Me For You (Few shots) shot 3

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ME FOR YOU: (shot 3)
I’m very sry for not update the shot.. I was struck in my personal stuffs.. & priyanka sry dear for my dealy…. u started to search me.. & thanq for that love da.. than q for all readers… & if it is boring tell me frankly…
till now.. we saw our abhi’s love & convo b/m abhi & chitty & abhi & purab.. 7 how abhi confessed his love to pragya.. now lets see.. how pragya feels from the starting day wen she met our hero abhi..

Wat a day is this..!! how can I do this?.. today I have to wear saree for my college function.. I can’t walk properly wen I wore tat salwar itself.. my frnds used to tease me wenever I slipped..then how can I wear this saree & walk properly infront of that much students & chief guest & all.. all this happens to me because of that H.O.D .. sliding tree(sarukku maram!!) God.. save me from falling down.. saying this I looked at the mirror to view myself with simple cotton sky blue color saree with matching blouse & with minimal make up.. & s with my chasma!! “ma I’m going .. it’s getting late..” I said to ma & come to kitty’s home to pick her up.. usually we used to go to bus stand together… & she is my neighbor..

then we reached bus stop & have to cross the road.. so, we are waiting for the signal.. & that time I saw a guy who was lost in his thoughts & crossing the road without his sense.. he wears formals.. blue color shirt with black pant.. lots of trucks , cars, scooty, bikes crossed him with full speed.. I was like shocked to see that scenario .. I don’t want to see an accident.. & i don’t want to see him in a critical condition.. something in me said.. “Go & save him Pragya..” I immediately run towards him & pulled him with me & saved him from a car.. I saw him too close.. he closed his eyes due to fear.. he is top of me.. but, I didn’t feel his weight on me.. I was lost in his cute closed eyes face(making faces like children!!) I’m studying his face with my heart.. my heart says ‘say him ME FOR U’ ..
“Kangal irandaal.. un kangal irandal..
Ennai katti iluthaai.. iluthai pol aaguthu..”
he slowly opened his eyes… & finished…. I forgot that where I’m .. who I’m.. his lips curved for a smile..
“china sirippil.. oru kalla sirippil..
ennai thalli vittu thalli vittu ..
moodi maraithai..”
I want to talk to him.. now.. but, something stopped me…
“Pesa enni sila naal arugil varuven..
pin bu paarvai pothum ena naan ninaithey nagarveney maatri…”
I don’t want to go away from him.. I have no idea who is he.. but I want him in my life for ever.. I felt a weird feel that nobody gave me until now… & I like this weird feel .. I don’t know how I ran to him with this saree.. I know.. I even won’t walk properly with this saree… but, here I ran to save him!! Wat’s happening to me.. I lost in him!! That’s wen
Kitty: di.. come.. orelse I’l miss the bus..
I came to my sense & looked at kitty & then my hero(my hero!! Ha ha.. I fixed tat time itself..) he gave me look like wat..! ‘ plz don’t let me to go!! I want to be like this in ur embrace.. I feel it’s my safest place in the world…’ I thought..
Kitty: uncle … get up first .. then only di can stand…
He gave a oops reaction… & got up from me… then I stood & I can’t stand there because of my nervousness..
Me: come kitty..
I said & hold her hands & then crossed the road..
He too crossed the road & lost in something.. I love kids very much.. they make our life lively & to make us to enjoy in their way.. .. he used to see me … stare me.. & I would love to be in his eye sight.. but, he didn’t let me to see him.. because he is always looking at me.. & I used to see him from corner of my eyes.. I love to stole glances of him in every moment.. & slowly & steadily I fell for him with all beats of my heart.. usually I love to be in my garden… now, I love to be in this bus stop.. I can’t believe that I’m the one who is always used to annoy because of this pollution , traffic & all.. but, now.. I love to spent time in this pollution filled bus stop because of him.. he came into my life like air!! .. & he became my oxygen.. I could not breathe without his thoughts.. I need him for my life.. I’m addicted to him.. I addicted to the man who I really don’t know much.. !! days passed with his thoughts.. I know.. he have some feelings for me.. but, he didn’t know that I have been waiting for him these many days… I want him to confess his love for me.. but, I really enjoyed his presence ..

One day a new little boy came & talked with him.. till now, I don’t know his name… but, I love him.. I don’t know.. why I love him.. Y I care for him.. that first look said that he is mine.. & I’m following my dream!!!tat’s him.. is it a matter to know his name first & then love him.. no na!! I know.. what I’m doing!! My man is always near to me only 2 to 3 steps away from me..
That little boy introduced himself as chitty & asked his name.. I listened clearly to know my man’s name.. he said he is abhisheik.. abhisheik.. nice name na!! no difference.. he is also a kid while talking to that kid.. chitty made him to speak with me.. & he came near to me.. I was on nineth cloud but, I didn’t shown it.. he came & asked sry & thanx.. & blabbered something like a small kid.. & I feel happy after four months of seeing he came & talked to me.. ! but, I don’t want to all look at us.. & for me society matters.. being a single women my ma brought me up like this.. so, I don’t want to low her status.. I pretty well know my mom will agree my decision whatever may be.. I don’t want to rush up things.. & I too need some time to achieve my goals…. so I avoided him.. by saying no need to say sry or thanx.. indirectly I mean no need for sry between us.. but, I pretty sure he didn’t caught my point.. !!

BG song:
Naat kurippil nooru thadavai…
Un peyarai ezhuthum en penaa..
Ezhuthiyathum erumbu moikka ..
Peyarum aanthenna theannna!!!
Sillendru bhoomi irunthum..
Intha tharunathil kulir kaalam kodai aanatheno!!

From this day, I used to write “abhisheik” in my books, note & all .. wenever I get a pen or pencil I used to scribble his name … I reached my height of stupidity wen my college lecturer asked for my name & I said “abhisheik” she glared at me “really it’s ur name?” I gave a oops reaction & said “no mam “ with a grin in my face.. he is making me like a mad… all my frnds were laugh out loud.. & started to tease me.. thank God.. he is not in this college..

Days passed.. chitty & abhisheik were now best of frn
ds & they will argue over silly things!! & I used to admire their talks without seeing them!! some times they made me to laught out loud & cover up with some silly excuses & this Kitty will caught me & gave some murderous look!! But I’m not afraid of that(naanga bayapada maatomeyyy!! ) … I hate these Saturdays & Sundays… because I can’t see him na! but, I make some excuses in Saturdays & go to college.. maximum Saturdays are off for me.. & college bus won’t come to pick up us na.. but, I used to go college by out bus & he used to come along with me in that bus.. he consider my safety.. hmm!!.. but, he didn’t know that I don’t have college in that Saturdays!! (ha ha!!) love to spent some time with him like that is my favorite thing..& I used to spent some time in garden & he didn’t know I extended that time only because of him.. ya.. he used to come there & hide anywhere.. he think that I didn’t knew this.. but, the day he started to come to my garden I know & that’s y I extended that spending time also..
One day at home.. I came from college & saw my house door was closed.. ma told nothing to me.. I thought & pushed the door & “surpriseeeeeeeeeeeeee” purab bhaiyaa said while hugged me… me too hugged him & told wen did u came.. ?
Purab: just 1 hr before.. how r u my princess!! Looks like u r doing good with urrrrrrrrr….. (he winked at me..)
Me: ma is here..
Purab: okay cool … ur studies?..
Me: (with a sheepish smile) going good..
Purab: okay let’s go..
We went our fav place .. our terrace.. we shared a lott in that terrace.. it give us peace & space from others..
me: I’l freshen up & then come..
purab: no need of all that..
he pulled my hand & we reached terrace..
me: (with a pout) I told u na.. I’l get changed..
purab: y? is that guy going to come?.
Me: bhaiyya.. u r talking too much.. it’s my fault.. I said u about him na..
Purab: u think if u not say I won’t get it?.. I know u in & out.. so don’t act smart with me princess..
Me: hmm .. bhai.. u r.. such a drama king..
Purab: as like my princess..
Me:hmm.. I’m going..
Purab: chill princess.. hmm.. tell me about that guy…

Me: bhai.. I told u all.. & now u r again asking me..
Purab: tell me na!!
Me: okay.. I’l tell..
I told him every thing with a smile in face & love in my eyes.. he heard it & said..
Purab: so, u like him this much.. remember ur promise..
Me: I know bhai.. I’m sure u’l like him..
Purab: if not..
Me: (getting sad,looked down) if not I won’t look at him again..
Purab: ( raised my chin with his hand) don’t worry.. wen my princess love him then I too like him…
He kissed my forehead & I let out a happy tear like my marriage is going to happen tomorrow.. I’m satisfied because of his love.. my brother’s love.. nobody can get a brother like him.. FLASHBACK: long back he asked permission to love bulbul bhabhi.. & I said “it’s ur life, u have to choose”… “I know that but u told me na.. u have to give permission to my love wen u r 14..” he said..
“Bhaiyya, .. that is because of my innocence.. & u r asking permission after these many years.. “ I said.. “whatever may princess words are always important to me.. “ he said & after that I saw bulbul bhabhi & really a sweet heart & best pair to my bhaiyya!! & she too made a sweet bond with me & my ma..
Me: bhaiyya .. tomorrow come with me..

Purab: u r going to introduce me to him.?
Me: u r teasing me ryt!! Even I didn’t introduced myself to him..
Purab: I know that.. & I’l come with u..
The next day.. we r on the way to bus stop .. bhaiyya picked kitty in his arms & hold my hand in other hand.. we r about to cross the road & purab bhaiyya teasing me with abhisheik.. & I beat him for that.. we crossed the road & reached our place & kids know my bhaiya.. I said to them” purab uncle came”& he started to tease me as I’m jealous.. blah blah blah.. & I didn’t forget to stole glance of abhisheik.. he is in confused state.. I know.. he looks at purab bhaiyya with hatred .. I want to tell him that purab is my bhaiyya.. but, bhaiyya is teasing me & that kitty made a challenge .. that is .. I have to call abhisheik as bhaiya.. purab bhaiyya winked at me for this stupid challenge.. & all kids started to support bhaiyya.. I don’t have any other way.. I just prayed to god.. plz abhisheik run away from here.. plz… I stepped towards him.. my heart beats gone madly.. now, I’m infront of him.. my eyes widened.. he fell down.. wat can I do.. god.. plz save him.. my eyes filled with tears.. I took his head in my lap & tapped his cheeks.. suniye.. get up.. get up.. I looked at purab.. there he is smiling without any tension.. he closed his eyes in an assured look( I’m here na ..nothing will happen look)
Purab: let him to breath air.. don’t gather like this.. I think he skipped his morning breakfast..
me:: then come to hospital bhaiyya…call ambulance..
Purab: u go to college.. I’l take care..
Pragya: no bhaiyya.. i’l be with u..
‘Wat he is saying.. how can I leave my love in this stage…’ I thought

Purab: no need Pragya.. as a doctor I can know it’s normal unconsciousness or not.. see if it’s due to skipped morning breakfast his left hand’s pinky finger alone will shake…
Wat he is blabbering now.. he is a software engineer & saying that he is a doctor & pinky finger & all.. this pinky finger thing seems to be ridiculous.. then I saw abhisheik’s pinky finger & he is wantedly shaking it.. he is pretending to be unconscious… that also for me… how sweet!!..
Purab: u see.. it’s normal.. his pinky finger is shaking.. no need to take him to hospital.. I will manage .. see ur bus came.. go…
Bhaiyya smiled at me.. & I couldn’t control my laugh because of abhi’s silly antics… now, I don’t want to here his confession & all.. & s.. bhaiyya & I know.. he loves me.. so that he did this silly thing… he don’t want me to call him as brother… love u my boy… !! U made my day by ur love…
Pragya: okay bhaiyya..tak care..
The whole day I was like mad.. full of his thoughts.. that day eve I came & saw purab bhaiyya.. I pulled him to terrace.. & asked want happened..
Purab: first go & freshen up..
Me: no tell me .. wat about him?.. u like him?..

Purab: he is a gud guy..
Me: I know that bhaiyya.. tell me he asked anything about me?
Purab: no…
Me: noo… ??
Purab: no.. but he told me that u r kid for him..
Me: wat?.am I looking like a kid to him..i will see him..
Purab: so, behave like a big girl my princess..
Me (with a pout): okay bhaiya.. then he told any other thing?.
Purab: not much..
Why I feel my bhaiyaa is lying to me?..
(purab’s pov:I know princess.. wat u r thinking now.. I want to give ur happiness .. & that happiness will be wen abhisheik confess his love by himself.. u will be flying in ur college last day..tat’s y I hiding it from u..& I know.. no one can love u like him..)
Back to pragya’s pov:
I’l show him.. who I’m .. he told me as kid.. don’t he have eyes.. that big eyes I used to lost my self.. mr. abhisheik.. see.. from now.. how I will be a big girl.. no no lady.. & then I used to show my anger face to him.. & he always gives a pout.. I love to see that… then last day of my college came.. I know.. here after I will miss this bus stop & my abhisheik.. I want to confess my love to him.. I came to bus stop & looked at chitty.. he is alone.. where is my abhi..
BG SONG: (vinmeen vithaiyil..)
Oru pennaanga un mel naan peraasai konden..
Unnai munnaley paarkum pothu pesaamal nindrean..
Eatharkaga unnai eathir paarkirean..
Enakulley naanum thinam ketkiren..
Inimel naaney nee aanen..
Ivan pinnaley poveney..
Ini neeyum naanum ondraai serthal kaathal irandu eluththu..

I went near to Chitty..
Chitty: hii kitty..
Kitty: hii chitty… di u know.. we became frnds..
Me: how?.. is it true chitty?..
Chitty: ya aunty.. we became frnds.. she helped me by giving her spare pencil to me & saved me from my godsilla teacher!!
Me: wait.. u called me as aunty… ?(with a fake anger..)am I looking like aunty to u?..
Chitty: (he tapped his index finger in his forehead 4 times): noo.. u r not looking like aunty..

Me:then call me as dii na?..
Chitty: no… my order is to call u as aunty..
Me: who said u to call me like that?..(with an anger tone)
Chitty: my captain bhaiyaa.. u know abhisheik bhaiyya.. he told me..
Me: he is an idiot.. if he is ur bhaiyya then how can I be ur aunty.. he didn’t know the basic sense of relationship..
Chitty & kitty started to laugh out loud by hearing this..
Chitty: then how can I call u?..
I told into his ears: call me as bhabhi only infront of ur abhisheik bhaiyya.. & call me as dii infront of others.. if u do this I’l bring whatever u want.. & don’t say this to anyone..
Chitty: then deal dii…I won’t tell this to anyone.. even bhaiyya.
Such a smart boy he is.. I thought.. then said..

Me: if ur bhaiyya is here.. I’m sure I’l kill him.. I won’t leave him..
MAbhisheik: first catch me .. then try to kill me.. by the way I like ur I won’t leave him comment…
God he is here & heard wat I said…I started to run to catch him.. & he started to run…& we reached the nearby park.. & it is a weekdays na.. so, there is only more or less 10 people were present.. & all the kids followed us…
he started to sing & all the kids started to support him.. he proposed me in a unique manner.. I loved the way.. he sung.. he danced.. my cutie pies joined him & it makes me to love him more & more… but, I didn’t give up.. finally he proposed me..
& how can he say me as I’m a kid.. I want to make him restless for sometime.. this is his punishment.. so.. I came from there as an angry bird.. & reached my bus… there I started to smile like an idiot.. how sweet he is… love u sweet heart… today Friday.. & Monday I will come for u eventhough there is no college after today… I’l make u as mine..these 2 days u’l be in a restless state.. this is the punishment for u& don’t dare to tell me as a kid… waiting for Monday my dear valentine!!!!!

Precap: abhi’s Pov: why u did this to me.. u left me.. not only me.. but all of us!! Y u did this pragya?..
Another scence: convo b/n pragya & abhi
Abhi: hey angry bird.. don’t u love me?
Pragya: (crying) I don’t love u..
Abhi: I know the truth .. & I’m sry for..
Pragya: u know the truth & then also came to conveince me.. no one can do this.. I know ur intention… mark my words.. I won’t come with u… go from here.. leave me alone.. I don’t want anybody in my life.. (she cried badly..)

So wat will happen next.. guess.. & tell me how was the shot…try to give ur comments dears.. I’l try to update the next part soon.. happieeeee happiieeeee valentines day to all my dear sisieees & frnds… keep reading .. keep smiling… keep commenting… tak care.. love u all… & plz tell me if I’m boring u… thanx for reading.. 

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