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Hi everyone I hope all are fine and I am sorry for not updating the ff you made me… you made me completely and my life after your arrival I know that I am lagging behind but I am so sorry due to my work, project, paper, thesis all make me to reach you all guys but from today till Friday I will be free I will try to post in that gap atleast one a day. Coming back to this story hmm I can’t say it is a story but I can say that this revolves around mainly girls how their life gets diverted from their path to other. I can say that this thought came into my mind we I visited to my friend house as she invited us for her navarathri golu. There her elder sister was asking us to sing some songs but in that golu house how can we open our mouth to sing cini songs so we kept silent and said that we don’t know to sing (a big lie). That time she raised the question if suddenly in your house they arrange some alliance and if that family comes to see you and ask you to sing means what you will do apart from studies you have to know all these as it helps in future. That time many question popped into my mind and it is really turning to a pressure for me so I am sharing all this to you all and I don’t know how many of you are feeling in the same way as me if you guys feel it is stupid than I am sorry for this plz forgive me before reading. Coming to the point this shot will tell how a word marriage changes the entire life of a girl or women and who nice it will be when a hand comes to hold our hand in a way we like let’s see how it happens. Stop of stupid talks back to the story.

A beautiful house is shown there everyone seems to be happy and had their family conversation when they saw a couple coming down through stairs all yelled happily happy first year wedding anniversary the couples becomes shocked mixed with fear with that sudden yelling and after guessing the happing they smiled and said thank you all and came down get blessing from elders. After that they went to temple and had spent their lovely day with family members at night after dinner everyone went to their room. The couples also went to their room and went to bed the boy lays besides her slept but for that girl slept is away from her so she got up and went to the balcony and sited in the sofa and looks the night sky twinkling with the stars and the light which is spread with the moon and her past (life before marriage) was seen in front of her eyes like a movie (come on guys lets us join with her and watch the move).

A house is shown where a man coming behind a lady to make her eat but she is refusing to eat with lot of difficulties he made her eat slowly their face is shown (important note guys here I am not going to say any names of the character it will be revealed later in this shot are in upcoming shots but you can imagine any face for the persons I am saying like a man means you can describe any face of your interest plz follow this alone). After making her eat he helped her to get up the lady holds her tummy her hand and stands slowly which reveals that she is pregnant of 8_9 months. The man gave her medicine and ask her to rest and bends down near her tummy and says my princess only few more days you will be in our hand and we will adore you till that don’t disturb your mumma she is so pity and be safe within her till your day comes by saying this he place a kiss on her tummy. They see their child reaction by feeling her by their hands. As days passed and the day comes the lady is admitted in hospital as she got pain. The man is walking to and fro in tension to hear that is wife is alright and also waiting eagerly to hear first cry of their child. The most waited time comes and he hears the first cry of his baby when gives him immense pleasure and happiness and doctors came out handle the baby to him saying that he is blessed with a girl baby the man holds his baby for the first time in his hand and say I know it will a girl and thanked the doctor and went to see his wife she is weak due to the labour and looks dull and pale as soon as she saw his husband enters with the baby the face becomes bright and the eyes are shedding happy tears at corner and raised her hand and hold the baby and kissed her forehead. (That was the first day my cry brings smile in their face and after that whenever I cry I can also see tears and pain in their eyes for me. She thinks at present and a lone tear shed on corner of her eyes).

Now guys it is your turn to say me whether I can proceed with it or not place your valuable comments and I am really happy to see your comments on by previous shots which gives me happiness beyond limits and feel like blessed to have your comments. Like that I hope that you guys will support me in this also plz place your comments next part will be tomorrow surely till that stay tuned and look others bye….. take care…. See you all soon……..

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