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The couple entering their house with their princess. From that day everything changes in their life their time, work, habit, talks everything they change themselves for their princess. Time will waits for none as such the days passed princess also starts to grow not only princess but also her mumma and papa. They captured every moment of their princess like first turn, first crawl, first smile, and first action, everything to say it simply each action of her meant to a new one for them. Now her princess is nine months she slowly starts to talk the first word from her mouth is ma-pa. This brings an immense happiness in them. Like this everything grows as a new one for them the days also runs fast but they didn’t miss to capture their princess moments. Their princess is ruling them in her world as the days passed they are again blessed with another daughter but this their angel.

The difference between princess and angel is 3 years. So now princess also have her love for her angel. The man and lady never shows any different between them they showered all their on both equally also as same they capture their angel moments and sometimes both princess and angel moment like when they laugh together, giggling’s, etc. both of them share a different bond between them apart from sisters. They love each other they live for each other. Princess can do anything for her angle happiness same as in case of angel she to call her as princess as their mumma and papa. Our princess also like that only. Apart from sisters they can call as besties or buddies.

Now it is the time for princess to enter her school as all she used to cry for going to school at first as days went it comes normal as she understand. After her school she never miss her time with her angle. Their parents also see their daughters bond feel proud of them. As days passed now it is the time for angel to enter her school. It was the first of the school for angle both will go to school by bus after reaching the school campus princess brings angel to her class not allowing her to send to her class same in case of angel she also never want to go to her class both went to princess class their she introduce her to all her classmates and to the teachers coming to the class.

Teachers questioned her why are you not sending her to her class. Princess says that she will not send her because she never want to go away from her which make her angel cry. Till afternoon both were in same class after that kinder garden teachers came there and take angel to her class which make both sisters cry it become very hard to teachers to separate them after a lot of struggle they won took angel to her class. This was a daily routine for them for one month then everything went normal and they understand themselves.

(guys here I want to tell you a truth here this happened in my real life when I was studying 3rd std my parents put admission to my sister for LKG the very first day this drama took place I took her with me to my class if any one come in between and say that her class is that way means I used to say she is my sister and will be with me no need for going there by saying this I will took her with me first day they came during lunch and struggled to free me from my self if they freed me in the sense my sister will come and hug me after lots of struggle they separate me from her took her to her class both used to cry a lot this also happens for a month after that by understanding the fact everything become normal.)

Now princess finished her 10th board exams this is the time to take decision on her future. She as to select her group for studying everybody insist her to take this or that sometimes her relatives will talk to her parents that don’t let her to take her decision on her own since this is not the right age to took that step so you both decide what she want to be in her future. You both should build her future not let her to do this if we leave her in that way means there is a chance of spoiling herself this not good. But at that moment her mumma and papa didn’t let her down in front of everyone they bold said that “it is not necessary that always parents should build their kids future. It is their future their life and this life is only once for all they have full rights to do anything.

It is not that the dream which we have is to be fulfilled by our kids they too have dreams on their future they should be this and that. But as a parents we can suggest them our views and opinion but not to pull them in our decision and say them you must do them this only and that’s final. As a good parents we can suggest them and guide them in a right path”. So I am allowing my princess to decide herself in her own wish and I am going to support her and guide her in right path. Princess turned to her mother for opinion her mother to nod her head in positive way. This is the first time she is stand on her own leg and she choose her group and also successes in it. She completed her schooling and now it is the time to enter her college.


Hi guys hope you will like this if not please apologise me. I stop here because the upcoming series will be in her point of view and it will be like her narration. How she completed her studies how her bonding with her sister develops strong how she change her life and from whom and how this marriage comes in her life how she agreed and how she got married and at present how is her life now. These are the things left balance. I think you will support me and plz drop your valuable comments to me and thanks for you guys for the comments and if they are silent readers thanks for them also. Because I think there won’t be any silent readers for this story apart from the commenters I thinks so. If I hurt anyone I am sorry. And thanks for your support guys your comments are welcomed.
Till that stay tuned and see you all soon take care bye………

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