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Thank u all for the love
Guys I am seriously getting no time to update so thought to give a teaser and aditi please update al and b_ani u too
So here goes the teaser
A girl is shown entering a music studio. She goes towards the reception. “ I was asked to come here” said the girl. The receptionist: and I are
P: Pragya… Pragya arora
The receptionist wrote her name to check in the records and suddenly her face went blank and she looked uo at Pragya and was about to shout
Pragya putting a hand on her mouth: ohhh dheere yes yes before u ask and shout I am the same Pragya arora
R: mam I am a big fan of your voice can I get your autograph
P: sure
R:mam if u don’t mind can I ask u a question
Pragya nodded
R: maam why u never show your face to the media as your voice is loved by everyone
P{ everything has its reason and this too but I cant tell sorry
R: sorry mam I will inform sir u can sit in the waiting area
P: thank u
On another side another scene is shown

A few days back
After doing another successful concert Abhi is now in his office in a convo with his manager
M: sir these are the best candidates for your upcoming duet
Handing over a few files to Abhi
A: I told u that I’ll work with anyone
M: sir they re the only three that match the way u want
A: ok I’ll see to it
A while later Abhi was skimming through the files when his eyes fell on one name and the one thing that shocked him was that her status was SINGLE

Ok guys I really don’t know when I’ll be able to update but will try too as soon as possible
Thank u lopez,akshaya,minu,b_ani,pavi,gowri,di,priaynka,ruvani,reshuma(reshu),vanshu,saranya(miss u di )
Sritijosse thank u and I love your ff
All of the ff writers are my inspiration for writng when I saw so many good writers I was happy and decided to give it a shot too and happy that found new friends and di’s
Love y’all
Until next time stay safe and

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