MAN MAYAL part 5

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Thank u everybody who commented in the last part
So getting in the story:

The next day Abhi woke up early and went for jogging while jogging he saw Pragya who was taking milk. She smiled to him to which Abhi smiled back . she was lost him in until he left
Milkman: bibi kya aur
Pragya who wasn’t in her senses just said yes and the milk was about to come out when she came back to her senses and shouted: STOPPP, sorry sir this much is enough
She went inside murmuring : arrey Pragya be in your senses why do u always lose your sense when u see him ahh .her mind voice said its your sense of belonging to him ( damn I had to give this reference love it maya di)

She moved towards her room when she received a call from purab
Pragya to herself: we are under the same roof can’t he even come upstairs
She picked up the call
Pr: bolo
P:are u ready
Pr: for what
P: don’t tell me u forgot
Pragya gave an oops expression : no no no I didn’t but I want ot hear it from u(she didn’t know)
P: ok now stop your acting we have to go to the amusement park and riya’s wedding get ready I’ll be waiting max 30 mins
Pr: ok she quickly jumped here and there getting ready and arrived downstairs within 20 minutes
Purab and bulbul were already waiting for her
They got in the car and parked outside Abhi’s house. Purab called Abhi
P: arrey tum to ladki se bhi zyada time leta hai
A: not me but aditi we will be there in a minute
Abhi and aditi walked out of the house . they got in the car and arrives at the amusement park.

Everybody was excited especially Pragya as she planned to propose Abhi and she was here after a long time. The same case was with everyone they were happy but Abhi was nervous. He didn’t want to be here coz he feared a few rides
They were enjoying on each and every ride.
Purab and bulbul came to the side
P:how should we make them close
B: Purab we have to do something
Both of them were thinking when all of a sudden both of them shout : idea
P: acha pehle tum ( first U)
B: no no u go
P: are u going to speak
B: u go first
P: ahh u are so stubborn
B: that I am
P: ok lets speak together
B: not bad Purab mere saath rhe kar u have become intelligent
Both of them at a time : abhi is afraid of ghosts
Pragya is afraid of ghosts
P: so we can send them in the haunted house
B: yes well our thoughts are same
P: so lets do this
On the other side
Pr: I ant ice cream
A: what are u a child
Pr: hey chill Abhi be cool for some time always being khadoos
A: what me khadoos what about u fuggy
Pr: do I look like a balloon to u
A: aha statue now look your face is looking like a fugga when u are angry
Pragya who was standing as a statue started to chase him
A: arrey no this is cheating u were a statue
Aditi came over there to see them fighting she came there and stopped both of them
A: stop it now tell me what happened
Pragya told her everything. Aditi didn’t know what to do to. She was about to laugh when Pragya said: that’s what he did
A: bhaiyya its wrong to call some one nicknames
AB: she wanted me to be cool so I did what she did she called me khadoos.

Aditi took Pragya to the side and said: dekho bhaiyya wont listen his fun loving bhoot has arised
P: what
A:u listen we give nicknames only to the ones we love ok so come and lets have ice cream
P: how did u know
A: anvi
Then the three of them were eating when Purab and bulbul came
P: yaar I am getting bored
B: yah same here
P: lets go to the haunted house
Both Abhi and Pragya hitched and said: ghost house
P: yes now don’t say Abhi that u are afraid
Abhi who didn’t want to get embarrassed said: no no who said I will go
P: and u Pragya
Pr: ( a little hesitant) ok
They arrived at the ride

The carts were for two only so Purab and bulbul were a pair
AB: I’ll go with aditi
A: no bhaiyya u go with Pragya as u know I never like haunted house
AB: then I’ll stay with u
P: Abhi u are backing down dar pok
AB: no I am not lets go
Both of them got in first Purab and bulbul went in they came out laughing
Now it was abhigya’s turn
They both sat in and as they got. The ride began . they both held each others hands
As the got in to utter darkness Abhi started to murmer : please save me
Pr: I thought u said u aren’t afraid of this stuff
A:no no
As the ride moved on they heard scary voices
Pragya was a little scared but Abhi was shivering with fear
A: Pragya don’t laugh at me but I have to admit I am scare dof ghosts
Pr: what she was about to laugh when something dangled above their heads and both of them hugged each other due to their fear : please save us as they exited the ride and came out the were in the same position
Purab : uhmm uhmm
Both of them looked at each other and their position and moved away from each other.
They ahd a little awkwardness but then they moved to their houses
On there way
P: hey guys go home and get ready soon we have to go on riya’s wedding so hurry up
They reached home and all of them got ready
Everybody got to the gate except Pragya
P: how long will she take
As he said that Pragya walked down the stairs dressed in worked on embrioded white dress with a red duppata( in Mondays episode)

Abhi’s jaw was wide open when he saw her and kept on satring at her Pragya arrived to them but Abhi stood there
Pragya thought to tease him
Pr: moun to band karlo warna makhi andar chalie jayeg( close your mouth or else fly will go in)
Abhi quickly shut his mouth and they started their journey towards the wedding
Purab and bulbul in separate car while abhigya in another
A: u look beautiful
Pragya cheeks turned to the darkest shade of red but she tried to control herself and answered: thank u
They reached the venue
The greeted riya and all the guests on the other side a war was going on
P: boys are better at dancing
B: boys are losers
P: instigating us boys
B: whatever u think of it
They song played
Ho.. Badshah hain dil ke
Aish farmaate hain
Gaadi ke bonnet pe
Peete hain khate hain (x2)

Fitrat apni atpati
Upar se jeans bhi phati
Aur khol ke rakhte
Apni shirt ke button

O kudiya kya nachengi re
Dancing floor ke legend hum
Hai laage latko jhatko se
Hero ke bhi hero hum (x2)

Dance ke legend hain hum
Speaker bole dhum dhum dhum

Show me…
What you got?

Ho tere pas Mercedes
Mere pas hai Cycle
Tu club ki Shakira
Toh hum gali ke Michael (x2)

Main cheez original
Tu chaalu note hai
Tere dance se zyada
Meri adaa hot hai (x2)

— tere fake hain sabhi
Banta hai kyun wannabe
Desi kya jaane international rhythm

O kudiyan kya nachengi re
Dancing floor ke legend hum
Hai laage latko jhatko se
Hero ke bhi hero hum (x2)

Your turn!
Whatcha got?

Main cheez original
Tu chalu note hai
Tere dance se zyaada
Meri adaa hot hai (x2)

Samjho na humko duffer
Hai apna high caliber
Baaton se zyada apne moves mein hai dum

Munde kya nachenge re
Dancing floor ke legend hum
Apne latko jhatko se
Speaker bole dhum dhum dhum

O kudiyan kya naachengi re
Dancing floor ke legend hum
Hai laage latko jhatko se
Hero ke bhi hero hum

Dance ke legend hain hum
Speaker bole dhum dhum dhum!

After the y danced riya said: now Pragya bwill dance with aaa……. Mr Abhi right
Abhi said me she said yes
Pr: come on riya
R: no u have to
Abhigya moved towards the dance floor
The song played
Ho.. sun saathiya maahiya
Barsa de ishqa ki syahiyaan
Rang jaaun, rang rang jaaun ri, haari main

Tujhpe main jhar jhar jhar jaaun
Hoon piya bas teri main
Ho chhu le toh khari main
(Toh khari main khari main…)

Ho.. sun saathiya maahiya
Barsa de ishqa ki syahiyaan

Main ret si, boond ka zariya tu
Paa ke tujhe bheeg jaaun re
Main ret si, boond ka zariya tu
Paa ke tujhe bheeg jaaun ri

Tar jaaun tar tar jaaun
Dariya ye tar jaaun jee
Ishq ye paake main tera
Nikhar jaaun ri…

Piya bas teri main
Ho.. chhu le toh khari main
toh khari main khari main…

Ho.. sun saathiya maahiya
Barsa de ishqa ki syahiyaan

They both moved away from the danfloor
After a while the wedding was moving when Abhi received a call it was ram uncle
A: ji uncle
R: is Pragya fine
A: yes
R: ok ok bring her home in a while as a day after tomorrow the boys family is coming to see her
Abhi felt sad but said ok
After ending the call he was searching for Pragya
A: where did she go
Abhi was searching for him when he collided with Purab
P: arey kis ko dhonda jar aha hai
A:kya boli ja rahey ho wo kahan hai
P: pata bhi hota to bhi an batata
A: iss ka matlab hai tumhe pata hai
P: here is this hit follow the instructions
A: faltoo mei mera time waste karahe ho
P: if u wanna find her than follow the directions on the chit or else u won’t
After a few minutes Abhi started to read the chit
“go outside” Abhi just sighed and walked outside as he reached outside another man came and gave him a chit
“now go to the beach”
Abhi just followed what the chit stated
He walked towards the beach when he saw a place decorated with roses and an artificial moon
Abhi walked towards it and he saw another chit on the table
He read “ so u have reached here just turn around and u will find Pragya”
Abhi turned around and was stunned to see Pragya on her knees
Pr: I don’t know how this happened or why this happened butafter ia saw u I started falling for u my sweet khadoos. I don’t know ypur answer but u are my first love. Will u accept me?
Abhi stood there tears were following through his eyes
Although he loved her he could’nt say it because he had promised ram uncle
Pragya stood up and said: answer na Abhi
Abhi with a heavy heart said: I am sorry Pragya but I don’t share the same feelings. I don’t love u. we are just friends nothing more
Abhi left from there leaving Pragya heart broken she sat down
Tears were flowing down her eyes.( yah rabba played in the background)
Here Abhi was heartbroken but he sat in the car waiting for her
After half an hour Pragya arrived and they drove home. There was complete silence the whole while in their journey

Screen freezes on their sad faces
Guys rotten eggs and tomatoes are welcome
I am really sorry if I hurt someone or if this wasn’t up the mark
I needed to bring this twist so that the storyline can move forward about their separation it might be there for two to 3 epi but after that will be their reunion(even I don’t know) I think this one is long
Thank u all for the support
Love all of your ffs will try to update this one and love is sincerity
Until then,

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