‘May I Come In Madam?’ Actress Chose Unique Way To Lose Weight And The Result Is Breathtaking

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'May I Come In Madam?' Actress Chose Unique Way To Lose Weight And The Result Is Breathtaking

We all know that celeb world is all about glamour which means being up to date from top to toe 24/7. Being in shape becomes the general practice for every celeb to get that kind of limelight and ultimately, work that they intend to. 

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Body transformation Of Neha Pendse

We have seen many celebs in the past whose body transformation has set a lot of tongue wagging. We are talking about the actress who worked in Marathi, Telugu, Tamil, Malayalam and even Hindi films. 

Body transformation Of Neha Pendse

She’s none other than actress Sanjana from TV serial May I Come In Madam?, known as Neha Pendse. How we came to know that she has shed many kilos is through her official Instagram handle where the actress posted her recent picture in a black bikini as she’s holidaying in the Maldives. Check her breathtaking picture here: 

Body transformation Of Neha Pendse

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This picture surprised everyone and so we dug in more to know the real reason behind such a drastic weight loss. As per reports, it is said that the actress was told by the filmmakers that if she doesn’t get in shape, she will be replaced in many roles. 

Body transformation Of Neha Pendse

This is definitely disturbing for an actress and seems like Neha took filmmaker’s word too seriously and started working towards it. She started doing pole dance to lose those extra fats. 

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Body transformation Of Neha Pendse

Seeing her pictures where she looks ravishing, we can truly say that her efforts were paid off giving a great surprising result. Seeing this, we are pretty sure that filmmakers from TV and Bollywood world will now start pouring in offers for her.

Neha, you are a true inspiration to many and giving such good fitness goals, we are sure many would skip their conventional ways and start trying pole dance. All you guys, stay tuned with us to know more fitness tips and how to maintain your shape. 

Images Courtesy: Instagram

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