Me For You (Few shots) shot 1

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ME FOR YOU (few shots..) shot 1:
Hiiiiii my sweet sisieeees & lovely frnds!! This is nivethaa ..back with a few shot story..Missing u all.. hope u remember me… than q for ur lovable support to my previous story.. & I hope u people will support me like that.. I think.. I won’t give regular & long updates.. but I’l try my best to be regular.. coming to the story.. I hope it will have some message..& I’ll try to entertain u ..thank u sooo soo much my dears!! & try to leave ur comments!!

Abhi’s POV:
A sweet day.. cool morning.. busy road…in a bus stop…
I’m new to this city & working in an MNC .. waiting for my office bus.. I saw her with some small kids..I think she is a college going girl… I started to like her not because she is beautiful but because she became a kid with that kids!! She is cute… I admired her… I feel…I know her for years!! .. I think she is my previous birth life partner!!!..
BG song:
Engaiyo paartha mayakam..
Eppotho vaazhtha nerukkam….
Devathai intha saalai ooram ..
Varuvanthu enna maayam maayam…
Kan thiranthu ival paarkum pothu..
Kadavulai indru nambum manathu!!..
Innum kangal thirakaatha selvam…
Oru kodi poo pookum vekkam…
Aan manathai alikka vantha saabam..
Arivai mayakum maya thaagam!!
Ivalai paartha inbam pothum..
Vaalzhnthu parka nejam eangum!!
Kanavugalil vaazhntha naalai..
Kan eathirey paarkirean!!..
Kathagaliley ketta penna!!
Thirumbi thirumbi paarkirean!!
Angal vetka padum tharunam..
Unnai paartha pinbu naan kandu kondean!!
Intha idathil innum nirka ..
Ithaiyam koda yeanguthey..
Yenaanatho.. yeathaanatho..
Kannadi pol udainthidum manathu… !!
A school bus came & she waved bye to the kids after 5 minutes her college bus came.. so she went from there… then my office bus came & I reached my office & she reached inner chamber of my heart!!.. the day went with full of her thoughts…!! I don’t know y!! but my heart is full of her thoughts… I couldn’t understand wat I’m feeling for her.. I’m waiting for the next morning.. & the night passed with full of dreams& the dreams full of that girl..

The next day!!
I came earlier than the previous day & waiting for that girl.. suddenly my heart started to beat fast.. I can feel her presence near by me.. I turn my head left & right to see whether she is coming or not.. to my bad luck, she is not coming.. then why I feel like she is near.. with a sad face I looked up & saw straight.. yes!! There she is coming .. trying to cross the road.. a little girl held her hand tightly.. she looks pretty than yesterday.. & the reason is she is wearing a cotton saree.. (just imagine Vinnai thandi varuvaaya thrisha’s costume..) it suits her well..simple yet beautiful.. & I was mesmerized by her beauty.. but she is trying hard not to fell down.. she couldn’t walk properly..her face is worth to watch.. I think it’s the first time she is wearing saree.. & I don’t know wat’s happening around me.. she looked at me with a confused & shocked look.. she ran towards me.. God !! Is she going to propose me??…. I turned my left only to see a car with full speed comes towards me.. I closed my eyes due to fear.. a hand pulled me & I safely landed on a bed.. I opened my eyes.. oops!! That is not a bed .. she is below me.. & I’m top of her.. our eyes locked for some good minutes..
BG song:
Vinmeen vithaiyil nilavaai mulaithen..
Penmen vizhiyil ennaiye tholaithean!!..
Mazhaiyin isai kettu…
Malarkey thalai aatu..!!
Ini neeyum naanum ondrai sernthaal kathal irandu ezhuthu…

“dii.. come quick orelse I will miss my bus..” the small girl said..
I don’t know what stops her from moving away from me…
“Uncle… get up first.. then only dii can stand..” the girl told me… ho ho…this is the reason.. I mentally slapped myself & stood up..
She stood up & said ” come kitty..”& hold the little girl’s hand..then crossed the road.. oops!! I didn’t said even a thanx to her.. I crossed the road & went near to her.. she is busy in talking with that kids.. asusual I stopped myself & started to admire her.. she loves children very much!!! …” don’t worry my lady love.. we can give birth to lots of babies!! “ I thought..
Days passed like this.. coming to bus stop.. looking at her until her bus comes.. then going to office & sunk in her thoughts… this is the routine of my life & it’s not at all boring to me!! ;)I loved to be like this!! sometime the children used to shout “pragya diii”.. so, I came to know her name as “PRAGYA” .. nice name na!!
BG song:
Un perai sonnaley..
Ull nenjil kondaattam..
Unodu vaazhthida thaaney..
Uyir vaalum poraatam!!
Nee paarkum pothey mazhai aaven!!..
Un anbil kaneer thuli aaven…
Nee illai endral ennaaven..
Nerupodu vetheay mannaven..!!

One day a new comer came to that bus stop.. & he is too cute too… every one will like him due to his chubby face & mischievous antics..
The boy: hii bhaiyya…!!
Me: hii.. champ… !!(yes he is a school going kid..!!) Wat’s ur name?..
Boy: my family & frnds call me as “Chitty..”
Me: so, can I call u as chitty?..
Chitty: s! u can.. friends(he hooked his index finger with mine..)
I smiled & said..
Me: okay frnds..! chitty… hmm … I didn’t seen u before…?
Chitty: I’m new bhaiyya.. & I don’t know anyone here.. & I’m very shy to go there(pointing to Pragya.. )
Me: y chitty?..
Chitty: lots of girls na!! that’s y..
Me: hmm.. come on champ.. don’t be shy.. u r a boy na?..
Chitty: so u don’t feel shy ?..
Me: y should I?
Chitty: then prove me…
Me: how?..
Chitty: (pointing to Pragya..) Go & talk to that dii..
Me: wat?..
Chitty: yes!! Prove me bhaiyya!!
Me: no.. chitty.. this is not right..
Chitty: now , u r going.. pinky promise…
I nodded my head only for his satisfaction.. but, my legs are shaking like anything.. (building stronguuu!! Basement weakuuu!! ;)…) I’m going near to her… my breath becomes unusual.. my heartbeats are raising & reaching my head!!.. (lub dub.. lub dub…) I don’t want to drop my image before that little sweet heart chitty.. she looked at me…
Me:I’m sry..
Pragya: sry?… sry for wat?..(confused tone)
Me: no… no sry.. thank…. Thank u..…(stammered a bit..)
Pragya: now thanx for wat?..
Me: sry…. Sry & thank u… (stammered again!!)
Pragya: wat u want?.. r u okay?.. why are u blabbering?..
Me: I mean to say …. Thanx for saving me from that accident…
Pragya(smiled a bit): that happened four months back.. now u r saying thanx to that… hmm.. wat a fast… !
Me: that’s y I asked sry too..
Pragya: ho.. wat a brilliant guy.. it’s okay.. no need to be sry or to say thank u can go..
I smiled at her & I said “okay bye” & moved to chitty..
Me: how is it?..
Chitty: super….. bhaiyya.!! U r my role model.. like u.. I’ll leave my shyness..
God … this small demon made me to look at my graveyard just now..& now he is praising me… !! first day itself like this… God plz save me from him.. but, I’m happy that I talked to her.. she made my day!!!
After that incident.. I started to smile at her wenever I look at her.. no,wenever she looks at me.. because I’m always looking at her na!! 😉 😉 she started to stare at me wenever she looked at me.. Chitty will laugh out loud by seeing this scenario… tat small girl kitty will give a murderous look…!!wenever I see her..

BG song:
Vinmeen vithaiyil song mid..
Naan pesatha mounam ellam un kangal pesum!!
Unnai kaanaatha neram ennai kadikaram ketkum!!
Manal meethu thoorum mazhai polavey..
Manathodu nee than nulainthaaiyadiii..
Muthal pean thaaney.. nee thaney..
Enakkul naaney earpeaney..
Ini neeyum naanum ondrai serthaal kaathal irandu ezhuthu..

My fav place is that bus stop .. I know only 10 to 15 mins I’m seeing her.. but,daily it made my day .. y all these Sundays are coming!! I hate u Sunday.. because I couldn’t see her na!..

Precap: I saw her with a guy!!! who is this idiot!! crossing my line!!

As of now!! I can type this much only.. I’ll try to update the next one soon only u guys like it!! Give ur views to me whether I can continue it or not!!.. thank u for reading it.. keep smiling .. keep reading .. keep commenting my dears!!

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