting for her..

Pragya: kya?? Sunday mein kya work hai??

Purab: She was Tourist guide..nd tourist will be on prob..she is on the way..

We went inside..Anyone can say the Rockstar Abhi house..but not everyone go inside his house..
His house was simply superb..even he was Rockstar..his house was filled with some i meant to side Rockstar ka Dadi doing Pooja..Another side..small kids were playing..maybe his brother’s children..nd another side His brother getting ready for his Office..

Pragya: kya??what u admiring..its not Rockstar house..its just Abhishek ka parivar..

Purab: wahi tho..its not like celebrity house..its full of love..
Nd now i know..why my wife loves him so much..

Pragya: Ahemm..he is my husband..nd what u said ur wife loves my husband?

Abhi: wow..typical wife..jealous huh??

Pragya: Jealous..aisa kuch neih..

Purab smiled by seeing the situation..
Actually this was the situation where daily occurs between Purab nd Bulbul..
She was crazy about Abhi..

Abhi: Arrey r u?? Where is ur wife? I am dying to show my fan to Pragya..i loved to see Pragya in Jealous mode..

Pragya: Really??

Abhi: yes Darling..

Purab smiled by their cute fight.

At that time..Message came to Purab Mobile..

Bulbul: stuck with traffic..please
Say them..i will be there in half n hour.

Abhi: kya hai Bhai?? Wife??

Purab: haan..wo tho stuck with traffic..she will be here in half n hour.

Pragya: No problem..he was free today..nd he will meet ur wife ..

Abhi: agar wife kahe tho..koe excuse hai kya?

Pragya: ok Purab..u said that u are love marriage..Tell us about that..

Purab: Tell us..

Family Members: haan

Full family was there to here my story..

Ok i will say my story..that how i got my pagal..

I will start with where i met her..

My story was sometimes connected with ur husband.

Rockstar Abhishek Mehra ka Concert.

It was the first time am going to meet Abhishek..i have designed his costumes for the first i have came to it was..

Concert was full asusual..i am not interested in this type of concert really..

(While saying i saw Abhi..he acted like that he got angry..but then he smiled)

There i saw my Pagal..she was very excited..

She was a crazy fan of Abhishek..

And I don’t think that time i will become crazy for her..

Ok now my story..

She was shouting Abhi name in entrance..she was eagerly waiting to go in..but the entrance was not open..

This was usual with fans..nd then also one child stood there..maybe he don’t have the ticket..he was also there to see concert.

Then she came near the place where i stood..she came to attend the call..

After speaking she saw that
Child…like anyone can guess..why was he here..

In some minutes..that child went into the entrance..with ticket.

Just now i saw her how she was excited..but she give her ticket to him..

I went behind her..u know i didn’t went behind any girls before that..nd i caught.

Bulbul: why u following me?

Her eyes was looking straight..nd her voice was very bold.

Purab: i just saw u gave ur ticket to that child..just now u was eager to see the concert..

Bulbul: tho kya…i can see his concert at anytime..but he can’t..nd what this do to follow me??

Buzz..our first situation was like this..she confirms that i was some rogue..that who will tease that..etc..

Dadi: did u make her understand?

Purab: neih Dadi..i have managed to be friend with her..she became my friend best friends..

Lekin ur grandson didn’t leave what happened in her birthday..

Abhi: Mae ne kuch neih kiya..

Purab: aap neih..lekin..

He continued to say..

Somehow i came to know her birthday..i want to be the first one to wish her..

So i decided to go to her place..She lives in Hostel,.

It wa 11.55 pm..when i reached her room through window..i arranged cake, chocolates..everyone on the table..nd u know candle was like in heart shape..


12.00 am

Happie Birthday Bulbul!!??

Pragya: wow..

Purab: neih Pragya..wait till i end it..

Back to Story..

How romantically i tried to give birthday wishes to her..but u know what she did..

Bulbul: Abhi…..i love you..

Abhi laughed…he can’t control it..not only he..but everyone..

Pragya: sshh..phir kya hua??

Purab: phir kya..i was really angry..

Abhi: tho kya kiya tune??

Purab: kuch neih..i wake her ..nd said my wishes..

Now even Bunty nd Bubloo were smiled..

Abhi: ok then..

Purab: then after seeing this she was happy to have a friend like me..she said something which she never share this to me in a was long year ago she celebrated her her family was no more..

I don’t know what to do at that time..i just hear her words..

Becoz my mom too was not with me..she died when i was 15 years..nd then my Dad was everything..he waa business Tycoon..i said that i will see his business after my studies..but he advised me to do my passion..eventhough he gave me everything..i can’t overcome my mom’s Matter..

Then life goes like these..i became to realise how much i love her..but i don’t have guts to say this to her..becoz..i can guess..she too felt something for me..but whenever we got close..she tried to escape from that situation..

So i don’t want to compel her.. i will always express my love to her..i don’t want her to commit just becoz i love her..

Like..suddenly i will designed one saree..the first thing came in my mind..i won’t give this to’s designed only for my sweet heart..

Pragya: waa..Purab..kitne sweet hai

Purab: but Rockstar u came in our Story this time too..

Abhi said
How is that possible??what did i do now?

That was the fifth time i was giving her saree..nd also that was the fifth she was refusing to wear..

Abhi: how could i come inside this..arrey Purab..make it clear na..Pragya was staring at me..

Purab: let me say..

After i gave that Saree

Purab: i was asking for long time..wear it once na..

Bulbul: me too saying for long time..that i don’t..

Purab: kyun?? Why do u hate Sarees??

Bulbul: u know what?? Abhi says in one interview..he don’t like sarees..

Now not only Pragya..everyone in family staring Abhi..

Abhi: Arrey bhai..i just said my opinion..

Purab smiled nd continued

The next day was my birthday..i was celebrating it for so many years..but this year makes me some goosebumps..i was like thinking what does she knows my birthday? Does she give me something special?

Frankly speaking..i was waited for her wish..i don’t want to sleep..Actually i can’t..

My heart beat very fast when it was 11.59

Then few more seconds..

Its 12.00 am

Nothing happened..

My dad came there to wish me..nd my friends on Phone..

But she didn’t..i was upset little bit..

Abhi: little bit??

Purab: wo..Not little bit..we can say that i was angry..

Dadi laughed..nd said..

I don’t think u can be angry with her.

Purab: exactly Dadi..all my anger gone..when i ask her reason..
Nd also that day changed me a lot

Pragya: aisa kya hua?

On my Birthday..exactly 7.00 am usually she used to wake..nd usually i used to be in deep phone rings..

I didn’t attend..after some more rings i realised that my phone was ringing..

Nd i saw that was my sweetie..

I was really angry..even i don’t want to speak with her..but as soon as i pressed green button..she said

Happy Birthday Purab..I am Sorry..I am Sorry..Really.. i was thought to wish u on 12.00 am..but i slept ..i am sorry ..i am sorry..

All my anger went when she said her childish reason..

Purab: Relax Bulbul..First of All..Thank u so much..nd u really waited for me to wish at 12 o clock..

Bulbul: haan..sach me..

Purab: Thank u once again..why did u wait for..u can also wish me today..nd why u asking this much Sorry..kya mae special hoon?? Hum aap ke hain koun??

I don’t heard any sound from her side..i assumed that she was blushing..

Purab: koe hai??

Bulbul: haan..

Purab: Sawal ka Jawaab bolo??

Bulbul: koe jawab neih milega tu..come to this exact half n hour..i will msg u address..rakthi hoon..

I smiled usual she never gave her answer..

I went to that place ..where she messaged..

It was the place for what still now i can’t overcome..

My Dad was was orphanage for cancer people..

Most of them was children..

I really scared to step inside..its like i was seeing my Mom face in everyone of them..

My dad was standing there with teary eyes..

He signalled me to come inside..but i can’t..

Suddenly someone held my hand..

It was bulbul..she makes me to step inside..i just don’t know where my fear goes..i just followed her..she says to my dad.

Bulbul: i said na uncle..he will come..

On that time i Dad knows her..

Dad: beta..i know u miss ur mother badly..becoz of this cancer,.she goes away from us..u know these children having cancer nd some disease which can’t be cure..they r not asking for that to be cure..they all had some wishes..want to live happily till they are alive,.so persons like us..its our responsibility to fulfill their needs..i have said this Orphanage Director u will give some amount for their education from ur earnings..i was doing this after i have lost ur Mom..after i lost ur Mom..i realised in this there r so many people suffered from some diseases..even if we can’t save their live..we can make them to live happily..i thought to tell this earlier..but i know that u can’t overcome from ur Maa’s ur Friend she helps me to do this to u..Thank u Bulbul..

One small girl held my hand nd took me to the table..
There was a cake..everyone sings.

Happy Birthday song nd My Bulbul was with them..she too with teary eyes..tried to wipe before i see..

But its too late..something looks different on her..

Yes i got it..

she was wearing the Saree..which i gave her for the first was pale pink..that suits her very well..she wears silver ornaments..that makes her more beautiful..

I enjoyed the day with those children..hereafter no more fear..

Atlast me nd bulbul was alone..she asked me to drop her place..

We reached there..after she step out..i went to her side.nd held her hand..she didn’t stop me..i just saw her eyes..she saw mine..nd..


Abhi: hey hey..stop ..censor this scene..Bunty nd Bubloo hearing ur story..
Bunty.. bubloo..go nd Study..

Bunty £Bubloo: neih neih..

Purab: aisa scene ab neih hai..

Abhi: pakka..

Purab: haan..

Abhi: tho continue..

Purab: Don’t u love me??

Bulbul reaction was like that she knows i am gonna ask her this..

Bulbul: No..i just like u..

She remove my hand nd went..

Bunty: arrey aise kaise ..she said like that..

Bubloo: haan..we can clearly see that she loves u..

Abhi was shocked by hearing their commentary..

Abhi held both of their ears

Abhi: accha..tu dono kya love experts ho?

Bunty £ Bubloo: chodiye chachu..its hurting..chachi aap tho boliyena..

Pragya: chodiyene..ab to climax hai..henna Purab??

Purab: haan..

After saying that she went..she didn’t look back..

I don’t want to end this matter.. i want to hear from her either yes or no..

I went to her room through window..nd hide..

She opened her room door..with eyes full of tears..

Now i got my answer..but why she crying..i have waited..she opened her suitcase..she took some photos..

That was her Maa nd his sister..she said this to me one time..but she said that they died in one accident..

I was confused why was crying..

She begun to speak with photo..

All our relatives said that Papa’s death nd jiju ran away becoz of u..u both tortured one can live with u..

But the truth is they tortured u..becoz of them u both commited suicide..

If i was there with u..i would really stop u..but u both sent me for my studies..even i didn’t know jiju ran away..

After Dad gone our relatives forced dhi to marry..but that culprit ran becoz of some rich b*t*h..after that u both scared whether ur relatives do this also to u sent me for higher studies..

I have dreamed so many..too live with u nd dhi happily..our small that..but before all these u have committed suicide..

Nd after that somehow i escaped from that hell,nd came here..

After coming here..i was very sure not to love someone..especially i don’t want to marry..

But u know what nowadays i am feeling like secure..when i was with Purab..i don’t know whether it was love..but i was like with u nd dhi..whenever with him..but i was scared..what if he too leave me like u all..i can’t tolerate that ..

She was crying saying this..

I thought to come out..i want to clear her confusions that i won’t ran away from her,,

Nd i did ..she was like crying a lot.

At that time i don’t want to compel her anymore..i just said,,

Bulbul listen..i won’t force u to love me..if so..that is not we will be friends like always..i won’t force..ok??

I hugged her..nd went..

I don’t know how many hours she stood like statue..

Next day

She called me said that she was going for some other place.,.

As i expected,.she don’t want to be with me after all she knows she can’t be a friend anymore..

I asked her , begged her for many times..

But she said only no..

So i called her one last time to be with me as a friend..i just want that day not to end..becoz if it ends..she will flew..

But Abhi..u r the one who came into my life once again..

Dadi: phir ye what he did??

Abhi: Arrey dadi..why did u blaming me like Villian?

Pragya: neih neih..aap tho Hero hai..

While hearing this from his wife..he came close nd said..

Abhi: achhaa ji..

Pragya: haan ji..

Bunty: kya chachu?? Censor neih hai kya??

Everyone smiled..they got embarrassed..

Abhi blushed nd ask Purab to continue..

The day was going to end..we were sitting on the bench which was in the park..

My hand held hers..she didn’t say a word..i know she needs me..but she didn’t say a word..

Suddenly one car..passed us..she didn’t noticed that..her Rockstar ka Gaadi..

I took my hand from her..i ran behind the car..i just want to stop ur car..

I was running in middle of the road..which was occupied full of cars, two wheelers…

It was just a second ..if i had not move in one second..i will never be here..

Eventhough i didn’t give up..i
followed ur car..

Bulbul was shocked by this kind of behaviour from me..even she didn’t know what i was following..

Dadi: actually what u trying to do??

I came with one paper..nd gave that to Bulbul..

Abhi: wo.. tu hai..i remember the fan ran in middle of the traffic to get my Autograph..

Purab: haan..

Abhi: i am really impressed..kya bola meri fan Bulbul ne..i am sure she hugged u as soon u went there..

Purab: no..

Abhi: phir kya hua??


Bulbul slapped me..she never seen what i had come with..

Abhi: slapped u..

Purab: haan..

Abhi touches his cheek nd said..


She was really angry with me..she slapped me continuously..she never allowed me to speak..

Bulbul: Pagal hai kya?? Have u lost it?? U know what could happen to u ..if u don’t move in a second..aur what did u to with that car?? Whom did u met?? Whomever may be…can’t u see that road was full of cars, buses..what will i do if something happened to u? Don’t u think about me?? How did u..

I stopped her hand nd tightened it..

Nd i said

Why u leaving me..when u loves me this much?? Please be with me..

She was shocked ..shocked by realising what she has fear of missing me..

Then she cried like a child nd hugged..

Atlast she said


Nd i said love u too..

Abhi: bro..did u shown my autograph??

Pragya : that doesn’t matter..their love got success na??

Abhi: what?? Its my autograph..u never know how precious to my fan? Wo bhi real fan..kya Purab she having that na..

Purab: haan haan..

Hear that too..that was most jealous moment for me..

Dadi, Pragya, Bunty, Bubloo.. everyone stares at Abhi..


I showed the autograph..i went for give u..ur most favourite Abhi The Rockstar ka autograph..

U know what she did..
She broke the hug nd said

Bulbul: Really..Abhi..

She took the paper from nd kissed it..nd said

Abhi I Love You..

Not any lover can overcome this situation..

Abhi: arrey..she was fan..don’t be jealous for this little thing..

While he saying..

Someone knocks the door..

Bunty £ Bubloo: Bulbul!!

Bulbul: tume kaise patha..

Pragya: hum sab patha..

Bulbul: sab..

Dadi: haan Sab,,zara yaha aavo,,i will see u both as a jodi..

Bulbul was confused what was happening..

Purab cleared her confusions..

Bulbul : tu bhi na..

Abhi: arrey ..we forced him to say about u..i mean ur love (he said that by seeing Pragya where she was smiling by seeing his Husband’s childish behaviour)

While seeing him Bulbul begun ti shout..but everyone joined her..

Abhi ….I Love You…

She blushed nd saw Purab..he was the one for this situation..

After chitchat..Bulbul became Abhi’s fan no 1..

Bulbul took photo with him alone..

Nd also with Pragya..nd Purab..

Atlast Bulbul hugged Purab nd says..Purab ..I Love You..

Bunty £ Bubloo: Chachu..we didn’t see anything…???

Bulbul was blushed by hearing them..

Purab: ❤❤❤Mera Pagal❤❤❤

Abhi: was her real love..she just crazy about me,.that’s all..don’t ne jealous..

Pragya: Ahem…

Abhi: its also to you darlin..

The End

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