Maybe its late…but its True (Part 1)

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As usual Our hero named as Purab

Heroine Bulbul

Bulbul came from institute..she was MBA Student.
There is no smile in her face..its been a some years..her smile faded from her face..

While she was going someone called from her back..

She turned to she was shock..actually its not only shock..she can’t judge that feeling inside her.

She can’t even fake a smile..she was paused..

Purab: Hello..

He waved his response ..then he shook her..

She realised that was real..

Bulbul: Purab

Purab was so happy to see her..Actually his love..His First love..He never thought that he would meet him after all these year..

He was so upset after she left school..that to after he proposed her..He knows that she too felt for him..but he don’t know till now..why she left..left from their friends, from his whole life..
It was like she was erased from his life..

Purab: I was so see u..actually i can’t believe..i am really speaking to u.i..i missed u so much..nd what u doing here? U doing some PG?

Bulbul managed herself to answer..

Bulbul: haan..DoingMBA…ok bye..its getting late..

Purab: Bulbul ..don’t u ask about me anything?? How was i? Anything??

Bulbul : I am sorry,.i didn’t mean are you??

Purab understood that she don’t want to speak with him..He began to say something..but something happened which makes Purab in a terrible shock..

Riya: Mama.

Purab: Mama??

Purab was little bit sad..but he didn’t show that to her..He thought like maybe he doesn’t love him..that’s why he married someone..

Purab managed to speak..

Purab: hey baby doll..what’s ur name?

Riya saw her Mom..asked her by signal whether she can say her name..Bulbul signalled her yes..

Riya said with cute smile her name..

Purab: That was sweet name..nd Bulbul .

Bulbul: Purab It’s getting late..see you..

Then she went like lightning .

Bulbul was on her way to home..her mind, thoughts everyone filled with her past..bitter nd sweet..

Some memories she don’t want to forget..some memories she don’t want to remember..

Images flashed in her mind..

On 12 th grade..there was one more exam to complete her 12 th grade..before that exam..

Purab came to the shop near her house..He knew that she would come her..

After she came..Bulbul knew..for what purpose he came there..she was dying to hear that..from him..

He said to her that he was in love with her..She smiled,.she was too happy to hear that..but she said nothing in return..

Purab understood her situations..nd asked to say her reply next day..after completing board exam..
Nd he went..

Purab thought that she will be with him forever..

After Bulbul returning to her home,.she saw her father with angry face..Bulbul’s mother died at her early age..He was angry man..he never hear her words..He always believed his Friend’s Nand Kishore words more than her.

But he was with her Dad..becoz of his Properties..Bulbul’s Mom tried to make him to understand this.but he never listen..

Now her Dad didn’t say a word to her,.still watching her in angry face..

Next day..after completing Board exam.. Kishore waited for pick up..she refused to go with him..she also wants to say her love..but she didn’t find Purab..maybe he still writing..She guessed something wrong was going to she guessed..Her Father makes all arrangements for Marriage with Kishore’s son Rahul. She was shattered..she can’t able to oppose anything..becoz she knows about him ..Marriage held as they decided..

But it was the most hatest part in her life..if she hate her Father nd his friend 100 percent..then Rahul was 200 percent..He forced her to be his wife..after an year she gave birth to girl child,.she was so happy atleast there is someone for her to be happy. But her happiness was for some days..

Kishore only wants her Dad’s Properties..His Dad
Died next year..he changed all his Properties in the name of his as soon as he got the properties..they threw both Bulbul nd Her daughter Riya out..

And also he married another girl..she didn’t care about all that..She cried a lot about those Mess happened in her life..then she decided..she should create her own life..she joined College to finish her UG..while doing part time job..then PG..

Now Riya was 4..

Her world, life is only for Riya..She don’t want to loss her Daughter…

Bulbul interrupted by Riya..

Riya: who was that Mom?

Bulbul: His name was Purab..My Friend.

After finishing dinner.
They went to sleep.

Bulbul was scared about Purab..Maybe he was her love ..but now she was Mother..she don’t want her old love to ruin this happiness..

Scene shifted to Purab.

He was standing in his balcony..he was so happy to see his love..after a long time..but something he felt wrong..

His Dadi came there..He lost his parents in his early age..his Dadi take care of him from his childhood.And she know every movement of him..

Dadi: koe baad hai??

Purab: haan Dadi..i saw Bulbul..u remember na??

Dadi: can i forget? She was ur finally..ur love..

Purab: neih Dadi..she was married ..nd mother of one Girl..

Dadi: oh..chal tk..don’t worry about that..wait ..what u angry with her?

Purab: neih neih can i get angry with her..i was so happy..atleast she found her love..

Dadi: phir..

Purab: something wrong..she was not happy..there was no usual happiness in her face..
I want to find that.

Dadi: u will find it definitely if something is there…hope she is fine.. go to sleep now..

To be Continued…

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