Me For You (Few shots) shot 2

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Me For U(shot 2):

Than q for ur wonderfull support & today it’s little bit big shot… once again thank u all for reading this& try to give ur comments too my dear sisiees & frnds…lets get into the story..

Days passed like hours.. hour passed like minutes!! & now.. chitty & me were best of friends… !!! I don’t know why.. but , I liked his company.. Usually I like to tease kids.. like pinching them, plucking their fav chocolates,making them to cry ,.. by this I enjoy their face reaction & then will get them some chocolates to console them!! 😉 😉 in case of ours!! He is used to tease me like I’m his little bro … that’s not a matter.. the fact is he used to tease me with pragya!!   I really enjoying it!!! Chitty is not a shy guy as he said!! he used to talk with all girls in his class.. he always said that because of me he left his shyness(wat a lie!!) wenever I tried to make him to talk with Pragya or Kitty .. he used to refuse it by saying thala irukra apo vaal aadakodaathu(wen the head is there!! Then the tail won’t dance!!*sry for the poor English..*)
Chitty: captain Bhaiyya!!
Me: yes !! major. Chitty!!!..
Chitty: y don’t u speak with Pragya di?..
Me: First U speak with kitty.. & then I will join u..
Chitty: noo captain.. it’s not tat much easy…
Me: y major?..

Chitty: because.. I have a feeling for her…
Me: feeling ah? Wat.. wat.. feeling?..(ena.. ennaa feeelinguuu!!!)(my eyes popped out for a second!!)
Chitty: Ufff…!!!not like U bahiyya!! I’m a small boy na!! I have a Brotherhood feeling towards her..
Me: then wat is the prbs?.. & u r damaging ur captain….!!! (I said with a fake anger..)

Chitty:sry captain bhaiyya!!(with a puppy face..).. is she will agree me as her brother? That is the doubt..
Me: come on champ… it’s not a big deal..
Chitty: okay bhaiyya.. then we will put an agreement..
Me: & wat is tat agreement?..
Chitty: u Propose dii.. & I’l tell Kitty.. wat u’s also not a big deal na?..
Me: this is not that much is easy chitty..
Chitty: now, u know na.. giving advice to others is very easy.. but following it is very very difficult bhaiyya!! …
Me: I have to learn a lot from u champ… my goodluck…see ur school bus came..

Chitty: ha ha..bye bhaiyya..
I waved bye & look at her.. asusual she is not looking at me… sooo sad na!! then asusual her bus came then my office bus came.. like this days passed..
One day I’m waiting for her arrival.. & I spotted her.. my lips curved to form a smile.. next sec my smiled dropped.. because she is coming with a guy with hand in hand…who is this idiot.. crossing my line.. is he’s her lover?.. God.. no way.. she is mine.. mine only.. he is fair & handsome too.. he is having kitty in his one arms & holding pragya’s hand in another hand.. they are laughing, she is beating his arms for fun, they looks gorgeous together.. oops!! Abhi.. Wat r u thinking man!! U r over reacting..
Chitty: Bhaiyya….!! (he shouted in my ears by standing in the stone bench to reach my height..)

Me: y r u shouting Chitty?..
Chitty: wat else I have to do?.. for the past 5 mins I’m calling U.. & U r looking at the new uncle.. by the way he is handsome too…
Me: not as much as me…
Chitty: Jealousy.. hmm.. control urself bhaiyya.. all went out of our hand.. now, we can only see at them…
Me: wat?..
Chitty: how many times I told u to talk with Pragya di.. If u heard me once then this time U r in that new guys position .. Now.. see!! U r out of focus!!
God!!! Now also he is teasing me…
Me: shut up & get lost chitty.. if u say like this once again I will never buy ur stickers & chocos for sure..
Chitty: who told u that he is handsome … no way.. U r the most handsome guy.. I tell u he will be pragya diii’s bhaiyya. I know about dii’s selection..her taste will not this much bad!!Now, u r happiee na ?.. bring my choco… & sticker bhaiya..
Me: if ur words comes tru.. then I’ll give u 10 chocos…
He kissed me & said : definitely.. definitely..
Wat a demon he is.. easily changing his words.. hmm..!! I started to look at them with a sad face… I also realized that.. I’m losing her.. but, I didn’t give up.. he can be her bhaiyya(brother) na?!! let’s see abhii.. don’t lose ur hope… I focused on only that 2 persons convo…
Pragya: (with a little bit raised voice): see here kids… Ur fav Purab uncle came to meet u all…
The kids started to shout…purab uncle… purab uncle..
Purab: hii sweet hearts.. how are u all.. Prag
ya how many time I told u .. not to tell me as Uncle.. I’m ur bhaiyya na kids?..!
Kids: ha… purab bhaiyya(brother)
Pragya: they will call u as uncle.. because u r uncle..
Purab: pragya.. u r jealous.. that’s y u r talking like this..
Pragya: y should i?…
Purab: because I’m ur bro na?.. if anyone call me as bro u r feeling unsecured!! That’s y..

(my thought: thank God he is her brother… )
Pragya: u & ur idiotic imagination…
Purab: then allow them to call me as brother..
Pragya: no way..
(my thought:goddddd! They r arguing over this silly thing!!!)
Purab: then agree that u feel jealous!!
Pragya: then tell me.. wen I call somebody as bhaiyya(brother).. u won’t feel bad???
Purab:no way..y should i.. ?if u have any doubt, then u can clear now..
Pragya: (with an anger tone): idiot bhaiyya..
Kitty: silenceeeeeeeeeeeee……. U r fighting like kids… even kids have some sense that others will watch us.. but, u both r fighting.. fighting… fighting …..hmmmm….okay.. I have some solution for ur prblm..
Pragya&purab: wat is that madam…

Kitty: (pointing to me) go & talk to that uncle.. call him as brother.. my purab uncle won’t be anger on u.. try it..
Purab winked at pragya&gave a hifi to kitty…
Purab:u r my sweet heart kitty.. love u.. (he kissed her forehead.. )
(my thoughts: These 2 idiots are playing in my life… she is going to call me as brother.. abhi.. don’t hesitate to run from here.. or else she will come to me & call me as brother even that 2 devils make her to tie rocky in my hand!!!& celebrate raksha bandan!! .. run abhi run… wait abhi she is telling something..)
Pragya: how can I call an unknown man as bhaiyya?..
Purab: my chilly sisy.. we r telling u to call him as bhaiyya.. not sweet heart or love.. got it..

(My thought: he is taking on my nerve.. if he is not pragya’s brother .. sure I’l give a punch in his face…& she said me unknown man… wat’s going on.. wat she is thinking… abhi beta calling unknown person is 10000 better than calling brother by her.. so, control urself)
Kitty : go dii.. just going to speak with ur brother.. don’t hesitate..
My chitty is far better than this kitty… oooh nooo… she is coming..again I feel my heart beat reached my head… aww.. now.. I couldn’t run also.. that chitty is laughing at my condition… is it my fate… no… I will .. & I can fail their plan!! Abhii!! Fell down & close ur eyes…!! I fell down like an unconcious man.. all gathered around me… after few secs,
Pragya: suniye(listen) get up… get up..

she took my head in her laps & taped my cheeks…! I controlled myself not to overact & under act… just be perfect..
Purab: let him to breath air.. don’t gather like this.. I think he skipped his morning breakfast..
Pragy: then come to hospital bhaiyya…call ambulance..
Purab: u go to college.. I’l take care..
Pragya: no bhaiyya.. i’l be with u..
Purab: no need Pragya.. as a doctor I can know it’s normal unconsciousness or not.. see if it’s due to skipped morning breakfast his left hand’s pinky finger alone will shake…
I’m the synonym of intelligence without thinking much started to shake my left hand’s pinky finger… I know if I go to hospital then they will easily found out wat I’m doing.. to avoid that hospital atmosphere I shook my pinky finger..
Purab: u see.. it’s normal.. his pinky finger is shaking.. no need to take him to hospital.. I will manage .. see ur bus came.. go…
Pragya: okay bhaiyya..tak care..
I think she left.. I’m waiting for someone to splash water on my face.. but, no one done this.. wat’s going on here.. how can I get up just like that.. I don’t know who is around me… God!! Why r u testing my patience…!! After 10 mins someone splashed water in my face .. thank God!! I opened my eyes only to see grinning Purab… why the hell he is laughing at me… wat’s wrong with him… but, I have to maintain as I’m sick na..
Me: where am i?.. wat happened to me?.
Purab: u r in mysore maharaja’s palace…

Me: wat?..
Is he thinking I’m a blind or wat… saying that he is grinning his ear to ear…
Purab: u know wat… don’t try to act smart… !!
Me: wat r u blabbering?..
Purab: I’m purab.. I’m working as a software engineer in xyz company..
Me:tat’s not my prblm…
That’s wen I realized that he said he is a doctor & that pinky finger thing.. it’s all used to trap me… & I’m trapped.. now,I’m grinning to my ear to ear like an idiot…

Purab: now.. u get that?..(with a stern tone)
Me: ya.. I didn’t mean to..
Purab: I know.. wat u r trying to do… don’t do this again.. still she is kid.. she don’t know about these things…(with an anger tone..)
I can understand .. as a brother he is in range…
Me: I know she is a kid..
Purab: then y r u following her.. leave her..
Me: did I disturbed her? u ask urself to her.. & get ur answer.. & by the way.. I don’t want to disturb her studies too.. tat’s y I’m not at all talking to her.. I know .. she too have some dreams about her career..
Purab: then u won’t propose her..till she achieve her aim!!
Me: I said like that?.. no.. no.. I’ll propose her in the last day of her exams..
Purab: do u know about her?..
Me: not that much.. but, I know her little bit..
Purab: & may I know wat u knew?..

Me: (with a smile in my face.. love in my eyes..)ofcourse.. she is pragya.. pragya arora.. studying botany.. & have interest in making her surroundings green!! & a little example is her home with a mini garden.. where u can see different types of plants… she spend some times in that garden..with strangers she is calm & obedient…she is talkative too to her close buddy.. she is missing her pa.. bcoz he is no more.. her ma is her only hope& she stands for her ma in every situation..till now she is a kid.. but, matured too… she love kids.. wenever she is with kids, she too became one among them!! her eyes speaks more than her mouth… she like to irritate u… wenever I didn’t see her…, she used to see me by her corner of her eyes… & her lips will curve for a cute smile… she loves to be simple.. & it suits her well.. & about her studies.. she is the topper of her class.. & she…
Purab: hey.. stop stop.. how much u r telling about her.. u said u knew little about her.. but u r telling whatever I know& more than that also
Me: this is not that much as u r saying.. I have more & more to say…
Purab: okay .. I agree.. I can’t search a understanding guy like u.. but, u know.. who am i?..

Me: that is the thing I wonder.. how I missed to know about u.. !!
Purab: because I’m not her family member.. that’s y u didn’t know me..
Me: then how?..
Purab: hmm..she is my neighbour.. I’m 4 yrs older than her.. in my age of 15 I lost my parents.. I became an orphan.. but, she is the who took care of me.. I used to live alone.. but, she is the one to bring food & spend time with me & I used to call her ma as ma.. we shared all the things& i became her bhaiyya in all means.. but, I used to stay in my house because of my parent’s sentiment..after completed my hr.sec. I got merit placement in Mumbai & then I got selected in campus also.. so, these years I visit wenever I got leave..she is my support… without her I’m nothing.. if incase I use the word I’m orphan she will beat me like anything.. now, I won’t tell her like that.. she gave me a new life.. new family..
He concluded his speech with a drop of tear& a smile in his lips.. I smiled & proud of her..
Purab: If anything wrong happens to her.. I won’t tolerate it..
I understood wat he is trying to say..
Me: believe me.. I won’t hurt her.. I love her.. & I won’t leave her..
Purab: let’s see.. tak care.. bye..
He said & went from my eye sight.. these many days.. I loved her a’s true.. & now, my respect towards her increased… !! wat a girl she is.. loving others unconditionally without any expectations!!.. but, she did not love me like this.. I’m longing for her love.. care.. & all…
After I met Purab… she used to see me like I did something worst.. like killed a person… she used to see me like an murderer..her face shows her anger & her eyes shows her love.. wat kind of confusion is this… days passed with my confusion..
Finally the day arrived.. the last day of her college!! I know.. today she didn’t have any exams ..I hide behind a pillar.. & she saw chitty is alone.. so, she came near to him..
Chitty: hii kitty..
Kitty: hii chitty… di u know.. we became frnds..

Pragya: how?.. is it true chitty?..
Chitty: ya aunty.. we became frnds.. she helped me by giving her spare pencil to me & saved me from my godsilla teacher!!
Pragya: wait.. u called me as aunty… ?(with a fake anger..)am I looking like aunty to u?..
Chitty: (he tapped his index finger in his forehead 4 times): noo.. u r not looking like aunty..
Pragya:then call me as dii na?..
Chitty: no… my order is to call u as aunty..
Pragya: who said u to call me like that?..(with an anger tone)
Chitty: my captain bhaiyaa.. u know abhisheik bhaiyya.. he told me..
Pragya: he is an idiot.. if he is ur bhaiyya then how can I be ur aunty.. he didn’t know the basic sense of relationship..

Chitty & kitty started to laugh out loud by hearing this..
Chitty: then how can I call u?..
Pragya told something into his ears &then said loud: if u call me like this I’l bring u whatever u want.. & don’t tell to anyone..
Chitty: then deal dii…I won’t tell this to anyone.. even bhaiyya.
He is calling her as dii..then we r brother sister na!!!this idiot also calling her as dii..i thought
Pragya: if ur bhaiyya is here.. I’m sure I’l kill him.. I won’t leave him..
Me: first catch me .. then try to kill me.. by the way I like ur I won’t leave him comment…
She started to run to catch me.. & I started to run…& we reached the nearby park.. & it is a weekdays na.. so, there is only more or less 10 people were present.. & all the kids followed us…
I started to sing & all the kids started to support me…

Oru punnagai poovae,
Siru pookkalin theevae,
Engaiyoe pogindra megam nirkkuthu,
En paerai unn paerai solli alaikkuthu,
Love pannu,
Love pannu,
We are dancing & she is moving moving…
Oh Oha
Oru punnagai poovae,
Siru pookkalin theevae,
Nee yennai mattum kaadhal pannu,
Yen vaaliba nenjam,
Unn kaaladi kenjum,
Siru kaadhal pichai podu kannu,
Naan kenji kaetkum neram,
Unn nenjin oram eeram,
Ahh, chacho acho, kaadhal vaarathoe?

(we rounded her…)
Suriyan vaasal vanthu ice cream koodukkum,

kids:Oodaathaamaa, veelaathammaa,

me:Chandran ullae vanthu chocolate koodukkum,

kids:Suthaathamma, reeluthaammaa,
she is walking & we are following her with flowers..
Unn padukkai araiyilae,
Oru vasantham vaendumaa?
Unn kuliyal araiyilae,
Winter season vaendumaa?
Nee maara sonnathum,
Naangu seasonum maara vaendumaa?
Love pannu,
(we are teasing her & she shows her annoying face..!!)
Embathu aandungal ilamaiyum vaendumaa?
kids:Meiyaagumaa? Meiyaagumaa?
ME:Sodakkondru pottathum sorgam vaendumaa?

kids:Meiyaagumaa? Meiyaagumaa?

Ada vellai vellaiyaay,
Or iravu vaendumaa?
Pudhu velicham podavae,
Iru nilavu vaendumaa?
Unnai kaalai maalaiyum,
Sootri varuvathu,
Kaadhal seiyavae,
Love pannu, aiyo pannu!..
I knelt down & stretched my both hands.. & waiting for her reply… she gave an angry look & ran to the bus stop …. I don’t know.. wat’s her reply now… I felt sad & went from there..

So guys!! Did u like it.. it’s some wat cinematic na!! anyways drop ur comments then only I can continue this story with full sprit..keep reading.. keep smiling.. keep commenting.. tak care…love u all… forgive me for my mistakes…!!

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