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Hey guys I don’t know if this will posted at first or after the update. Happy belated birthday sowji maya, dhivya and Rajesh bro ( i never got your comment) well I never answered sowji but my actual name is Fatima , I am from England , my native is Lahore I love kkb currently doing a levels and my birthday is on 27 th February although not same date but the same month ahah. And di aka dhivya beautiful name.and all ff writers keep up the good work

So guys this is like a recap coz I am very irregular and that the upcoming leap/flashback doesn’t confuse u all

The story begins with aditi abhi’s sister and pragya sitting together talking about their grades abhi who is sitting inside ears them. Abhi then calls aditi and asks her to ask pragya to leave as it is midnight pragya wants to go to temple to pray
They confront each other in yet a hilarious way
Pragya next day doesn’t receives her result that is a C she is disheartened hearing the news
Then abhi who is a tutor decides to teach her
Pragya’ s father ram tells abhi not to cross his limits and stay in them
Abhi promises too

Abhi them starts to teach pragya and both of them start falling for each other but abhi tries to suppress them as pragya she alliance has been fixed with a boy named Rajiv without her knowing
Love blossoms for pragya and she decides to propose him
She takes him to the seaside and propels him but abhi with a heavy heart rejects her
Life moves on and pragya gets a good grade
Both of them are still friends then pragya is going to get married to Rajiv
Guys the upcoming episode will be having leap of five years

A long flashback too the story will be quite interesting
Actually there was no internet and that my papers are nearing so only couldn’t update
Looking forward to your suggestions please do suggest if u don’t like something’s and want it to be changed or something added don’t hesitate and for the ones who missed out my ff can type man mayal in the search box and read all the parts and catch up
Thank u for the huge support on my one shot will be giving another

Till next time

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